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  1. Car was stolen cashmere area saturday night. Bank card was in the car and used by person pictured who was driving the Honda pictured. image hosting sites image hosting sites image hosting sites image hosting sites
  2. Love my Gforce2 EBC. Worth the price imo.
  3. 08' Hiace (Daily) 98' Gtb limited 92' RS
  4. I had a go at that and only got 7psi as you said but with all the same symptoms as before
  5. 23 looks okay I squeezed the line on the turbo side of the T and it felt like the pill is there will double check tomorrow. 23 goes into the passenger side guard, is there a solenoid in there or something? Also as the turbo has been replaced with a primary from a later model b4 would that cause any problems going into a bg
  6. 21 and 22 aren\'t backwards and seem to go to the right places one under the intercooler and one to the thing (?) on top of the secondary dump valve. If I feather the throttle it gets up to 15psi but that\'s only at 2500 rpm it used to only just start kicking in around there. I floored it to see what would happen and it surged, then wouldn\'t go above 4psi at higher rpm and over 100 kph. I\'m thinking of taking it in to a garage because I just can\'t solve it
  7. Thanks, will have a look tomorrow. Where abouts is the differential pressure sensor located? and i will have a go at reading the code too
  8. yes it will come on if i dont let off the accelerator and go into limp mode, turn off the car and its gone. thanks ;D
  9. The car was working fine til the primary turbo blew, had it replaced with a primary turbo from a b4 and i can get it up to 15 psi if i slowly put my foot down but if i put my foot more than a quarter down on the accelerator the boost just drops to zero instantly and if i keep my foot down the boost jumps up and then drops to zero repeatedly (surges) and i cant feel the second kick in or any kind of vod ??? ??? i understand how troublesome these motors can be but any help would be much appreciated, its a 1998 bg auto. Cheers
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