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  1. this tax on fuel is rubbish, adding the extra tax to akld people is fine with me if i actually saw some sort of improvements in public transport. They say to use the public transport in Auckland but it is still cheaper for me to drive into work and park in a public car park and get home. I take a little run around car for daily use so it is cheap on gas...i can see the price of public transport going up soon as well because the fuel price is too high to maintain the current costs and profits for companies. You have to wonder who does the research for the govt when it comes to adding taxes and things to stuff, I can see food prices will go up and it will just be a chain reaction. Govt don't care as they get free fuel anyway for the govt provided cars and taxis they use.... ggrrrrrr thats my rant over for the day!
  2. That suxs! so many sour grapes out there! good on you for not reacting with angry comments to them though... hope you do manage to sell it at a good price car looks alot nicer and cleaner than when you bought it from the original person, i did watch the auction closely...i have a forester i got swapped for my car and cash but don't want to put it on TM after reading the comments on your auction, so might hold on to it for a few more months..
  3. @RaKid saw your listing on TM, have you had much luck with selling it? saw all the "interesting" people on TM who are not interested in buying the car but to give you flake about selling it.
  4. @Pappu1 did the tune on my V7 STI running factory computer i recommend him as well, also @PBMS also do a tune for you as well in puke they are just as good and you also get a nice pretty dyno sheet after the tune to show how much power you are making...you could always go to Dtech in tauranga they are good too...
  5. oh crap!! that suxs man for you, hope you find the car in decent condition, did the car have an alarm in it?
  6. Hi @Scoobydoo sweet i am happy to take them off you mate, how does it fit though? do i have to open the top hat and put this on? not sure how this fits in place...sorry talking to a noob here....
  7. thanks guys @Kiwi_Fozze and @Berg Where can i get this spacers from? and is it installed on the top hats ? sorry i am a noob at these things How will the suspension change affect the wheel/tire setup? the hub will still be the same as i am not changing that?
  8. @Kiwi_Fozze what is this saggy butt issue you guys are talking about? is it over time or once you put it in? i just purchased some 01 STi lowered springs and struts
  9. 4G63B8

    My New STI Foz

    ah very nice! i saw this at the garage before and he told he had sold it, very nice and good buy! thats decent power as well!
  10. you are on the top end of the scale of a turbo vehicle with mileage in my opinion, but yeah if it has a good service history you would be alright.
  11. @nihell have a stroll down to @Subirex Automotive garage in auckland and you will see a beautiful a-line parked there which they have custom modified and tuned and it runs like a skinned cat...that one has exhaust, fuel pump, intake and intercooler sprayer... @Pappu1 tuned it and got decent power out of it...these guys are the best and most reliable people to speak to when coming to subis
  12. lets get a house and after saturday night have a massive party
  13. yeah @Niran could be keen to head down as well! shouldn't be too hard to find a place to stay i believe?
  14. @Batbaruman got this done in his sedan, he would be able to give you all the tips and tricks that was needed to get the job done...looks super cool! will be wicked to see this on a wagon
  15. i am thinking around 210 - 220KW at the wheels, i did the exact same mods to mine and made 220kw @ the wheels, all the best!
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