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  1. Sadly I am going to have to sell the STi I am driving a lot of KM's and require a car that is more suited to longer trips. Have heard good things about the Atenzas, so on the whole they're quite good on gas? I believe it was from 2006 onwards that they became 5 speed autos instead of 4 speed?
  2. Off topic, but has anyone had any experience with Mazda Atenza's? Are they good vehicles etc? Fuel economy, different models etc Cheers
  3. Heres a few pics. Exhaust is a 3" straight through. Muffler is an aftermarket 3" I think. Would putting on a different rear muffler quieter it much?
  4. Awesome, how quiet do you think the car would be with the rage downpipe and factory exhaust/muffler? Would it inhibit performance or harm the engine/turbo at all?
  5. As above, my WRX STi has a 2.5" straight through performance exhaust with a rage downpipe. I am keen to try and revert this back to a more fatory setup to reduce the noise. Just wondering if a 1995 GF8 WRX exhaust will fit onto a 2000 GC8?? If so, is their a way to install the rage downpipe onto the factory exhuast to have good turbo spool but a quieter car? Cheers
  6. The other thing ive noticed, is that when the headlight bulb blew my dash lights also stopped working. Now that ive fixed the headlight bulb, the dash lights are still not working ??? Ive checked the fuses under the hood, but have had no luck?? Ideas?
  7. Cheers fellas Im gonna have a crack at it tomorrow night after work.
  8. As above, my left headlight bulb has blown Whats the best way to actually replace the thing? As it looks damn tight in there to change it... Is it best to pull out the whole headlight component?
  9. Agree with this, the later Evo\'s lost there soul and just feel industrial.
  10. Love Evo 5 & 6, but I reckon Evo 4\'s are dogs, have been in two of them now both stock and wasnt very impressed with the performance. It felt like my RS-RA was quicker!
  11. Was just wondering if anyone knows how close the equivalent model STI and Evo were in performance back in the day. i.e. Was a version 3 STi better than, worse than or comparable to an Evo 3 from a performance perspective. Wondering if any particular STi version was significantly better or worse than its Evo counterpart? Thoughts?
  12. Version 6 STi. Classic shape with decent interior and awesome spoiler, the pinnacle of the GC8.
  13. Nick you\'ll have a good chance of winning this comp!
  14. I just replaced the stock speakers in my GC8 with Pioneer 6.5" speakers. Literally took out the stock speaker/spacer (its one piece) and then proceeded to cut out the old speaker. I then screwed my new 6.5" speaker into the original spacer and WHAM it worked!
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