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  1. Most people won't be changing out the manufacturers plate with applied model code on. Look at that first.
  2. A hole in the intercooler sprayer bottle from engine heat is NOT common.
  3. Isn't the green light the one that tells you your driving lights are on; and only illuminates when your headlights are on? Could it be you've turned your driving lights off and have just always had them on previously?
  4. But it's a helical front diff right, not a plated one?
  5. Yes, the non LS version. For the R180 I think just PA90. Oh, and sometimes you can get better pricing on Motul stuff through motorcycle shops (unless of course you can already get cost+ somehow).
  6. I've been running Motul Gear 300 in my 1CA and 1EA for years. No complaints, and they used to get a pretty hard workout on a regular basis.
  7. It's a pretty damn fun motor.
  8. NPD Self Service on High Street in Motueka now has 100+ Saves a trip all the way to Richmond if you live out this way. Please support it if you do, because I don't want them to switch the tank back from poor sales =]
  9. I have a sneaking suspicion there was also an H6 Blitzen in the BP/BL shape. I suspect this, as I am sure Ichiban had one in Wellington for a while.
  10. Basically same format as this. Great events.
  11. You can also get adapters to run phase 2 injectors to open up your options a bit. Or just change rails.