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  1. double barrelled fail; 1. seat covers for a porsche is verboten, 2. car is photos is definitely not a macan or anything from stuttgart. 😝
  2. reminded me of the kid who went off-roading in an m3.
  3. more on the ultimate singapore spec 😄
  5. 😁
  6. 😄 watch free
  7. not so, established manufacturers like sachs, bilstein, ohlins et al know the modern difference between track day and race day. 😉 10/14 is hardcore, stock legacy is something like 3.7/5.4 for cmparison stock sti v6 4.3/3.5 stock v10 sti 4.7/4.4
  8. awesome. didn't know there was a golf course out there ! 😄
  9. this show is getting busier every year. if you want to put on a group display get there really early ! otherwise best park outside the showgrounds.
  10. not a fan of the 5th, i thought it was blah after the 4th. honda ftw
  11. is that a 2nd gen or 3rd gen prelude ? both were great cars with the 2.0 dohc motor. ultimate prelude was the 4th with 2.2 vtec. i had a nz new vti-r and it was a fantastic touring car, quick and relaxing to drive.
  12. mazda mx5 scruffy but only $2k
  13. colour coded so you know which pedal is which ? 😂
  14. last two days. stages in wanganui/manawatu today. cars finish the day in palm nth 1715 final day leaves PN 0850 event finishes PN 1740