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    Yep, I have most of the bits now, I managed to find door cards, Rear cards, carpets and the center concole I will just need some seats and rear seats, but normal 4 door stuff should fit. Im thinking about replacing a a lot of the panels in carbon, As they need a tidy up and I like carbon!! Another thing on the project list! I didn't plan on buying it, but somehow my autobid bought it for well below what i thought it was worth! Very tidy car!
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    I'm sure some (a lot) of you have experienced this, but I did a search on here and came up empty. Now, my search of the internet for a solution to the squeaky seatbelt found endless solutions involving destruction!! The seatbelt rubs on one of the ribs of the cover trim on the B pillar. The generally accepted solution on you tube and other sources is to take the trim off and cut away the offending rib. The first rib down from the top opening. Now, after 35 years of working on cars, that solution screamed out "Bandaid" to me. If you have to cut something to fix something, 90% of the time you are missing the point. So, after viewing half a dozen Youtube videos all giving the same solution, I noticed on one that there was a bead of "stuff" on the bottom of this offending rib. Ah Ha!! I see it. This bead of "stuff" would appear to be some sort of wax type substance (factory applied? Dunno). I can do that... After removing my cover trim, should have taken pics of this for you, but too late now, I took it to my work bench and stood it upside down, with the ribs facing out. Offending rib will now be first up from the bottom. Off to the kitchen to fetch a candle. Light the candle, drip a thick bead of wax onto the offending rib, which will in essence be the underside of the rib. Fill it up till the wax starts to build over the edge of the rib, run all the way across the rib. That's it. Job done, reassemble, squeak gone. No butchery. If you have enough wax over the edge of the rib, by the time you are back down to the plastic, there will be enough wax on the belt that it will keep itself lubricated. At least it should. Cheers, KB.
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    Ah yeah I was also watching the auction for this on trademe while it was closing, you did well very well sir
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    Haha awesome man. Glad it went to someone in the community
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    UPDATE 2020 we can now host on the forums! use the "choose files" button to upload your LOW RES images this will limit bandwidth and associated costs of hosting
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    Hi guys, I recently added a new car to my collection. A blue type R coupe. Apparently it has 300kw with a gtx3076r and a 6 speed. Hoping to find some more info on it! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade
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    Well after an hour or so with a super crappy multi-meter, I found the wires, cut up an old 3.5-RCA lead and guessed the wiring for the head uni 3.5mm remote in. And success! I feel so dirty doing it this way, but all my tools are at my workshop and I can't get there with the lock-down. so for now it's twisted and taped. Crappy video:
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    @Andy_Mac Will let you know if we find the cable and get it hooked up. I found a video on Youtube of an aussie guy doing on a legacy/outback and he just went to the steering column and cut the wires where it comes out of there and ran them across to the head unit. So I'll probably look at the same if the plug doesn't have it there
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    Won an auction a few weeks back on Trademe for a Legacy steering wheel for $1. Total $11 shipped. Only wanted it for the steering wheel controls, crazy how much some people want for those! Installed them on the STI yesterday. Still need to source a 3 wire brake switch to enable Cruise control, and need to find the Remote input cable for the Kenwood head unit then can finally have steering wheel controls running. Thankfully the plugs were the same, so they just plugged right in and bolted right up.
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    Thanks to the power of Instagram I've actually found where she works, so I'll be adding an attachment order to her pay once this whole lockdown thing is done with Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    I have figured out how to set the time on circa 2004 Outback/Legacy. Set the time: The Japanese Navi system sets the time via GPS settings to Japanese time. There is a setting in the GPS menu to turn off allowing GPS to set the time. Turn off this setting, then disconnect the battery and you will be able to set the time when you reconnect the battery and turn the car on. 1. Go into the Navi menu 2. Press the button on the far right – Configuration 3. Press the System button, highlighted on the bottom: 4. Scroll through three screens, then toggle the bottom option, Clock Settings, to off. I believe this is the option that turns off GPS from setting the clock: 5. Disconnect and reconnect the car battery so you can get the option to set the time: 6. You will now need to turn off the annoying voice assistant. Go to Media and press the AV settings button, bottom left: 7. Select the second tab at the top of this screen: 8. Select the Audio output settings button in the middle of this screen: 9. Set the Voice Assistant to Off
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    After 2 years without a subie finally back in a leggy. Love the rumble
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    I got a N/a ej25 rwd bg9 and i can say your axles will last you alot longer if you slide it rather than dropping the clutch from a standstill. Shock loading is what kills axles real quick. Mine felt alot more responsive going from awd auto to rwd manual so would probably be worth your time and effort to give it a go. Just remember if you snap an axle and your rear diff isnt welded, then you wont be going anywhere haha
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    I actually don’t have many! It’s locked away collecting dust! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade