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  1. Hey Everyone been a longtime since anyone has posted in here is anyone still floating around?
  2. I think I seen you the other day At countdown ? Nice got any pics?
  3. Haven’t been here in awhile either on the hunt for a project !
  4. I would use roy mac donald down kaikorai valley
  5. come on guys whos all floating around from dunedin or surrounding areas!!
  6. yup i just did the other wiring and it runs ok now lol probably running really lean with grey injectors... get my yellows tonight and chuck them in
  7. ohh yeah I wanted to keep coil on plugs . Only wiring mod I did was earth and and boost solenoid
  8. would a car running 380cc grey top injectors start and run on a car running a version 3 3plug 6s STI ecu?. My gtb has just been converted and turns out the motor didnt have yellow top 440cc injectors in it yet it was still running a GTB 4G 3plug ecu it would stutter on boost but it would run ok. It is running an orange afm. currently converted it will run and idle on the 4G GTB ecu fine. but as soon as i plug the STI 6s in its hard to start and wont idle. I know that it should be running yellow 440cc sti injectors but just seems weird the 4G will work fine..
  9. spot on removed and replaced problem solved thankyou
  10. LOL i thought it may be frowned upon haha thanks boon, Also something weird happened in the gtb today i turned car on and all the dash lights came up.. as soon as i took off they all flickered for abit and then dissapeared ?! whats going on here?
  11. is it legal to have 2 of the same brand adjustables in the front and same for the rear i have some JIC fronts and Cusco rears? wondering if im going to have to find a full set of the same brand for a cert
  12. so i replaced all shufter linkages and bushes and 4th still pops out so its definetly a buggered gearbox got a replacement now anyways yay!
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