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  1. Also bp corner of prestons road and marshlands road and in rolleston
  2. haha sweet man txt me and let me know when you want it done
  3. bump Can do anything electrical and mechanical etc etc
  4. yea no problem flick us a text 0278637756 and we can sort a time
  5. Go for a ride in a racecar at the waimate 50 over labour weekend on saturdays round of the Street Attack OL SHTR Motorsport on FB
  6. Hey guys sorry I havnt replied been pretty busy lately feel free to text or give me a call 0278637756
  7. Hi guys Anyone looking to have auto electrical/light mechanical work done A/H or weekends for good prices Things fixed installed or removed codes read or cleared ABS ENGINE SRS lights etc etc alarms, central locking, radios speakers amps etc etc Lights, HID wof issues Starters alternators Can also offer LINK ECU installation, adaptors for wire in for plug and plug, modification or additions to set ups and tuning through another member on here pretty much anything that involves electrical in a car Flick me a pm or a txt 0278637756 and we can discuss Mods please fix if im in the wrong category
  8. Have you tried new from Subaru or ebay? Should be able to find that part number
  9. I had mine set up so the meth would kick in at 15psi approx and the tune would change to suit I had a level switch when the level was low it cut out the boost control and ran back on wastegate pressure 14psi (tune uneffected by meth 14psi<) My meth injection was also progressive using a solid state relay controlled via link Also in regards to the cornering hard question on my set up I ran the proper devilsown tank (link below) and where the level switch mounts it has an internal baffle and the pickup for pump was mounted about 1" below this
  10. Just found a massive flatspot on the inside of my wheel from chchs shithouse roads GGGRRRRR where can i get this straightened I know of royce clive engineering, elite wheel and my old boss does them but anywhere else?