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  1. Cheers Gripless will keep in mind next time I need something Bugeye01WRX I managed to get parts supplied from another dealer into Auckland. Farmer auto Subaru in Mt Manganui . Excellent service - Bought parts & next day arrived by noon!
  2. Just confirmed with Subaru over the phone, the part was redesigned and reduced in size but still fits
  3. Hey guys, I got a valve cover gasket kit for an 05 legacy n/a from the Subaru dealer but ran into an issue. The spark plug tube seal is small compared to original one.. part number is 10966AA030 And after doing some research I found out Subaru updated the tube seal design anyone come across this before and is all good to install ?
  4. Hi everyone, I was looking to purchase the valve cover reseal kit from Subaru for my bro’s 05 legacy non turbo as I’ve found a bit of oil in the spark plug hole. tried calling winger Greenlane but I think they’re closed due to level 4 restrictions currently. Anyone know any legit places I could try source this part? From memory I think it’s $91 + gst for each side. thanks guys
  5. the reason I ask is because Ive been in a friends v7 Spec C and thought of how much of a difference this much really be from the standard v7 sti.
  6. Thanks for the info hijacka and evowrx Would you really be able to tell the difference between stock Sti suspension and the Ra, Spec C sti in handling on normal roads apart from the track between the models?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is any difference in handling between a factory v7 Sti RA, v7 Sti Spec C and normal v7 Sti. I know the Sti Ra Spec C has the pink sti suspension but was wondering if it really had a massive advantage when compared to a normal sti. Also was wanting to know peoples experiences when comparing the v7 Sti Ra Spec C to a normal v7 sti, are they really worlds apart in handling and power due to cams ? Thanks
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