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  1. There are some Army holiday houses near Acacia Bay? Cheap as chips. Should I make some enquiries? Since Mega Meet is around ANZAC Day - we'll probably be in Dunners... (if I'm still on Otago)
  2. Bugger, had I checked the forums earlier; I would have popped up for a nosey. However I'm headed back up to Aucks tomorrow morning.
  3. I'm in Welly for the Easter break, so might pop along for a catch-up.
  4. 23-26 Cars at the Westgate meet in AKL last night - try and beat those numbers...
  5. It's my final meat in Welly for a while, so I should attend... Only $19.99!
  6. Petone Pak n Save is good for parking. Small bit on the left as you enter car park, directly opposite the fuel pumps. I've used it for both SAH & S&F.
  7. Yeah I wasn't expecting it to be that packed out! We were looking at a 35-40 min wait. Cuba St has benefited from its makeover, compared to 10-12 years ago (Vic Uni days, cheap eats). The street parking was mostly full too.
  8. They're always busy though. Most places in Welly are, even on a Tuesday night - we often go out for a feed after 10-10.30pm. Laundry is open till at least midnight. Southern Cross, Ekim and a few others close their kitchen by 10pm. I refuse to eat cardboard! It's O-Week too. We were at The Tasting Room on Monday night, and it was rather busy down CP! I'm considering the train, who's keen for some beers afterwards? Realized on Monday night how s**t the public transport is on a weekday. Trains to Hutt Valley finish by 11pm!! (That gives the AKL public transport +1, over WLG).
  9. Here's a sneak preview, for those that haven't yet visited GMB. I was in town earlier, and had the mini GMB beef. They don't take bookings. The friendly staff suggested arriving around 1800, however for us that isn't going to be practical. They do have a nice waiting area with bar stools, and some nice beverages on tap (incl a cider). The kitchen is usually open to around 2200-ish.
  10. If it's got a Jap Pioneer (Carrozzeria) unit fitted, then I'm assuming it's already got the fitting kit with separate A/C controls? If so, ditch the unit & replace with a NZ one, either a double din touchscreen (make use of the reversing camera), or a single din & a pocket. Most cheap $200-ish units have triple pre-outs, dual USB (front+rear), SD card, BT, front aux anyway... what more do you need? Those Jap units seem to have a lot of wiring, for some strange reason too, maybe due to built in digital tv tuners, toll card readers, etc... I've ripped quite a few out in the past, not so much recently.
  11. I'm parking at Olphert, as it's only a 5-10 min stroll along Webb & down Cuba. From experience it can take longer to find a park - depending on the night. There maybe room for another car or two (provided it's not Army TF night).
  12. How much was the diff? Although I'm running 3.9, R180, 6spd DCCD.
  13. Yep. I think they take bookings for groups of 8 or more... But most of the good eating places are in town! There's SFA in the Hutt Valley. Petone is ok-ish. It's a good opportunity for those of us that don't drive our cars often, to give it a decent run (Upper Hutt - Wlg, or Porirua to Wlg). I drive into town at least once a week anyway.
  14. Has anyone ever dynoed a stock 3.0 Outback auto? It'd be interesting to compare against a turbo - but I'm not prepared to pay $100 to find out. Performance-wise when taking off at the lights, it gets up to 100kph reasonably quickly.