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  1. Hey guys.. Yesterday car was acting all weird.. got a \'CHECK ENGINE\' light and the speedometer and trip ain\'t working.. as well as having issues going from primary and secondary... when the change over happens, the car has major hissy fit.. and hesitates like a motherF***.. like it lurges forward or bunny hopping.. anyone know what this could be?? car was running perfectly beforehand.. >< CHurrr...
  2. Thanks mate! be keen az!
  3. Isn\'t 35% the limit bro??
  4. mean lookin REX bro! those rims look haaaawwwt!
  5. Sweet bro, yeah I just wanna do the front windows and maybe the rear window as well.. Stands out from the rest aye
  6. They based in Wellis bro? did you get tints from them?
  7. Hey guys, Best place to get windows tinted in Wellis? Cheers 8)
  8. Nah bro, it was done pretty good. Big thanks to my mate who did the pre-fabrication work!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys 8)
  10. Speaking of Elf Oil, where can I find the stockists here in Wellington? Im after some Elf Competition SM 10W40 - car is almost due for a change cheers
  11. ahh the way you put your scoop on was very much the same method as mine bro, looking good 8)
  12. Thanks Mike & Debz for making me feel so welcome to the new capital city, I only got to meet you guys once - which was the last ClubSUB meet we had at Nandos, I wish you all the best for ya future endeavours and hope to see you guys again. Goodluck in Chch
  13. valid point, rides much better than ya old bg5 aye
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