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  1. Does it blow hot consistently? If you try bleeding again, just check that the heater hoses are getting hot as well during the process. i had that issue once in getting rid of an airlock
  2. Do your heater hoses warm up as the car comes up to temp?
  3. Rust in the floor of the RA so looks like my cert is gonna be a *tad* more expense then I had hoped🙃
  4. Ah, i mightve misread your initial post. I actually have a set of v5 rear hubs that fit the 2 pot rear caliper - i tried to fit them to my BC but they wouldnt fit the rear end so im guessing they are r180 ones. That might sort out your dogbone adapter issue if you want to move away from that.
  5. An option for the rears would be to try to get the r160 nz new wrx hubs that came with 2 pots. DBA then do a rear disc that suits the brembo rears without doing anything dodgy to the handbrake.
  6. Ah thats good to know. I think i'll just try to work with a later gc8 one or be/bh linkage rather than look for anything newer just incase.
  7. Cheers, your comment around the bf5 is interesting. Would it depend on the actual gearbox in the car as well? like i haven't got the original RS box for sure.
  8. Didnt realise this either untiil i tried to install my short shift kit haha. The one in my RS has the bolt going through the linkage rather than the gear stick. its workable, but i'd rather move to newer parts, which are in essence set up in reverse. Still havent figured out how to post images but this trademe link has the diagram for the older style:
  9. Hey guys, Wanting to move to the newer style 5 speed linkage as i udnerstand there are 2 types for the gc8. Are the linkages compatable with all 5 speed gearboxes? My RS currently has the older style linkage but the bushings are shot hence decision to move to the newer style linkage and change out bushings while im at it. Cheers
  10. Should be able to get away with just using your old intake manifold as your loom wont plug into the throttle body. Good opportunity to do ignitor delete and run later model coil packs too and then you'll know those will fit as well.
  11. Definitely something do-able, but there's still the added cost involved, plus the piping, twisted turbo set up etc which im keen to stay away from. Probably shooting myself in the foot but at this point anyway i'm trying to draw some firm lines around where i want the car to end up.
  12. To right! However, looking at stock locations and keeping a top mount (v7 sti). Just cant bring myself to hack up a bumper for the front mount. so hard to find parts for the BC5 these days.
  13. Main thing with Steve is the time and turnaround from what i understand. dont really want the car sitting there with no turbo for 6 months haha. My mechanic has been recommending a tomei as his in house tuner got 300kw out of a similar setup on those turbos but the $$ is a bit off putting atm.
  14. Cheers - so something more along the lines of a 20g would be a better fit?
  15. Hi guys, Getting to the end of my RS build and im at the point that we've got a basic road tune to get a few k's on the new 207 block. Post run-in, the engine has some 268 franklins and a vf30 sitting at around 1 bar of boost. Keeping in mind that its not a serious road tune that has been done (given she;ll be strapped to the dyno in the near future), i'm getting onto boost at around 4,000rpm. My understanding/expectations of the vf30 was that it would be coming on boost quite a bit faster - mechanic suggested that it might be the bigger cams - is this in the right ball park? I trust the guy's experience so i guess i also wanted to get a feel for what to expect (in terms of real life impact) that the bigger cams are going to have on the cars driveability. Cheers for the input