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  1. Ok so ive found the issue, the restrictor pill was in the wrong place, found a diagram of how it should be and now its way more responsive, goes straight to full boost at 3.7k rpm instead of 6k rpm! way happier with it now! also found my ecu is a j2 which from what ive found out is from a V6 WRX STI RA Limited. Cheers for all of the info everyone gave me!
  2. believe it or not it is definitely a ej207 block and internals, thats the one thing the guy provided photo proof and receipts for and as far as i know its a v6 STI ecu so its all over the bloody place
  3. could that be making it so its boosting in 2 stages like the factory TT does?
  4. by wastegate hose do you mean the vacuum line connected to the actuator or the turbo? Cheers
  5. so i done some looking around under the bonnet and found a bunch of s*** not right.... so i didnt do the engine swap and after some research and looking under the bonnet i found that block and internals are v7 sti (ej207) BUT from my understanding the intake manifold and the heads are still the legacy (ej208) heads and intake mani. the turbo is also a td05 16g so what ive found is the guy i bought it off was bulls***ting the whole time saying it was a "full v7 sti swap" so im f***ed of what to do, do i get a link ecu and get a tune OR do i "complete" the swap and make it v7 sti everything like it should be. Cheers
  6. Has anyone ever put a V7 STI dash into a 3RD gen B4 Legacy? wanting to do a full dash swap maybe even a full V7 STI interior swap into my B4 Cheers
  7. solenoid is a factory one and yes restrictor pill is still there, i believe its a 1.2mm
  8. ive been thinking of adding a boost tap in. or should i just go external wastegate with a 15psi spring in it and run wastegate pressure so ill just consistantly get 15 psi
  9. Hello everyone im wanting to know why my turbo is so damn laggy. i have a feeling it could be the boost solenoid. i have a v7 sti motor in my B4 legacy and it runs mint apart from this annoying lag, turbo spools to 7 psi and sits there until about 5k rpm then it finally hits full boost at 14.5psi. everything is factory v7 sti (engine, loom ecu) so its not like a aftermarket ecu without a tune or something. im wanting to know if i should disconnect the boost solenoid and run wastegate pressure. Cheers
  10. Technically yes it needs a cert. Realistically how many wof issuers would notice? Not many unless they know Subarus well true true, only thing is theres alot of very clear aftermarket mods but i mean who knows maybe they wont think anything of it
  11. Technically yes it needs a cert. Realistically how many wof issuers would notice? Not many unless they know Subarus well its around 250kw atw so idk if thats within the threshold or not
  12. hey just a couple quick questions, i have a 1999 Legacy B4 thats been swapped with a version 7 STI motor, do i need a cert? it passed a wof inspection like this but ive heard that it will fail a wof without cert... can someone please give me info on this as i need to know if i need a cert or not. Cheers
  13. what about the ratios, doesnt it need to be matching to the diff?
  14. old box blew 3rd gear and syncros are stuffed in 4th old box blew 3rd and syncros in 4th are stuffed