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  1. Good work OP. Hopefully you get the parts etc. Hopefully they learn their lesson too, idiots.
  2. What will you use the pi for in your car? (Curious) As for power, just fuse a usb charger and secondary lighter plug piece into one power device and wire it in with a fuse. Although with the unit losing power every time you restart the car i\'m not sure how well the filesystem will go i\'m sure you could code a sensor with a relay to detect when the car is off and to shutdown the unit safely, and use the usb charger to charge a battery to keep the unit going after car is off for safe shutdown. Although with nix it shouldn\'t be too bad I wouldn\'t have thought.
  3. Found one of my fogs filled with water, was fresh though, baked it dry, tried to split but couldn\'t, was clean anyway luckily, resealed and installed again. All good now x)
  4. Think i\'d be too nervous to shrink that above the fuel tank with a lighter lol. Woof goes that petrol. [quote name='AdamOst said: Had a spacer thing made up for the MCB, since It didnt come with the factory one. Is that the piece that dude from GPforums made? Looking good x)
  5. Do the front left/right fender panels from a BG fit on BD? (Legacy) Have got a set to sell -____- also a gc/gf/bd/bg cusco strut brace
  6. seriously? At least you know the problem now haha
  7. Had a couple of screws come loose and go walkies on the left side of my bumper (BG gtb) Have some at home I think, but I need to replace the left side engine cover/under guard pieces since chch road wasted it. Will find some this weekend. Question is, do I have to remove bumper to replace these? Is this easy? Just remove lights and so forth? May seem obvious but would rather not fuck anything tbh
  8. Lol found this piece of gold for second gen legacy while looking for something else:
  9. I\'d go for a manual anyway ;D Want to keep my wagon, but would be silly with student life T___T
  10. Whoops, yeah meant to say fuel usage wise >__< that part may help. Ty x)
  11. What are the non turbo subbies like ?(like 2.0 or 1.8s etc) Might have to downgrade as looking at uni... Getting around 430 a tank at the moment
  12. grrrr the bit of the motorway being reconstructed took out my wheel arch under guard piece and the piece in front T____T spared the bumper, just, was driving sensibly and everything, sigh.
  13. I got an okay dremel last year in boxing day sales for like 100 and it\'s been magic to have for all those awkward jobs, definitely recommend