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  1. Bilstein shocks can be rebuilt somewhere in Auckland (I forget where right now, I've only had one coffee). 'Std.' shocks https://youtu.be/Y47PDT4coNE replace with whatever suits your budget, second hand STi struts are a handy/budgetish upgrade for a std. WRX If you can lay hands on a spring compressor it's not rocket science, plenty of how to video's on Youtube, keep in mind you'll need a wheel alignment after any suspension replacements
  2. Things wear out, this is the way of friction How many Km on the car?
  3. Interesting, probably a possibility, the last opinion I had was from one of Ray Hartleys crew (before he retired, where do other Wellington Subaru's peeps go for mechanics?) thought was CAN bus issue of some sort New plugs and coils will be my next diagnostics
  4. spec c represent! Good to meet some of the crew yesterday, yeah better weather next time poor Iggy was freezing his paws off
  5. Yeah the weather forecast looks *rse, gotta play football in it afternoon 🤨
  6. I would have had to go to the hardware store to get 100 x 50 anyway, and the ramps are pretty vintage, like 245's are wider than the ramps vintage
  7. In a reversal of fortune Repco have low profile trolley jacks on sale for $59 at the moment, procurement completed. I have axel stands already, progress resumes
  8. Wont be able to head up the coast but keen to hit the riverbank a 3:00 and put some faces to names etc. As another non Facebook user, where exactly on the riverbank?
  9. 🤣 Just when you are at the point of nga I wont bother someone helpful pop's up with oh I have one of those...
  10. Yeah, nga Never done it before, but I've read/watched a bunch of things, I have an IT background and it looks to me like a BIOS setting change/update (with the same perils granted). Few basic precautions, a safe copy of the factory map just in case, I have the codes to disable, doesnt seem that complicated I'm more concerned about what else I'll have to remove/deal with/put back on to get it done, opinion seems to range from its easy to its a mare Any/all advice appreciated
  11. Things begin arriving, suspect some of the long weekend will be under the ramps
  12. No idea, I have some budget so it new tyres (my tyre guy is recommending Falken FK510) coils and plugs, preempting some things that will need doing like cam belt, rocker cover gaskets and an all alloy radiator (the plastic side tanks always let go eventually on the OEM item) A few odd things need sorting, 5th gear does not like to be rushed, and there is an intermittent dead spot around 3500 RPM, send the Bilstein's off to Auckland for a rebuild as they are stupidly hard so probably due some TLC. A catch can or AOS, rip out the secondary air pump (have a Tactrix cable
  13. Stock intercooler has to come out for the secondary air pump delete surgery so I'm pondering an upgrade to re install. The stock item in the GRB seems a bit weeny compared to even the STi IC in v7/8/9/10, anyone used, heard good/bad things about ZSS https://justjap.com/products/zss-intercooler-upgrade-subaru-wrx-sti-grb-gvb-08-15 $400 Aus is much more palatable than $1500 plus for Process West/Mishimoto/Grimmspeed etc.
  14. Ugh, flat battery in the daily Civic yesterday, auto with push button start, much flashing of every warning light, mad clicking, SWMBO was hilariously alarmed lol. Took the STi out instead so one plus I suppose Seems to have charged up ok, and running fine today for veg markets and dog park run, slightly odd but we'll see how it goes this week Many thanks to Honda's engineers, we all appreciate tidy cable runs but mounting cable guides on the battery clamp bolts, that's a right pita, and who makes a battery with no handle, was a *itch to get out
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