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  1. Has Ken Block managed to finish /win a decent rally yet..?
  2. And it cant be a typeR if its a retna really..Or can it?
  3. Armed offenders squad..
  4. Try Hayden Paddon..He is advertising brake pads etc..
  5. pedro


    Baby baby baby..You are using the "right stuff" Jack..
  6. Was driving over to Eketehuna yesterday and between the track and Pahiatua i spotted a black legacy approaching from behind at speed. I was doing 110 and the bh Gt passed me as if i was a rolling chicane. So i speed up a little just to see how fast he was going and followed for a couple of minutes at 130ish. I then backed off and he disappered into the distance. After another few ks the legacy appeared to be slowing and i caught up again. Approaching a right hand uphill corner I noticed a huge cloud of white/blue smoke covering the road. I had to slow right down to see through the cloud and 100 meters up the road was the legacy idling away with smoke billowing from the exhaust. Some one will be looking for a new turbo. And thats my sharn...
  7. Hi Newsuba i hear a rumour that you old yellow sti has been sold..
  8. Oil and petrol mixture ? Seems too much for just oil..
  9. Not sure on distance but make sure the AFM is well supported..
  10. I bought a 1995 gf8 wrx in 2004 from a dealer for 11,500 .. Sold it in 2010 for 4,400.. Probably cost about 7000 to get a tidy one now... Wouldnt mind it back......😐