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  1. Yes you're screwed time to sell up and buy an EV
  2. Sell it and buy a daily. This car is giving you high levels of anxiety.
  3. Hard to tell if you're trolling if yes you're an expert keep these kind of posts coming😂
  4. $1500 max dont pay anymore than that. that being said most wreckers such as (subie doo spares) will have a bare longblock in stock... for around 1k give or take. I've seen v7 ej205 avcs motors go for as little as $600 with proof of working order (as was still in car to test drive) on facebook. Bloody great motors my last V7 wrx I had went very well. With minor bolt ons, it pulled well haha and never let me down. Get the same motor for the chassis. Less messing around. Plug in and go. Good luck
  5. Thanks all. Can anyone recommend someone in south/east auckland that can do a TGV delete on my S-GT and also disable and delete my secondary air pump. Was looking into doing it myself but haven't turned a spanner in a while and need a courtesy car for work for the moment whilst the cars worked on. Anyone?
  6. Noise/squeek is louder inside car. Can also hear it outside but it's all good. Have decided to just leave it as it is for now until something forces me to investigate further but if it's a typical thing these cars are known for then I will let it be for now. I also have another question guys, if someone can advise whats best, A week before lockdown I had sorted a 2.5" exhaust system and a subtech downpipe installed to my SGT. Because of the following situation (lockdown) I couldn't sort a tune for it and funds that were for the tune have now been used to pay bills,expenses etc during lockdown... realistically I won't be able to get it tuned for said dp/exhaust for another couple months, once work picks back up ... Is it ok to use car as is, untill I sort tune? Will be driven with care ie. Under 5k rpm, as don't want to risk anything... or should I park her up untill tune and use my Motorbike instead? Cheers
  7. Hi guys, was on the forums a long time ago, 2012-2014 ;lost old account details but am back in a Subaru. Just after some advice. Car: 2007 Subaru Impreza SG-T I'm having an issue, its nothing major but couldn't find a thread on here about it. When I press clutch in and also when I release it theres a very annoying squeeky sound. I had a quick look on YouTube and a guy on there sprayed some stuff on the clutch/brake/etc pedal assembly which made noise go away. I'm hoping it isn't a firewall problem, or anything... because the car runs well and I love driving it it's just the squeek that annoys me. If you can send some advice if you have encountered this ptoblem that'd be great? Thanks
  8. These don't have a rumble. They sound more like a high pitched evo. I just did a rear muffler delete on mine and it opened it up, BUT it was purely for sound as the rest of the exhaust is stock. Pitstop charged me $150 to cut exhaust from axle and it now runs a 2.75" straight pipe to a nice tip. It will do for now...for better gains do the downpipe+tune, that will open it up abit more, subtech do off shelf. I think Pbms are still designing one or may be able to supply one aswell. Or cheap option. Rear muffler delete. Shouldn't cost much at your local exhaust shop...I would post a vid but don't know how to on these new forums
  9. Nice one that v2 but iv seen a v4 sti gf8 for 7k on tm right now that'd be much quicker. But its been to the moon and back in terms of kms.
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