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  1. As we stray further off topic, no idea what the ratio is in my v11 spec c but 100Kph in 6th is sub 2000 RPM. Extra forward momentum requires a shift down unless you have knitting to finish or an insect to shoo out of the c**kpit to pass the time
  2. When was the last time the gearbox had fresh oil? Looks like used a 5 spd box if/when required (I've never had any issues with the 5spd, but I dont beat them either), throwing in a whole gearbox is a lot easier than ripping one apart to replace things, or spend a healthy chunk of $ on a 6spd STi swap I suspect your wallet has the answer you seek Edit: That 6th gear is no use in a daily driver, is cool etc. but 100Kph in 6th isn't a happy place for your car, and doesn't realize any fuel savings. Pushing the boat out at track day is the only place it will get used, legally anyway
  3. Agreed, after upgrading my old v7 with @boon leftover bits of Sti, and a bunch of other stuff, then buying an STi, well there is no comparison. Start with an STi (it will come with an EJ207 thats much happier being beaten up than a 205, decent suspension, decent brakes etc etc)
  4. Sold the bugeye, better change my signature 🤨
  5. Sounds like it's coming together nicely, excellent
  6. Possum and Colin McRae sticking it to the world in the BC RS, I was hooked from there, had never heard anything like it, Possum represented for NZ, Colin, well, nuff said GT Legacy wagons, best touring/roadtrip vehicles ever, fill em up with kids, hounds, bikes, luggage, rubbish and take it anywhere, the went hard and looked great RIP
  7. 7:23 pm Sunday, 27 September 2020 (NZDT) Sunset in Wellington
  8. Last time I drove up SH1 it was a car park... Around the bays from the CBD, F&C's in Island Bay in the evening to celebrate daylight savings?
  9. This is relevant to my wheel refurbishment interests
  10. Yeah I'd be keen for something, haven't showed off the spec c to anyone who knows what it is yet and I've had it for over a yea lol
  11. Rear suspension is on the way out (well one has given up already from the ride and noises) Normally when things expire I just bolt in and STi equivalent but I'm told this is not an item that can be transplanted straight from a GD sedan? If that's the case whats the go to aftermarket strut for the GG? Not looking for trackday, just a decent upgrade from std. Cheers!
  12. Cheers kwi_fozze, now to find some!
  13. Been a while, new site looks good great work team! So I hear many different opinions on this, GD wont fit GG (or will but with major camber issues) GD front shocks will fit the front of GG but not rear to rear. Need a warrant soon and have some leaks, dont want to waste money/time on somthing that wont fit! Does any have the definative answer? Also if anyone has a set of something STi or aftermarket for the front of a GG let me know! Thanks
  14. Noooooooo, keep it! If I win lotto tomorrow or Sat its mine! Seriously this is easily the quickest un modded Subaru I've had the pleasure of driving, it would gobble up my v7 without even raising a sweat. I'm sure the v11's are very nice but this is the tight, raw, light, punchy, beast of a thing all WRX' should be
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