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  1. Issue was solved by replacing the alternator. Credit to them, the didn't charge for the sensors or the labour to do that since it didn't fix it. So it's back on the road with no CEL In other news, is anyone interested in buying a 2001 Rev-D?
  2. Cheers for that - will give him a call next time I need something done on the Suby The guys who have got it at the moment found an alternator, and they're sure that's what the fault is.
  3. I took it in on Saturday and the mechanic said the code was for the cam position sensor... so he replaced them yesterday and its still throwing the CEL. Apparently, now it's the alternator back-feeding into the ECU or something, so now they want to replace the alternator, but they don't know if that will fix it and can't find one. I'm getting concerned that they have no idea what they are doing and are just slapping parts on, hoping to clear the fault.
  4. Thanks once again, Marky. I figured that would be the case, but figured I would post as a long-shot in case someone knew. Desperate times and all that [quote name='Marky said: whatever is wrong the car knows about it I find that strangely comforting
  5. Update: I see the O2 sensor is quite a common problem, but I will need an OBD2 reader to confirm the code. Borrowing one from a mate next week to check. Any other suggestions still welcome.
  6. So as you may have guessed from the title, I'm having some fun with my car. It's a 2001 Legacy B4 RSK BE5 Rev-D. I had an issue with engine pinging a couple of months ago, and have run a bit of octane boost since then, which seemed to fix the issues. But, on the commute in this morning, I was in 4th and braking as the traffic slowed. As we started moving again, I popped it down to 3rd, and as I released the clutch, it just started juddering (a bit like if you are in too high a gear, but I am sure I wasn't - would have been about 50ish). It actually felt like it was going to stall, and I noti
  7. Yeah, I don't want to cheat, but if it would take bolt-cutters to get the shot, that seems a bit tough I'll definitely take a photo as close as I legally can, but its up to the community if that's good enough to count
  8. Ahaha I'll give it a shot tonight. Pretty sure there's a gate in the way though
  9. Dredging this thread up because it looks like something fun to do on the weekend Agreed - I know where it is, but I'm pretty sure it's private property. Any rules against that?
  10. Ah, I didn't realize that was Marky! Sounds like a much better option than the dyno tune.
  11. Yep, definitely want to get that looked at, along with pretty much everything that mechanic did to it. I'm going to see if I can get to the cambelt this weekend and match up the notches, but beyond that I don't really know what to look for. Might have to bribe someone with a 6-pack (maybe a 12)
  12. Well, I spoke too soon. Its still pinging, but only with my foot flat. It's not doing it at 3/4 throttle anymore, and the idle is MUCH smoother than it has ever been, which is making me think that the minor octane boost from the Nulon stuff that I put through it is helping, but not enough. Definitely considering an ECU tune now to get it optimized for BP98. Speed Tech Motorsport have quoted me $1495 which includes a full dyno tune, so if Marky has a way to fix it and its less than that, I'm all ears
  13. Cheers, loner. I've decided to try the cheaper options first and bought a bottle of this octane booster / injector cleaner and emptied it into the fuel tank and took it for a long drive. Could just be my optimism and wishful thinking, but it seems smoother already. Didn't get too many chances to hit boost, but when I did, there was no dreaded ping! There was another noise it has always made at idle as well that I assumed was normal, and its not doing that anymore. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions and help with this. Will update again if the pinging comes back or if this fixes it longer
  14. One last question... The time that this issue started was shortly after I got the cambelt done by (in hindsight) a muppet garage (link to thread). Is it possible that they could have gotten the timing wrong on the belt when they replaced it? I mean, if they had it off by a tooth, would it advance the timing just enough to make it ping? Seems unlikely, but after my dealings with them, I wouldn't just assume they got it right. Anyone had this happen to them? Is it even possible that the engine would still run, but just with the wrong timing?
  15. Thanks Marky, appreciate your help once again!
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