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  1. I think ST-Hitec uses open source ECU flashing software, which doesn't lock the ECU afterwards.
  2. You want the blade of the sway bar to be on the inside part of the end link.
  3. Hey guys! These guys seem to be getting a lot of exposure on the radio etc. I thought I'd have a nosey and give them a call for a quote. It was pretty much a hard sell, so make sure you do not commit to anything yet. My quote ended up being just under $30 cheaper per month. which is a savings of about $320 per year.. (not too much). They've been in OZ for quite a while now and reviews from across the ditch are largely negative. Does anyone have any experiences, thoughts, tips, insider advice? I'm currently with AA, and am curious to see what the differences in policies are.
  4. Yeah, found a WOF place that had raised some questions, but we\'re happy enough the the quality of the kit to issue me a WOF Had a few recommendations around washers and bolt strength and recommended me to get it certified still.
  5. But a WOF inspector will note that something is missing in spot given the bolts. Removing is not an option. Any recommendations for WOF places on the Shore?
  6. have got some work to do, so I haven\'t really taken off the frame yet. Been reading on NASIOC,and some say it does make a difference.. Can\'t say for sure yet. I might go to a different place, as the one i went to first reckons its structural, and will probably fail me for taking it off =\
  7. Pretty much. I rarely get time during the week off. Circumstances saw me working from home today, so it was easy to pop out quickly and go get my WoF done before easter! Not so straightforward now.. =(
  8. I know its not the subframe.. even though the work shop manual refers to it as such. I mentioned it doesn\'t really affect the structure of the car too much. It\'s there to keep some countries with strict crash ratings happy. The 2 guys I talked to today seem to think its structural.. =\
  9. Just got back from VTNZ, guy says it should be fine. but the ground clearance is less than 100mm :\'( Clint, might have to take your advice and take the U-frame off..
  10. Am thinking of going to another place for a second opinion, but risking another $40 bux. =\
  11. Hi all, So I recently installed a Whiteline anti lift kit. Part of the kit comes with spacers to bring the front U-shaped subframe down a bit to clear the new mounts. The WOF place I went to just failed me on that saying that it is a cert requirement. Just wanting to confirm/enquire if anyone has had issues before.
  12. I\'ve always lived with my cold start hesitation. I normally warm the car up about 45 seconds to a minute before driving off. If you\'re looking at chasing down the problem, I\'d start with checking your fuel filter or front O2 sensor.
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