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  1. Yea, I’m still keen. What’s the go
  2. I'd be keen, are we talking about actually on the 27th?
  3. Thanks for the update, it's nice to collate a few dynapack results so that people know what figures to expect with some common setups
  4. Haha yea, knew it was a long shot My thursday's ended up getting filled with Russian lessons, so haven't been in a position to host any meets.
  5. Would anyone be keen for a drive up the coast tonight? It’s such a nice day, would be a shame to not go for a drive.
  6. I was in two minds with the Q300 about cutting out of old mid resonator and putting the biggest one I could find in. But decided to go stock, and research a bit more.. I will probably just buy another bike for my loud thrills though haha No worries, should've just included the boost graph also!
  7. haha no worries, I guess I left out a few deets in my post. Ah right, the boost is a little bit unstable in this region... I may play with the PID tuning as it looks a bit too agressive. But I think you may be right that the runner length exacerbates it. I remember when we made a gsxr gokart back in the day we tuned the intake and exhaust so we had two peaks to spread it out. I guess the exhaust header and intake runners much be tuned for the same frequency in this case. It feels smoother than what it did for sure, before the tune it was a bit jerky. I actually thought it felt slower after the tune, but actually it was just the smoothness. Was just curious if it should be expected, but it seems like it is and you are right the scaling is quite bad so it makes it look worse than it really is.
  8. Well location I probably shouldn't pick, since I just moved here... but in general I'm free thursday night or saturday morning/lunch.
  9. Haha 98 is hard enough to find, let alone e85. I don't think I'd want to risk a meth setup on my daily either, just another thing to break. What mods were you running to achieve the 225kW? It's nice you have got yours Dynapack dyno'd so its a bit comparable.
  10. My 2.0L got tuned at Prestige on a Dynapack. Yea I guess with the intake and catback I could pickup another 10-20wkw... but I may be getting old, the Q300 was unbearable with the drone.. and the i4 sound never really does it for me.
  11. I actually had a q300 but pulled it off after less than a week and returned stock. Way too loud with a catless downpipe, how can you handle the r400 noise? Is it just a weekend car? I know what the boost looks like, I have the same sheet as you.. I'm more interested in the 3500rpm region where my torque dips 70Nm in 1000 rpm... I'm just curious if that is normal, because the turbo is holding 20psi+ in that region. Is there some cam timing tuning which can spread that out, or that's just the turbo falling off a cliff in the compressor curve.
  12. Yeah sorry, should of mentioned that is was a Dynapak hub dyno. I would've thought the dropoff would be more gradual, not like the plummet seen at 3500rpm, as the turbo holds 20psi until 5000rpm. I see a lot of people not happy with stock location turbos though, and I don't really want to drop tons of money with a twisted custom setup.
  13. I know all this, I'm a mechanical engineer that has also done some tuning courses, you don't need to explain basics. I was asking about the massive torque dip at 3500rpm, is it normal. Thanks for the info on stock block, my is a jdm 2.0l
  14. Have a DMH-Z5350BT in my car, couple with a CPLAY2air adapter. Super expensive compared to what the US get, and have to add the adapter as we don't get wireless carplay headunits. The screen is capacitive which is great, the buttons are a bit meh though... prefer them being on the bottom. It's also a pain if you don't have steering wheel controls for changing songs/volume.
  15. Hey guys, Got my STI tuned today. It's basically stock except for a PBMS downpipe. It was 197,0 awkw @ 5438 rpm before and 217,6 awkw @ 5411 rpm after, which I'm quite happy with, it's definitely smoother and pulls harder throughout the rev-range. The one thing I'm surprised how quickly the torque on these things fall off after the peak, the power actually drops around 3500rpm due to this. It's smoothened out with the tune, but still there (ignore speedcut in the before dyno pull). What sort of numbers do these things make typically? I saw one that got tuned by PBMS (w/ intake and catback) that made 225 awkw... if that's typical I'm pretty happy only being 7,4 kw down with an extra few k in my pocket. I guess the only logical next move (if I decide I need more ponies) is new turbo, such that it can breathe up top. Has anyone tried the GTX3071R bolt-on which PBMS has, or are there better alternatives? The stock injectors are already running pretty high, so I guess those would need to go along with the fuel pump. What is a realistic figure with the stock bottom end? 250 awkw? 300 awkw? What other supporting mods would need to be done. All my previous cars have been N/As which like to rev SW20 MR2, Accord Euro R, Golf R32 so it's quite strange to now have a car which is running out of breathe with 2000 rpm still to go.
  16. Hey guys, Seems like the Wellington region is a bit dead on here. New to Welly so would be keen to catch up with some locals members, especially to find out where the good roads are... I'm originally from the Coromandel and missing the roads up there. Hopefully we can sort a meet or even just a couple of people that want to catch up sometime soon
  17. Are they still quiet with a catless downpipe, maybe you have a video? I had a q300 with a pbms downpipe and it was too loud and droney. The guy I bought my car off said the r400 was on another level when it comes to volume, he works at PBMS and their stage 3 pack is with a PBMS with a R400. If you are interested i'm passing through TGA tomorrow, I can drop off the exahust for you haha
  18. How much power is your car putting down... I guess it should be around 300awhp? and who tuned it? I'm surprised about not replacing the boost solenoid, it's usually one of the first things you should do before getting a tune. I'm probably going to throw one on with a fuel pump, where'd you pick up your AEM from? The PBMS downpipe is raspy as f***, with a Q300 it drove me made how loud and droney it was. Even with the stock exhaust back on I can still hear rasp... Although its at a bearable level.
  19. I don't know if you were still looking, but I have a grb q300 catback. It was too loud for me as a daily with a pbms downpipe so I removed it. Would let it go for $1000
  20. How long did it take you to polish the 240g out? I would've thought something like 1000 grit would do the trick. I used some rainx headlight restorer, its not great but atleast my headlights aren't so yellow anymore and it only took 15mins. If they are really bad, wet sanding would be the only way...