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  1. Mine is it has the 6 CD stacker and aux factory and md sterio lol. Who still buys cds lol edit : by JoKer COOL thread! I did a thing :
  2. Does anyone know why my 2007 outback sometimes revs up to 900rpm sitting in drive at a red light. Idle air control valve maybe?
  3. Wagons are great. Pop the boot open and doubles up as a seat and fits a single mattress in it for doing some outbacking.
  4. I did some deep digging but couldn't find what I was looking for. Can you turbo an old ej22.
  5. The solenoid in the gearbox has probably gone making this car fwd. Would that be correct?
  6. Outbacking


    Shouldn't of said. Sorry auntie
  7. Outbacking


    I'm trying to sort it out. The Doctors are to busy this week so can't see him till Monday
  8. Outbacking


    Shoot me. I DEAR YOU TOO
  9. Outbacking


    The police wasn't chasing me. A guy in a Mitsubishi challenger was. Was trying to get away from him not the police. Ok does that make sense now
  10. I must not be stupid. Had a bad accident and got KO for 20 odd minutes and saw right hip. Pillar hit my template,by a tree at bout 60kmh. Was dazzed for a day after. Only happened a few weeks ago on state highway 1 just before Rolleston. Car on panel shop.
  11. Was wondering if i could pop along and watch the Ruapuna track day?
  12. Hi was wondering why my 2005 outback 2.5 has a hesitation to move of when I take my foot of brake before touching the accelerater when in eco mode? Doesn't do it in sport mode.