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  1. Are you any good at finding power drains/electrical shorts?
  2. Thanks guys ill give them a try
  3. I found my rpm issue is a result of a buggered tacho but no svx wreckers still have their clusters, does anyone know a place good with electronics that's likely able to fix a cluster with malfunctioning tacho?
  4. (03) 312 5421 1510 North Eyre Rd West Eyreton
  5. Where in Christchurch do you get gards rolled?
  6. I had a similar problem with my v5 and it turned out to be a smashed abs ring
  7. Thanks I kind of knew I was going to have to remove rear subframe but didn't want to believe it
  8. Mine are buggered and are adding to my drive shaft shudder I've failed to remove mine
  9. I failed on a few things such as drive shaft has shudder and is too close to exhaust at one point, I also need locking washers on my gearbox mount and rubber covers on my foot pedals, who is best to get to do my drive shaft? as that's a bit technical for me? But Ian seems a good bloke
  10. New guy in area doing certs I'm booked in next Thursday his names Ian Smith
  11. Out of curiosity what were you doing drifting or launching or doing burnouts as in sorta trying to gauge what I am able to get away with?
  12. does not go sluggish when cel comes on but you're right I should stop being a sack and change it, I'm not any kind of expert when it comes to listening for det