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  1. Perfect sounds good, glad you got it sorted Any time!
  2. @wrcfan21 if you are still looking to get your engine done bring it in and we'll get it sorted for you. I know it is a fair distance but it's well worth it for a solid engine that will give you no troubles. If you have any more questions flick me a message or give us a call again. Can arrange to get car or engine picked up as well. Thanks Pat
  3. We love to support CS - you are our favourite club after all. Make sure you keep in contact - email is best - [email protected], however feel free to give us a buzz at any time on 09 238 5732. Cheers, Pat
  4. Unfortunately PBMS have some bad news! Due to a series of unfortunate events, we're going to be stuck in the workshop this weekend preparing Rally Cars for the Whangarei round of the NZ rally championship next week. With this said, we won't be able to attend the weekend's festivities, but vow to make it up to our friends at ClubSub org nz. We'll throw you guys one hell of a dyno day, with Subirex Automotive Limited there as well. Oh, and if you help our page to get 10K likes by the end of the weekend, all Megameet '17 attendees will get their dyno run free of charge! All details will be confirmed once we've caught up after the NZRC. Have a damn good weekend guys, and stay safe on the roads and track. Julius // Possum Bourne Motorsport
  5. Hey mate, we typically do a power run for $159 but on a dyno day or for CS members it's $129. You get a dyno power sheet and we'll give you a report on the suitability of air/fuel ratio, detonation and any other noticeable issues we find. Julius // PBMS
  6. Was just a power run, $129 with air fuel monitoring and knock analysis. Had been road tuned so no before/after - just a power figure, which was quite good I might add
  7. I'll create an album on FB and post up the link so I don't take over this thread anymore
  8. Hi Username, If your preference is Dtech - that is great, they are amongst the top tuners in NZ, and one of the few other shops i'd be confident enough to take my own car to. I do know we are slightly more expensive than Dtech, our pricing is based on our local competitors (If we wanted to make oodles of money, we wouldn't have chosen the motorsport/performance game, we'd be building houses or something). In our neighbourhood we charge similar to our competitors but attempt to provide a higher level of customer service, support, courtesy cars, event/club sponsorship (including the CS 2017 Calendar) and more stuff to come. A full PBMS tune, includes a comprehensive pre-tune inspection (taking upto an hour and a half) to test all the basics, static fuel flow, intake system pressure leaks, setup of fuel pressure (if required), setup of ECU etc, then an entire day on the dyno, then a cold start tune, finally a road tune/adjustment is $1200+GST/$1380inc. We could most certainly pump tunes out in half the time, without inspection for $800, and have them 60% as good, then get a bad name real quick - but that ain't what we're about. We're about taking the time required to do a quality/thorough for a fair price, to protect our name and your pride and joy.
  9. Hi team, Julius from Possum Bourne Motorsport here. Note: I may be going a little off topic, sorry about that! I will start by saying that I never want to involve myself with any of the S***-talking that goes on between dyno tuners in our small industry in NZ. It seems like you can do 100 great tunes, then 1 bad one can kill a reputation overnight. We aren't in the business of tearing anyone else down, all we want to do is great work that we can stand behind, at a fair and reasonable price - which I'd hope other tuning shops also aspire to. What a lot of people get hung up on, is that they wouldn't do what someone else has done in a tune, because it's not their personal preference. Sure there are some facets of tuning where there is a right and wrong way to do things, but for the most part it's all subjective and down to the individual tuner to decide how to skin the cat, so to speak. I personally have heard of great results from both TP and Dtech. If you have used them (or any other tuner), have had a good experience and a good relationship with them, then i'd alway encourage you to take your car to someone you know, trust and them knowing the car is always a plus. Whilst I don't know anyone at TP, I know Dave at Dtech quite well - he is actually engineering some state of the art software for our dyno to be at the cutting edge. He has a great depth of knowledge, and I believe the guy that does most of his tuning on day to day cars is top notch as well, as is Tony who runs the shop. About PBMS and our tuner: No matter who is tuning or performing any work on your car at PBMS, we back our workmanship 100%. We will do everything in our power to provide you the best job we can, within the budget we're give, and will always let you know about any issues we find along the way, getting approval before performing any extra work that may be required. With our workmanship warranty, if you do happen to find something isn't quite right, we will always come to the party and investigate it for you free of charge. If it is indeed our fault, then we will always replace, repair, adjust, re-tune or do whatever it takes to get it right. If we tuned your engine, and it was clearly our fault that it blew up (hasn't happened yet, touch wood) then we would replace your engine, or build you another equivalent one, end of story. Our tuner/team: Including myself, we actually have 3 guys in our team that can tune - which is great for problem solving when the issues pop up, and adds depth to the whole service we provide. When is comes to our actual tuner, there is only one that we get to do the actual tuning work - KB. As you've already discussed, he's from Chile. We got him over as we couldn't find anyone with the experience, qualifications or trust locally. KB ticked all the boxes - he's got the intellect to do the job well, with a degree in automotive engineering behind him, he has been tuning for over 10 years in his home country, where he ran his own tuning business as one of the few South American dealers for brands like AEM and later Haltech. His partnership with Haltech went pretty deep - he has done many of their training courses. He also worked as a head engineer for the OEM manufacturer Lucas/Delphi. We brought him over at great expense, as we know he's as good as, if not better than most NZ tuners. In his own words 'I love physics which are the principals behind engine tuning, and I love cars, especially fast ones'. If anyone has further questions - please let me know. Best way to get in touch is via email - [email protected]. Cheers, Julius
  10. Hi guys, the GP N rally cars we build that are based of a Spec C have have little issue with fuel surge, so those pickup units are a good (albeit expensive option). The Radium pickup's look like really good quality. I believe JTune are the NZ distributor of them. For the money, I think it'd be cheapest to knock up a hand fabricated enclosure like pl0x has posted.
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