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    Got this cool custom pulley cover and chucked it on Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Got the cert plate mounted on my GC8 today and a fresh clean sheet WOF. Finally road legal again!
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    I have one delayed an extra week in Hong Kong from Partsouq, still worth the wait after the price i was given from Subaru NZ. seems to be world is still falling apart outside our borders
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    You are thinking way too much.
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    I have a legacy bp5 2l turbo manual. Was wondering what oil everyone uses and which one I should use. I'm currently using penrite 10w40 semi synthetic. My has around 200000kms.
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    K’s are getting up there but not high enough to really worry just yet. Fully synthetic is the usual recommendation for these. Castrol Edge 5w-30 or 5w-40 are what I've always used.
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    Finally found the cause of my burnt oil smell, after replacing the rocker cover gasket to no improvement dug in further and found... a leak from the Cam Cap. So a bit more difficult then the rocker cover then Got it finished, and put a new Timing Kit and Water Pump I had as I was in there (taking the AVCS cam pulleys were a c*nt even with the proper subaru tool don't believe the videos on youtube!) Then drove it to Whangarei as a test. So far so good it seems, no more leak onto the exhaust manifold. Also finally managed to complete my Genome gauge install, as the supplied sandwich plate wouldn't fit. So went to pick a part to grab an adaptor to install it into the engine block. Then had to steal the pressure off my WRX as it turned out the supplied pressure sensor didn't work Still, theyre up and running now, and they look good and allow me to track how the car is going which is what I want.