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    I picked the car up from Christchurch and drove it home. I would much rather travel a little further for the right car than settle for one closer to home... plus it makes for a good excuse to drive it. More than happy for you to arrange for someone to come look on your behalf, I'm sure another forum member would be happy to do it... plus I dont know anyone on here so itd be an independent opinion. I can (almost) guarantee you wont find a better, original RA in NZ. Never know what someone has tucked away in a garage somewhere. Have every single piece of paper since it was imported, including pre-import inspection and every service for the last 10+ years.
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    Ooooh, stoked to see the Legacy made it into the calendar. Funnily enough, made it on February's page, when the photos were taken. Just placed an order for one
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    Getting tempted by an R32 GTR, and dont have space for two toys (well actually I dont have room for one)
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    if anyone is interested, this is the best guide I ve been able to find! https://jdmvip.com/Subaru_Impreza_WRX_STi_JDM_Timeline_and_Specifications-50-articles
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    ^^^^^This is a man with good taste ..
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    I think this link was on the old site, but in case anyone's looking for the service manual for the Gen III Leggy's (2.0, 2.5 and twin-turbo motors), then this link is still good: http://rover800.gaima.co.uk/www.corptech.no-ip.org/upload/SvcManuals/GEN3%20Lib%20Svc/Liberty_1998_2003.pdf Its a fair big download, about 116MB......but its a fully-indexed PDF file, so you can sort by the different sections etc Cheers Matt http://www.badongo.com/cfile/9760545 ignore the russian brides [optional] and download the 2 parts of the pdf. ignore the 'badongo buddy' program. you want the manual method to merge the files. manual method: download the 'merger file' Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.bat (thats for windows) it sounds dodgy but i can confirm this is a simple batch file with a single binary copy string, and deletion of the part files and itself. it is safe. after downloading the 2 parts, and this merger file, run it and it will join the 2 parts and disappear. in case any ancient dos geeks are curious.. @echo off echo Starting Badongo File Merger echo Merging Files copy /b Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.aa +Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.ab Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf echo Split completed echo Removing Temporary files that are no longer needed del Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.aa del Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.ab del Liberty_1998-2003_FSM.pdf.bat echo Press the SPACE BAR TO CLOSE THIS WINDOW pause PM kamineko for any questions