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  1. Positive RONA test Seems I'll have to order a sticker
  2. Trade in the daily while it still has some value, Good Energy loan at 1%, $8650 back from the Govt, was too good an opportunity to pass up Went for the long range version, needs a charge once a fortnight with daily duties It's no Tesla ludicrous but it's way quicker than the 2L Honda it replaced and a hoot to drive, SWMBO loves it
  3. I drove it, seems to be a rare treat these days
  4. Yeah sign me up Edit: Not on the Facebook, can I bring the hound?
  5. If it's a 2.0L and you are not set on the cat this is another option (budget $100 for an adaptor also) Sounds better than stock, this and a happy tune on the spec c was 220Kw at the wheels https://www.possumbournemotorsport.com/pbms-grb-gvb-vab-downpipe-2.0l-twin-scroll-jdm
  6. The best ICE cars have already been made, this is the slow decline
  7. I'm not sure if this build is awesome or deeply traumatic, my first car was a Viva...
  8. No problem, its next on my to do list for the spec c so I can let you know how it goes if you are not in a rush to do yours
  9. From memory just disconnect the battery for 10 min
  10. Sure I've seen AM synchro sets for 5sp recently, but hellishly expensive Shame to take the RA away from stock form but the 6spd is a much better box, with lots of support/parts
  11. Bilstein's can be serviced/rebuilt etc. less than $200 a corner last time I checked Any decent upgrade to those will be, more
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