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  1. Given you have have a turbo loom in the RS I'd be inclined to use it, potentially one less certmare? An epic project, but full respect for reviving a BC to glory
  2. Cant say I noticed it driving around in a GG for many years, or maybe I'd gotten used to it doing many years before that in the BG which probably shared the same 5 speed box Unlikely things are possible with a clutch and some finesse, that's why we like them.
  3. Have a look at your surroundings when you hear the noise, in the wide open spaces you often dont hear things vs motorway off/on ramps with high walls on either side etc. bouncing the noise back at you in an echo
  4. Excellent Have a crew coming together to race NaZCAR in 22, several of us are Subaru folk so a G something would be great. Looking forward to watching it come together
  5. EJ207 is the answer to most questions, wiser heads will know if its the answer to this question also
  6. Look for splits in the plastic side tanks on the radiator if its still the factory unit.
  7. How much to whip one of these up for the desk at work? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2425465
  8. Wretched things, look at them wrong and they break, re use one LOL Good to know we have a body trim rivet guy now!
  9. Most spray and wipe type cleaners have a nozzle that makes a decent mist pattern, might do the job?
  10. Wont you need to leave the EJ16 in for Lemons?
  11. This is one of my pet hates, your Subaru is too loud, no warrant for you, then the inspector gets on his straight piped Hog and breaks all the windows at the VTNZ depot starting it up Rant ends
  12. I've never left one off so I wont comment, but I've always found Subaru dipsticks to be utterly infuriating. Rescuing oil caps from the top of the sump guard/tray when you drop them into a hot engine bay in a service station is also a mare Cue debate about measuring oil levels Hot Cold Engine running Engine not running Hot with engine running Cold with engine running Only on Sunday that falls on a full moon Any/all other conceivable alternative combinations of the above My rule is change it religiously, on time, with the correct a
  13. v7 STi intercooler is a solid bolt in upgrade vs the v7 WRX part, but get the STI splitter as well eh
  14. Long term damage... Every time the crank goes around you are doing long term damage lol If it wasnt overheating it was running within tolerances, put the splitter back in, chalk it up as a learning experience and enjoy your bugeye
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