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  1. Thanks for all the helpful feedback
  2. Hi all Contemplating whether or not i should go ahead with this I currently have the stock standard airbag steering wheel my question is ,is there going to be much modification involved swapping this over? Thanks in advance
  3. sickest bg5 I\'ve seen in a loooong time man! Love it. thanks man,i think so too one of a kind
  4. This is my wag,Top notch material?
  5. Rims are sick man! What size and breed are they? Full guard roll I\'m guessing? Yeah the guards are stretched to the max lol.wheels are 18x8 cst 01/mb battles.pretty hard to come by in newzealand.
  6. Yeah,Thats exactly how its hooked up is that the correct way? i\'m currently saving for a blueprinted short block with some nice juicy cams to go with :\') so it just has to hold out till then Pretty sure its gotten worse over the year only used to smoke going down hills etc..
  7. Cheers for the reply\'s car seems to run find apart from the smoke on decell now and again ill just keep and eye out for now
  8. turbo is an amr t60r there\'s a breather filter on the drivers side crank case hose coming of the intake manifold going to the right side of pcv t junction passenger side crankcase has a hose coming of it going into the oil catch can and there\'s another hose going from the other outlet on the oil catch can going into the other side of pcv t
  9. car has always had a thermostat car doesn\'t over heat which is strange nor is there coolant mixing with the oil it has been like this for a while so is probably still quite minor just a waiting game i guess
  10. its been happening ever since i purchased the car like 8 months ago it mainly happens when i go downhill or over a bump in the road, if its the head that cant be to good .it did manage to pull 260kw on the dyno recently so im not sure how much effect it has on performance think i may need to start putting some money away just in case something goes haywire
  11. Wondering if someone could enlighten me what could be the cause? as far as im aware white smoke is coolant witch would explain why i\'m constantly topping up my header bottle No signs of coolant mixing with the oil no signs of overheating and the turbo has been recently been put on (new) Any help would be great Cheers
  12. U FUCKING LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i owe u a box of beer sir. Turned out just to be 2 loose connectors behind the battery like you said
  13. here\'s a shot of the new turbo,Looking Right at home haha
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