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  1. Sorry lol im looking to buy a wrx sti ra limited or just a ra or maybe a type r just thort id post on here as there is not much for sale anywere esle
  2. Wea all the mean az ra's an type r's for sale seems to be nothing much around these dayz???
  3. Yea tru yell out if anyone on here are selling a ra or type r etc or know of anybody. Thnz
  4. Yea i get wea yous are cumn from ive seen the ra selln for 20k lately iswell which is the going market for a ra these days. So im better off tryn to find a stock standard ra?
  5. Sti have doubled in price over the last 15 years tho.
  6. So a ra or type r are more collectable or a ra limited but has to be 100 % factory to be classed as a collectable??im just after a sti that wount lose value an will go up over time..
  7. Ok thanks ive uploaded a couple of photos on my profile pic thanks take a look
  8. Hey im asking if it would be, for myself a good investment as im after a collectable wrx sti. The car itself is probly 90% original motor an running gear all original it has 215 thousand kms on the clock. It had normal wear an tear in the interior.They are after 8.5k for it which i thort was cheap just asking what use think?? Is there anyway of uploading a photo on hea?
  9. Think its only the ra model that had the 5th injector. Nah ive found one just wana knw wot people think they are worth or worth buying for a collectable? Read above thanks
  10. Rear spoiler is about a foot high with two cross bars one at the top an one at the bottom. I googled the car an doesnt look like the original. Read the question above sum input would b much appreciated
  11. Yea it has the mud flaps an roof vent an the color code 53c (sports blue) paint looks mint az an everything is original apart from wheels an rear spoiler has high kms of 215 thousand motor an box are all original. Wots everyone opinion on it being a collectable or something i should be purchasing? Am after something like a ra model or v-limited etc wea there are selected amount of numbers made thnx Want to purchase something rare while i have the coin an something i can hold onto for a while. Anyone have a idea of what they think it shud b selling for?
  12. I dont have a link its all via facebook messenger an i cant upload pic etc/or i dont knw how?
  13. Its GC8C4ED im pretty sure its a 555 model has the roof scoop etc but i was certain they had a emblem on the boot an a number inside the car? Dont wana be gettn scammed lol
  14. Quick question looking at buying a collectable sti found this one but it doesnt seem to have a badge anywea? I thought since there wer only 555 made they all had a number to indentify them? Also did they have a redtop or nah. Thanks