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  1. Mobil or BP 98 Even before it was tuned for 98 ie that's the best easily available in Welli
  2. Relevant to my interests, the spec c wheels need some TLC
  3. Facebook? I have no presence there, but I've tracked it down from the outside Cheers!
  4. Seems TG will finally be open from Fri Only seems right we fill it up with Subaru's for a test run Any interest?
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/wrx-sti/listing/3519017870?bof=yb0cdqzb
  6. Is the NPDC in Porirua actually open? The NPDC web page says 'coming soon'
  7. I did many years ago, like 20 years, so probably no current/information of value Failed compliance on a shock, I then had an un registered, un warranted and un insured vehicle sitting on the roadside (easy fix but it was a bit nerve wracking when you've shelled out 750000 yen 🤣)
  8. Granted I didn't do it as such, and it was Monday vs today 🙄 PBMS downpipe and a tune and its back to the published numbers when it rolled of the line at STi 15 years ago (this was a make it happy/reliable tune vs having any horsepower goals). Other than those conclusions and reading the obvious numbers I'm a dyno graph newb, any thoughts from the CS massive?
  9. Too new for me also, but I was riding with a guy last week who has a Levorg, not set up for NZ roads/total pita was his verdict
  10. Would have been keen but the spec c has just had a PBMS downpipe installed and the first slot for a tune I could get is mid Feb (was booked for late Dec but no plan survives first contact with reality 🤦‍♂️)
  11. To get that look you'd need the aftermarket front guards as well, a lot of spend and work, if you can find the kit
  12. Tactrix are known to work, there is tons of info in their forums and they offer great support for genuine kit it seems. Not sure why anyone goes cheap on this, the small amount of money saved vs the cluster of a bad flash...
  13. Might be secondary air pump, a hiss or a whir? 🤣
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