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  1. 🤣***ty_Car_Mods/comments/ic0nbo/ive_never_seen_a_sadder_existence_somebody_needs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  2. New shoes, just in time for rainy season 😄
  4. not a bad collection, my fav momos are pre-airbag - prototipo, veloce etc.
  5. can't afford a de lorean ? try this 😂
  6. in general... if your car was first registered in New Zealand on or after 1 May 2010 and manufactured from 1 January 1990 and has a catalytic converter fitted, it will fail a WOF if you remove the cat,
  7. yep, it's return to palmy was shortlived, didn't know it was for sale, i might have been tempted back... no idea who bought it but the car was in very good nick.
  8. definitely a crime !
  9. Blue one uses a Fast Car Company bodykit made in UAE.
  10. the w**k numbers on those cars is actually part of the car model name. most modern audis have had their motors way out over the front axle line too. but euros have long lost the plot with model numbers. where once they told how big a motor was now they are either nostalgic eg. c63 or seemingly meaningless eg. x5 m40. meanwhile, is a jimny dressed up to look like an amg g-wagen crime or not ? i kinda like it...
  11. "good pads" depends on intended use. for general pottering around stock is fine bendix ultimates, for a bit more enthusiastic driving. ferodos if you want a bit more. the old ts2000/formula was a great road/sometimes track pad but need a bit of heat in them. never got consistent results from ebc. match your new pads with some good fluid and you should be good 😄 bigger rotors etc. may improve stopping power but usually all they do is increase your unsprung weight 😄
  12. on those wheels it's a car crime ! stancenation 😂
  13. the wobble for extra fail 😂
  14. there are plenty of cheaper after market options 😄 no cheap way to do the intake carbon clean though.