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  1. If you can wait a while I have a friend who has amassed a collection of intercoolers and is going to be testing them all on a dyno - all different price ranges etc
  2. Was some cool cars racing too - heard a few people giving the wagon a good word in the stands. Well done!
  3. Three engines might be more a reflection of how you're driving rather than the oil that's going into it Haha.
  4. Just did a swap with Motul 300v 10w40, but thats in my 1997 STI RA. Hardly drive it so decided to fork out for the good stuff.
  5. The renesis 13b in an RX8 is absolute trash. I assume you like the pulse of a rotary? You're not gonna get that from an RX8 (they sound like a fart box with an exhaust). If you want a rotary, save your money and get an RX7 etc.
  6. Nothing you can do - best option is to suck it up and just pay for it yourself. You'd have next to no chance of success through the small claims court. Even if you did, it's almost impossible to make them pay. I also doubt any judge would award you a full refund given the cost to remedy is relatively minor, by the time you tried to enforce the debt through a third party agency, you'd only be slightly better off than you are now... that would all rely on actually getting a favourable judgement. One of the risks of a private sale/purchase.
  7. Sorted, Cemeck Engineering rebuilding it. Crisis averted.
  8. Hi all, Turns out the u-joints on my driveshaft are seizing/notchy, causing the car to vibrate. I've been told that you cant service/replace just the joints so need to replace the whole shaft. Can anyone tell me if the RA is the same as STI/WRX driveshaft? New from Subaru is around $1,800 so definitely keen to avoid.
  9. Happy to spend $$$ on something decent, and would prefer a full system so i can keep the factory exhaust in one piece for re-sale etc.
  10. Nick is a wizard. Just got all my Motul oils through him and have used him for almost everything for years. I've never found anyone who can beat his prices.
  11. Spent too much $$ on Motul oils to do the engine, gearbox and diff. Decided i'm gonna keep the RA and spend some money on it. What is a decent aftermarket exhaust that isn't obnoxiously loud, but sounds good? (97 STI RA).
  12. Good buy! https://www.trademe.co.nz/1947379555
  13. Silly question, but it's not your brake pads being low?
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