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  1. still on here bro?

  2. Hey bro you still on this forum?

  3. its already running a v5 wrx ecu. i just wanted to read the notes about running a link as im pretty sure there was a couple wiring differences. i need bh5 3 plug. most of those links you put up either dont work or are for bg5 4 plug http://cid-cfa30f34a9604d4a.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?resid=CFA30F34A9604D4A!141 this is the link i need
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone still has a link to gazzy2000's bh5 single turbo wiring doc??? the onedrive link no longer works. Thanks
  5. Can u please put up the wiring diagrams again? the link no longer works
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