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  1. Restomod GC8 ? https://www.evo.co.uk/subaru/204839/prodrive-p25-teased-continuation-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-on-its-way 😄
  2. What car are they going on ? You after all out performance or a daily driver ? Budget or premium ? Former - you can't go past Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 as a road tyre - warning - they don't like cold or rain and $$$$$ PS4S is almost as good and a much more rounded tyre but $$$4 Hankook S1 Evo3 are decent Maxxis VS5 are a real sleeper but restricted in sizes. There's a new Potenza Sport but not driven on them - in the past I've found the RE002/003 rather average, S001/007 meh. The last great Potenzas were the RE070, RE01R, RE050A ? Can you still get Nitto NT05 ?
  3. Cars and Coffee was packed out last Sunday ! Southwards was full to capacity with cars spilling out to the road outside the complex. Afterwards couldn't resist a blast over TG. 😄 A very fast road but lacking in character. Some great views though.
  4. A lot of fixed back seats are quite upright, if you like to lean back get a reclining seat.
  5. Cheers ! There was some supercar trackday yesterday - POrsches. Ferraris, McLarens etc. Drivers only, no pix
  6. NPD is ethanol free but to get that 100 they use additives in greater than the recommended dosage. This was covered months/years (?) ago when NPD 100 was first introduced and discussed.
  7. Where are the pix ? The Golf TCR from Welly was doing 1:15s
  8. How did the day go for Soobies ? I heard the fabled Honda reliability took the day off 🤣
  9. Harlequin soob ftw Pretty just slows you down 😄
  10. Not in our lifetime. The latest BRZ is still rwd, gets a 2.4 NA motor with a mighty 170kw/228bhp. Which Focus RS were you referring to ? The 2nd gen FWD one was rubbish, sounded amazing, didn't handle that well, and didn't feel like it had 300hp. The later 4wd was a ball of fun with the rear clutch pack activated drift mode. PS nice burns on the TM auction, what a bunch of bellends 🤣
  11. That might have been pre-release info. In JDM land there are 3 versions, including a 1.5 NA FWD with 10-speed CVT 🤣 I drove the black car in my pic above, it's one of the original TNZ press cars. Faster and better handling than the current STI. 😄
  12. NZ new got the best spec ! Circuit pack F+R LSDs plus the satnav, JBL stereo etc of the Comfort pack Most of the stupid priced imports are low spec. Avoid.
  13. Better late than never... Mk7 GTI is a much sportier drive than a 6R. The 6R uses the previous gen (Mk5) motor with cambelt and is much more reliable, many chain drive Mk6 GTI's have suffered from chain tensioner failures - expensive, often fatal. Golfs use a Haldex AWD system, nominal 90/10 torque split to front, a slow reactive system. Subaru's permanent AWD is a superior solution. The 7R is much better but still no match for a GTI with VW's front LSD - like a Haldex operating on the same axle. A GTI Clubsport/Edition 40/40 Years - same car , different name for different markets, or the 7.5 GTI TCR are much better drives and once moving, just as fast or faster than a 7/7.5R.
  14. All rather underwhelming. Best wait for the GR Corolla 😄
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