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  1. I just saw you said aiming at Clubsport Basic. I had a quick look in the manual and didn't really notice any changes at that level. Probs missed something.
  2. I have a helmet; the manual lists all the acceptable standards so you can't go wrong. Cheap cotton overalls cuffed with velcro. Oh, and an Alpine Star balaclava I won at Port Road one year. But you know all this stuff J; was this rhetorical?
  3. No, you'd just have to ask @dmacnz who probably still has that car.
  4. Sorry, Dad joke hour going down like a lead balloon.
  5. Not unlike the exit then, what's the diff?
  6. I think Funky had that 3071 on his blue GF wagon. Now belongs to dmacnz (not sure of spelling).
  7. Could you elaborate on where the entrance to the gearbox is? Rattly heat shields are definitely worth checking.
  8. My old girl gets into first alright. Admittedly she's a bit older than yours.
  9. You don't have to stop to get it into first.
  10. I broke one 5spd gearbox in about 7 years of very regular absolute death (launches, helis, clutch dumps, extended 8000+ rpm, you name it). Probably running in the order of 170/180 proper kilowatts. So that's AT LEAST a safe horsepower limit on a stock 5spd =]
  11. One hundred percent fine if you drive sensibly to posted speed limits and road conditions.
  12. Most people won't be changing out the manufacturers plate with applied model code on. Look at that first.
  13. A hole in the intercooler sprayer bottle from engine heat is NOT common.
  14. Isn't the green light the one that tells you your driving lights are on; and only illuminates when your headlights are on? Could it be you've turned your driving lights off and have just always had them on previously?
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