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  1. so if i was to bolt a r180 into a 1998 subaru rwd wagon, i would want to use the v3 sti ra / r hubs to keep the factory brakes single pot sliders? random job for a guy
  2. its all in the title, im after the colur of the b135 14 wire also known as the tach or engine speed wire, not plugged in on mine and there are afew wires just hanging out haha
  3. will need a ecu soon lol i reckon 190ish ta 200kw, idk but going to run it on 16psi for abit untill i get a motor that can handel the jandel lol im selling my old gate to get a genuine one, also just brought a ceff for 500, once it resells ill dump whetever cash into the subby hehe
  4. Its almost going again lol heres an old vid when it had a slipping diff and only on 8psi and with your mags on it
  5. awesome and yea shees RWD, reason for selecting the 4.1 ratio is so the speedo dosent go out, but yea could throw anything in it realy
  6. Ok so my RS is currently running a R180 diff but im thinking about throwing a R200 diff from a 25DET skyline into it, well not thinking about it, im going to do it and use shafts with modded cv ends The ones from the skyline are 4.1 but the subarus are 4.11? is there much diffrence? im no ratio expert Thanks
  7. haha nope, its ligit, theres a leg out of bed lol i have already replaced this motor tho just used this pic coz it had the carbon canister in it
  8. realy depends on what price your after? im guessing its going to be alot more than what im able to get it for as i have hookups for cheap parts but very good parts
  9. ok sweet, i was thinking about CCing the yellows i have to 550cc or 540, forgot how big he said he can make them :\'( :\'( :\'(. So the block should be fine? and the head\'s i may send away to be ported. im going to have this motor bouncing off limiter alot so only reason im forging an to handle extra power and revs. may go for bigger power at a later date but im happy with 250 kw at the rear wheels will scrap the sleves then, just wanted to make sure they were or wernt needed. does anyone know the best bearings to use? funky says OEM? i heard cosworth is very good to. to assemble it, possum
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