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  1. Old- Carpark Owhiro Bay New- Hint bright home
  2. until
    Street Fighters is a Mitsubishi & Subaru Track Day at Bruce Mclaren Motorsport park Taupo. Including cruising ,drags, burnouts, grip sessions and show n shine https://choiceevents.co.nz/product/street-fighters-2020/ - Link is for last years event but same thing for this year.
  3. It's just an open track day for Mitsubishi & Subaru's up at Taupo. https://choiceevents.co.nz/product/street-fighters-2020/ - Link is from last years event but same thing for this year
  4. Hey guys is anyone thinking of going up to street fighters this year?
  5. That's understandable if you are actually on the road driving, I don't know why you wouldn't want white lights anyway plus not trying to be a nuisance to anyone. If the car is parked up off the road then it should be fine to have any color you want. But I guess it's that fact that the lights have the ability to change from white.
  6. I would love to get a pair of these for my car as i'm just an RGB fan boy and they would look cool when parked up. But whether they are legal here is another question, I'm gonna go with probably not https://circuitdemon.com/collections/subaru/products/circuit-demon-halo-oemassive-08-14-headlights-gills-w-hid
  7. Hey guys, I thought I would revive this thread instead of making a new as the new season has started. I think the next one is this Sunday. It would be a good chance for a drive and a catch up if people are keen.
  8. Yus I actually have that day off and you had me at dumplings as well haha. The Wainui coast road sounds good, I was looking at doing that drive a few weeks ago but I haven't got around to it yet. Just the story of my life really 🙃
  9. Since we got the ball rolling with the meet the other night, I thought I'll try get this going as well. Also it gave me a good excuse to go for a drive today. Old- Grumman Lane, This location now has street view, if I'm even in the right place New - This image captures both the reasons why i'm broke haha planes and cars
  10. The spec c is mine, I've had it for about a year as well now. Did you get yours from Autospot?
  11. Not too sure. I think someone mentioned it before but maybe meet up around the CBD then cruise around the bays or something like that? I'm down for whatever really, just gives me a chance to get out of the house for a bit.
  12. Are people still keen to have a meet/cruise this Sunday?
  13. I'm sort of a newbie to Welly as well and don't currently have any car friends down here but I'm keen to come along on the 27th and I can even add to the Spec C Gang haha.
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