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  1. What's asked for I can offer services. Traffic isn't really an issue and I have the ability to stand up a vps as required configured to whatever. I have a some few set up already. In the end I think you're looking to move on a cost basis so conversation just needs to be sensible around what you want as (expectations) a product of what you want to spend. Some one technical or with decision rights is welcome to talk to me about it. Clint pointed me here Not really to fussed in any webmaster bits or club business. Back end OS/ dB and vps / connectivity is what I'm offering.
  2. from the brief look i had it looked 99% power steering. had tell tale red oily fluid everywhere. But i didn't stay or dwell long - poor guy was having a rough enough day as it was. And yes Boon - that's Wades old car. mostly still how Wade had it except for the wheels and now mat-grey / black over the white.
  3. and this is the first breaking change CS has made since 2009, so 5 years of largely 99.9% up time and full retention of back up and information is pretty sharp. so a 2 day forecast outage in 5 years of up time, for a forum of people that don\'t get paid for this stuff. Hats off. tl:dr don\'t be a grizzly bitch Loren.
  4. making sure no air leaks past both your fmic and rad makes huuuuge difference to temps in your car.
  5. correct, 2 x gt3071\'s, 1 x gtx3071, 1 x gtx3076 and all are 60mm rear end and 0.63AR T3 housing. one gt3071 had 2.75\' inlet, one gt3071 had 4" (no anti surge) inlet, gtx3071 has 4" inlet with anti surge. gtx3076 has 4" antisurge. all genuine garrett gt and gtx compressors
  6. 3071 on shreds dyno. it seems to read higher than stm dyno. its the DIN / SAE gap that appears as power increases, one shop uses DIN, the other SAE for completeness his reads about 280/295 and mine 305/321 between shred / stm.
  7. have been saying this for a few years now.
  8. yer they just get to hot - iats start to get unmanagable in the race environment. they would happily push 30psi .. just temps are the issue and they dont make any more power on pump98
  9. 3071\'s all made 2780/80 on about 23.5psi and the 76 is making 305 on stm dyno, 320 odd on shreds.
  10. i haven seen a gt/x 3076r making 350anywhere on a subaru in my personal experience.. Maybe with a 0.82 or larger housing, maybe with fuel modifiers or tricked heads. but as Marc says i think that all goes ways beyond the scope of this thread. also in my 3x personal experience on a gt/x3071 they are tuned to about 270-80kw. steves results are steves results, and hes entitled to those, but its a fair assessment those aren\'t able to be replicated in any examples I\'ve seen.
  11. Blouch are a bit shit too tbh. I wouldnt.
  12. Exactly my thoughts. Well said marc.
  13. yer sposed to have one tintin and it stops exactly this issue. ive run and not run over the years and had this experience sometimes and then it stops (without the spring) for some reason. like you box has come in and out quite a lot.
  14. Spec C\'s didnt even come with one. You can take it straight off.
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