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  1. Have emailed, despite working in IT for north of 20 years I seem unable to post pictures here with any competency 🤣
  2. One of the boys crew is an automotive groomer, gave the spec c a once over (even got out the clay) shiny and smooth https://postimg.cc/fJF0LF8L
  3. Alternator? Alternator/battery combo? I would have looked at plugs/coils before doing some of the mahi you've done, but at least when you sort it you know there is nothing else wrong Keep at it, you'll get there!
  4. Yeah there is a hard and fast rule, replace every 100K km Doing the water pump at the same time is an excellent idea, sending your car back to the workshop a week after you've had a cam belt replaced is annoying, been there done that Schrodinger's cam belt... I'd make getting it replaced a priority
  5. Looks like a chunky project, will watch with interest
  6. No airbag for the driver, how does that get over the line? The contrast between the exterior and the interior is hilarious Push the boat out, do a custom interior in the same colors, it might make sense then and at least you could put show car next to the price tag
  7. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/travis-pastranas-new-gymkhana-livery-wild Now with a paint job Interesting to see it's a stroked EJ20 vs the 25 they've been stuck with in the US
  8. Roy's Dumplings, he's mobile so someone on Facebook check and see where he's at on Monday (or if he's taking the day off, it is Labour day after all 😂 )
  9. Interesting, mines over 1.5 in S and S# on the analogue boost gauge, only a quick glance granted, 'things happen quickly' so I'm inclined to keep my eyes pointing forward
  10. I had also assumed I was boost limited based on those readings, seems that is not entirely correct Then I just put it in S and forgot about it
  11. Some fine rides there, some big bucks also with the Skylines and 2 door GC's I suspect
  12. Sign up for Uber and you are a professional driver He is a very good driver, but clearly not a good enough rally driver to be driving for Ford in the WRC, or even taking on Travis and Brandon in the US Champs Also better payback for Ford in Ken doing burnouts than wrapping hideously expensive WRC cars around things
  13. Ken is a much better showman and businessman than rally driver
  14. Looks more like a time attack build than a gymkhana car, but if Pastrana is involved it will work despite the looks Speaking of Travis and Subaru, keep any eye on Brandon Semenuk, just joined the Subaru US rally team, easily one of the best MTB riders on the planet and slaying it in the US rally champs already