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  1. Haha yeah is kinda dead isn't it. I'm in Dunedin. I don't get into much these days due to 12 hour days at work and spending time with my kids. Not Alot of time to other things. I know of 5 club members in dunedin.
  2. Here now ready for the party. 😉
  3. Love that video watched it many times very mesmerizing.
  4. People busy sat so it's Sunday now
  5. Yeah no issue. Just no idiots. Be a good meet up with more than 5 cars.
  6. Yes this did happen. Would do another. I'd say early December
  7. Yup cya there. Somewhere there where we can reverse park the cars. For photos. Just got home lol eating tea quickly haha
  8. 730 sound good people? Meet john Wilson or?....
  9. I finish work at 6 sometimes think 7 or 8 maybe?
  10. Raymond how many Dunedin members are on Clubsub? Just wondering.
  11. Friday night cruze sounds mint AZ.
  12. Going to this Sunday. Got a mate in his B4 coming too. I'll take my boys with me man's day out.
  13. I'm keen for anything.
  14. Dunedin meet up n cruse.

    Dunedin meet Display, show off cars.

    Don't know any Dunedin members.


    1. Joker


      did you see the post on our fb page about a car display in dunners coming up?


    2. Gt30Buck


      Seen it. Have not met anyone in Dunedin yet.

    3. Joker
  15. Will sort a new meet when I'm back in Dunedin, visiting sunny Nelson.
  16. Hello Otago Members. Wanting to gauge interest for a meet up and cruse somewhere before Christmas. Comment below so we can gauge your interest and thinking 20th. Cheers
  17. Need mechanic o To diagnose why my car is splutering. One that can tell me an actual answer. Anyone know someone?
  18. Main car display area is in front of the grandstand, and the army guys, sponsor cars and food caravans etc are around the edges/sides. Not sure if we go on cruze or set up cars to how we want before people arrive back...
  19. Info as I find it.