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    The software looks nice. The base maps they have loaded in are super informative and it looks like they have the twin turbo system and definitions all figured out. Any competent tuner could work with this.
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    "This is Day 1 of the National Subaru meet Flat Nats 2020 being held in Chch Labour weekend 24 & 25 Oct 2020 Join us for a track day at Ruapuna Sat 24 Oct 2020. Hosted by Christchurch Trackdays. $120 per car register here http://www.christchurchtrackdays.com/form-view/8 Follow the Flat Nats 2020 page for more Day 1 and Day 2 events!" For more information, check out the event on Facebook
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    Whipped up a little vid of the Rs4 yesterday. Man this thing is something else. Insane
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    Think you hit the nail on the head with the well maintained part. My V7 has 131,000kms on the body and is on its third motor that i know of
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    Best results will come from a Dyno tune. Your concern about "one blast" isn't really correct as most reputable places that tune street cars will spend heaps of time tuning low/mid load areas to make the car feel good under normal driving conditions, and only then will they move onto power runs and high load tuning. A reputable tuner will factor in safety margins for real world ambient temps and humidity levels if they can't be simulated on the dyno. You can try an internet tune but this can be risky as there's less monitoring of the car while you're testing the tune than you get on a dyno, so it's harder to tell when things aren't going right, and the final results of an internet tune will never be as good as a dyno. In saying that, there's an internet tuner out there that's specifically mentioned by Raptor as providing quality tunes, so you can research that and come to your own conclusions. Headers can get you some extra gains from any tune as the factory ones are highly restrictive, but are apparently only worth it if you free up the rest of the exhaust system as well, which makes sense.
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    in case you've not seen the internet lately @BLAZD actually built, and made a car move! Complete with a cease & desist letter from the Manufacturer complete with a cease and desist letter from the manufacturer!
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    Hi i have one. Been pretty much off the road for the last three years. Rego,wof but just dont drive it much. Rego is zj4756 for yr information. Just joined clubsub hope to attend the supercheap auto spectacular tomorrow. Cheers jamie.
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    It’s ok it’s not the first ones where the top of the cylinder wall chipped off and fell into the motor. pretty sure another holiday for the wife is due after that purchase.
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    Sooooooo did another thing.... since selling NARSTI, bought another project. RS4!! Not just any RS4. Its supercharged, full miltek exhaust, lowered on Bilsteins and reasonably tidy. Only catch is ks are high - 229k kms 😯 Different with euros though, high ks are generally ok if well maintained. This was owned by the previous owner for 7 years. Won't be keeping her for long but enough to stop this RS4 itch I've had. Honestly the sound is freaking incredible. Pulls like crazy from 1000rpm all the way through. Pretty amazing cars!
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    For more information, check out the Flat Nats Facebook page
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    That sounds pretty sweet!! novice question.....does the noise follow through to the cabin much Niran?. Either way if that was mine I would be straight off to the nearest tunnel for some acoustic enhancing fun.
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    Hi thanks for the reply. I couldn't figure it out so I took it to an auto electrician and got my car back couple days ago. Indeed it was was the abs computer and they got it repaired. Thanks everyone for the info Wish I had these comments earlier Yes it was a f*cked ABS computer. Thank you
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    I know this is an old post but, Statek too bad you sold bro. My car was having that exact same issue bro, my plugs were looking the same as well. The issue turned out to be the Coolant Temp Sensor.
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    My rally car decided on the weekend that it had a grudge against two of the exhaust valves, and one piston, both lost the fight, and so did my wallet... That last pic is not the sump plug, it was in fact the spark plug from cylinder one..
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    Only thing I could think of is that the lock up is now working and when you need it it actually works. I know mine drops about 500rpm when the convertor locks up, and you may not notice it until you push the accelerator and then it unlocks and slips again giving you the extra rpm. If the oil was very contaminated then it may affect the lock up clutch. What city are you in? it might be an idea to talk to a specialist auto trans place. Im only going off my basic knowledge and experience.
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    What year is the car. Only thing I can think of is that the clutch band for 5th is worn and slipping. Any reason why you changed the trans fluid? was it badly discoloured?
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    Tell that to my Nissan with 4xx000 on it... or @DRFVDR's old Troopy which had like 600000 or something mad like that. High k's are fine on everything if well maintained, I've seen a V7 STI with over 300k on the original motor. EDIT: Also lol, euros aren't generally OK at any KMs. My friend has owned 2x S4's and both have shat the bed in incredibly expensive ways at under 100000, and he is fastidious about looking after them.
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    Just drop it on its guts πŸ˜…
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    Finally took these out out of the boot of the car My recent purchase, not sure why, more of a why not. Best value turbos in town.
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    With that track record it sounds like it's more of a you problem than a Brembo problem πŸ˜‚
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    That is a big ooofff. What's the game plan now? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk