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  1. So, i've figured out - the rumble noise is coming from the front right tyre/rim (but its a fairly new tyre which is odd) As for the wandering steering - i'm going to swap out the steering rack bushes as they're quite cheap and see if it makes much difference watch this space....
  2. thanks Joker, duncanm for both your comments. I'm going to have a little play around with it again over next weekend I'll get back to you with my findings (if anything )
  3. I’ve literally changed everything that turns - new discs, tyres, wheel bearings and cv axles I let one place have it for a morning and they thought it was power steering related - that could explain the wandering but certainly not the noise...
  4. Hey, yeah im working on that - the mrs usually drives it, so when im next in it ill do a quick vid and post it asap
  5. Hi all, first time posting on here - im massively stuck on an issue i’ve had with the legacy for quite a while now basically it sounds like a front wheel bearing knackered - but ive changed both and also both cv axles (driveshafts) not only is there a crazy rumbling noise, something is also causing the car to wander when at expressway speeds (like a steering joint is worn...) HELP!!! Surely there is someone on here that has experienced a similar issue Really appreicate any response or suggestions - thanks!!
  6. Yeah absolutely - although the good old yanks made this... subaru-baja by laredef_27, on Flickr
  7. Hey guys, Please tell me you've watched this....
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