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  1. IDK what gets me more excited, the RA-R or the sheep 😏
  2. One of these is true 😂 seems to be a universal distaste for "stage x" tunes My V7 was tuned with the same list of parts + a VF30 at 200k and has been beaten on at the track for years now. Sitting on 220k now I think. If your baseline is solid i.e. a well serviced/healthy engine then the EJ205 can last a while. It just depends how long you want to keep it and if you have the money to replace it when it eventually gives up.
  3. Yep it's a deep, deep rabbit hole to go down and possibly not of much value if you're not tuning it yourself, but it helps to understand what the cars doing and why. I spent hours reading and road tuning timing/fuel tables for my ez30...right PITA to spend so much time de-tuning the car just to get it to stop knocking and drive as the factory intended. Driving the car harder might help it learn knock correction and fuel trims quicker but I'd wager the end result will always be <.500 IAM. Save yourself the fuel and speeding ticket and just drive normally it may learn slower but will get you the same result
  4. I had the same issues trying to view LTV in Romraider from my 3.0r. Just keep using btssm like you've done in the past or use this utility. The ECU is constantly learning, but can only learn a/f trim and knock control values for a load/rpm cell when it's driven there and when certain conditions are met to put the car into learning mode - i.e. I guess you could say the ECU has "fully learned" once it's been driven through all RPM and load points. Really good info on knock control here. If you've driven through the rev range and your IAM is at .500 - welcome to 3.0r ownership. They knock on anything that isn't Japanese 100ron that they were built for and even then, looking at their ignition tables, I reckon they'd still ping and lower the IAM. It's good you diagnosed a faulty part and replaced it, but, you could have the world's best serviced and maintained ez30 and it would still knock on 98ron and end up with a low IAM. The only way to fix this is to tune the ignition and fueling, or, ignore it. Low IAM won't hurt the engine, it's there to protect it. It will hurt performance and fuel economy though, as you've experienced.
  5. Metric, unless you like reading things in fractions of inches and glazed donuts per bald eagle like a m e r i c a n s😂
  6. Best results will come from a Dyno tune. Your concern about "one blast" isn't really correct as most reputable places that tune street cars will spend heaps of time tuning low/mid load areas to make the car feel good under normal driving conditions, and only then will they move onto power runs and high load tuning. A reputable tuner will factor in safety margins for real world ambient temps and humidity levels if they can't be simulated on the dyno. You can try an internet tune but this can be risky as there's less monitoring of the car while you're testing the tune than you get on a dyno, so it's harder to tell when things aren't going right, and the final results of an internet tune will never be as good as a dyno. In saying that, there's an internet tuner out there that's specifically mentioned by Raptor as providing quality tunes, so you can research that and come to your own conclusions. Headers can get you some extra gains from any tune as the factory ones are highly restrictive, but are apparently only worth it if you free up the rest of the exhaust system as well, which makes sense.
  7. Following! Interested in headers and removing cats to improve flow, leaving the rest of the system stock to keep stock noise levels.
  8. They will be DB1722 , standard pads for BL5/BP5 and BLE/BPEs and obviously some 5th gens as well. If you wanted to be 100% sure you can print the size guide from Bendix and they should match the pads exactly. https://catalogue.bendix.com.au/manufacturer/subaru/series/liberty-2003-2009-bl-bp/vehicle/2-0-turbo-awd-180-kw-awd-sedan-bl-bp?filter=Disc Pad Set&alternative=Std. Brakes#DB1722
  9. haha yep i got caught out on the same thing see if Subaru have them in stock (assume $$$ tho) otherwise get them in from partsouq/whatever you like
  10. Sounds like something scratching on the backing plate behind the rotor. If you're curious you could pull it apart and you'll probably see the scratches on the plate.
  11. I'm waiting to see what happens with the airbag recall first, waiting for my 2nd letter, may as well get it all done in 1 visit. I get a 2nd to 3rd hang when cold that i want to get rid of.
  12. Here's a list of fixes that Armstrong's in Wellington say are available to my BLE 5EAT. When using steering wheel gear change switch// prevents jumping gears (eg. Jumping from 3rd to 5th without going into 4th perhaps)// Prevent rough gear change from 1st to 2nd during low speed driving while in 'D' mode (says D range) // Prevent vehicle jolting when moving gear selector from N to D // Prevent rough gear change when in 'sports mode', vehicle travelling between 30 and 40km/h and changing from 3rd to 2nd// interlock fail change 2 ???(P1799) // Manual mode 'auto upshift' extra (extra part?) // Change shift pattern when water temperature cold // When decelerating, after reaching around 40km/h prevents rough gear changes from 4th to 3rd The software costs $60.00 + GST per file. Labour - $57.50 + GST per file.
  13. tbh if I was being passed by someone it was usually my fault, not the car's haha
  14. Me too. What's with the comments re. Autos not benefiting that much from a tune though?
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