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  1. I'm keen on an early evening meet, blow some cobwebs out. Chances are I will be working during the day.
  2. I think both of those could be busy on a Saturday. The weather is looking better for the weekend anyway
  3. I think we should do this even if it's raining. Bring an umbrella each.
  4. I've got no idea where that last one is, but I did spot your car this afternoon :-)
  5. Its just before you get to the Trentham racecourse turn off.
  6. Okay, earlier today I ripped into it and found the wire from terminal 4 of the fuel pump relay to the connector half way to the fuel pump controller is open circuited. I ran a temporary wire in its place (just to check) and everything worked fine. Gonna replace the wire with the correct size wire tomorrow evening. Just wondering why it would be open circuited, I couldn't be bothered pulling the whole dash out and the loom apart to trace it.
  7. Thanks guys. Forgot to add, 3/4 of a tank in there.
  8. Today in town I had an issue starting the car. The car just spluttered a lot but wouldn't fire until after the 3rd or 4th attempt. Luckily tonight I was at home, and it did the same thing, only now it wont start at all. I can't hear the fuel pump priming before trying to start the car, so I'm thinking its either the fuel pump, the relay or both. I am only getting 6.1V to the pump - That's not normal is it? Should it be 12-13V ish? I've only just located the relay (i think) and it started to piss it down, so I'll leave it til morning now. What checks sho
  9. Bugger, I'm at Leadfoot too. @RAYDEO , you going to this?
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