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  1. I just put V7 STi struts & springs in my SG5 XT, huge difference, in both looks and handling, Though it is a tad stiff now (well for Christchurch roads anyway) I put V7 wrx seats in mine too, makes it feel a bit more sporty. My next plan is WRX or STi sway bars, and STi intercooler.
  2. Pretty sure OP's car is an XT. Yep JDM XT, will do some investigating.. If I had a leak surely I'd have other symptoms?
  3. Wow really? I've got a SG5 forester XT and I only get 0.7 - 0.8 bar (10 - 11 psi)Wonder if my gauge is mis reading or I have an issue..
  4. What colour is it? Out of interest.. My old 01 sti wagon was on trademe a while back, (I sold it 2 years ago)
  5. Fraser from M45 automotive put it on his hoist and diagnosed the LH rear wheel bearing in a matter of seconds
  6. We have a press frame that our enerpacs bolt into, have a 20 ton and a 50 ton enerpac cylinder, so that's not an issue. But I don't want to get stuck of something goes wrong and then have an out of action car.. Might take the safe route and get a hub haha
  7. I've got a hydraulic press at work so was thinking of doing it myself, Is it a mission?
  8. Is it better to change the hub rather than just the bearing? I got quoted &75 for a bearing kit. The diff is an R160 as far as I'm aware (factory STi v5, not an RA) Yeah I was thinking of looking at the diff oil
  9. So I'v noticed this sound from the back of my car, sounds like a humming/buzzing/low flying propellor plane kind of noise. It's most noticeable when driving on smooth asphalt, as there is less road noise to drown it out and is prominent on over run or when slowing coming up to a stop. It doesn't seem to change when turning, etc and is noticebale once above 20 km/h Wheel bearing? Diff? Tyres? I've looked at the tyres and they seem fine, am gonna swap front for rear to see if it changes, but in the mean time, can you look at the video I took and give me you opinion? Cheers
  10. I just priced genuine seals, washers, spark plug seals and half moon plugs and it's about $260 all up for both sides
  11. My car has a HKS Hi Power (not silent hi power) cat back exhaust. It's overly loud, you can't hear the passenger talking when sitting on 100 km/h I just looked down inside with a torch and it looks 'empty' inside the muffler Has anyone got one on their car that can have a look and see if there is any baffling? I would have thought there would be something in there, even some of that thin sheet thats full of holes or the like. I'm wondering if someone has ripped it out to make it louder Is there anyway I can quieten it down a bit without using a bung type silencer?
  12. Solved
  13. What did you paint your manifold with? Looks good?
  14. Thread Hijack - Where do you buy adaptors to run 2 pots on a R160 rear end?
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