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  1. what parts from a 2000 b4 legacy can be used to help do a manual conversion on a 96 gf8 wrx??
  2. I recently brought a 2001 legacy ts-r with a blowen gear box code number TY754VSBAA I have found a replacement out of a 2000 tsr with the code number TY754VSAAB they both appear to have a 3.9 final drive ratio what do the last letters mean?? will it work? any help would be much appreciated
  3. Hi guys, im having an issue with a 95 tsr wagon it turns over but wont fire, its getting spark at the coil and is getting fuel, what else could possibly cause this issue, the car was driven home on saturday morning then would not start later on in the day. cheers ethan.
  4. hey guys just a quick question, is there any difference between a turbo Forrester torque converter or a wrx/ legacy? a friend was told his torque converter was gone so just wondering what i could source one from?
  5. i went up to taupo for a weekend away from the kids,decided to head up to rotorua to do the luge parked there in my 94 gf1 impreza standard apart from the wrx style bumper also had a full tank. came back after 2 hours and my drivers door was open, luckly for me one of the previous owners had a uniden 4star alarm installed so were most likely scard off buy the alarm but yea dont think they were expcting it to be alarmed plus its sensitivity is a bit low. but yeah watch out up there..
  6. hey just wanting to know if the 96 ts wagon with the ej20 motor is quad cam or single cam, had a look on wiki but sais the ej20 can be both where is the ej20e is single cam just trying to sus it out b4 i travle to masterton to buy 1 the lady doesnt have a clue
  7. just checkd them nah they arnt m+s they are bridgestone playz pz-1
  8. they look like off road tyres
  9. what type of subaru runs these monsters i just aquired a set of wrx rims off my cousin for a 15pk of tui who found them cleaning state houses in the hutt they have 215 60 "16 tyres and are hella big for my gf hatch got some 205 50" to throw on them but just wondring what would have been on
  10. Yeah i know the one hod do i clean it out?
  11. checked that stuff apart from the exhaust valve (alltho actuator moves) one thing i noticed was that the secondry turbo gets a lot hotter than the primary is that the norm? and is the primary ment to be a vf19 and secondry a vf18 not to sure with these tt leggys cheers ethan
  12. haha he isnt verry good with cars hence getting me to try fix it ill have to check this tomwro
  13. oh yeah mate said the boost gauge is hitting 4 psi but u cant feel the boost
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