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  1. I've had the super cheap auto 2.5 ton jack for over 4 years I believe and it's still going strong. They do sales on jacks quite often so you can get a good discount if buying then. The SCA jacks are not particularly low profile though so if you are lowering your vehicle you may run into clearance issues. Axle stands as mentioned are all pretty similar, I've got powerbuilt ones and they've been fine for years also.
  2. Oh yeah I just took the rears not the fronts, as you said the front is MUNTED! We will be talking about the same car I just probably wasn't paying much attention to the dashboard. I was crawling around the rear to undo the tophat nuts etc and the rear seat and boot area carpet/trim/seats etc all looked OK and I thought the front seats did too, but I may have not been paying sufficient notice...
  3. It's certainly 'nicer'. Wouldn't be surprised if the front seats / rails etc could be moved straight across as I've done (and seen others do) all kinds of seat swaps across models and versions in Subaru land. I think some of them have side airbags in the seats which might make a difference, not sure if this particular car does as I wasn't paying that much attention to them. Dunno about the rears but given it's a wagon and the rear suspension setup (shock mounting points etc) is basically the same as BH so I wouldn't be entirely surprised. Dashboard etc is different so probably doesn't fit?
  4. I grabbed the bilsteins . The interior is in pretty good nick as is all the remaining rear suspension so in the off chance anyone has a BP that needs new boot carpet or something you might be in luck! Still quite a lot left on it as of Saturday.
  5. Really? Hah! I thought it was shorter. Oh well. With regards to 52/60 sizing, the ATI one can be modified to take either size, but once you move to 60 it's a permanent modification iirc
  6. I have one of these https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/pods/ati-clust-25ej-5-ati-triple-meter-center-dash-pod It fits well using the factory clock clip locations, quality is about 90-95% of factory - a couple of the edges on the base aren't 100% smooth. Not recessed however.
  7. Try ebay. When i had a bmw i got a set off there for less than $20. Presume they have subaru too. Won't be quite as high quality but likely to be significantly cheaper!
  8. If it\'s genuine it should just bolt up. The replica ones don\'t have the \'studs\' coming out of them so they require a bit more effort to install
  9. It\'s generally the relay on the abs unit getting corroded or just old, can take it out and clean up the terminals but if that doesn\'t work can replace it with a second hand one from pick a part easily enough. Alternatively, you may have a faulty abs sensor or wiring to it - I believe you can check the codes for these
  10. Should hopefully make it txt me address if you don\'t mind grahame
  11. http://www.rallysportdirect.com/ATI-Triple-Meter-Center-Dash-Pod-Subaru-WRX-STI-2002-2007
  12. Neat, cheers . Yeah I\'m very impressed with my Bahco set, especially considering it\'s priced for normal humans not workshops
  13. Yeah I\'ve upgraded my rear on my v7 sti as well and wouldn\'t upgrade the front without upgrading the rear some more, the balance feels \'just right\' at this point
  14. I was under the impression that the warranty wouldn\'t cover jumping up and down on it with a bar slid over it ;D. You can buy 3/4" sockets individually so that\'s not a problem given there\'s only 1 or 2 sizes that hub nuts are generally found in. I wouldn\'t bother on a ~$300 3/4" socket set which probably wouldn\'t even come with a bar
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