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  1. Oh my goodness. OP i been through this whole scenario, it works out cheaper to go the twisted route + fmic. You'll limit yourself with a tmic btw, yes even with the process west. Anywho the 3xtr despite being twin scroll is going to be laggy asf, im talking gt35r lag! Look into the gtpumps range, aussies making some good power on them + the exchange rate will be in your favour.
  2. Fail-safes can be setup on stock ecu as well utilizing the carberry rom..... Why anyone would throw away 2k+ on a link is beyond me.
  3. I cant speak for the other models but the BE5 i had oh god, never again.
  4. Box - Gear 300 + Lightweight Shockproof Diff - Motul 90PA Motor - Edge 5-40 is what i use on my sti.
  5. Thought id take the old girl out after a month of collecting dust in the garage haha, photo was taken at Hardpark Wellington.
  6. Unplugged MAF, ran worse-ish, Logger registers correct voltage readings for MAF and ait works. Checked loom for visible signs of oil - negative. What a nightmare haha took it for a small drive on my street, sounded like 3 cylinder exhaust tone. Might be time for compression test?
  7. correct me if im wrong but wouldnt a sensor failure throw a cel? Can someone tell me how to get in touch with Rick Wheeler? pm me
  8. berry revision 3.8.5 is a maf/sd blend, get to keep both. Idle afr previously was always at 14.7-15.0
  9. Yes still running sd afm/iat blend and stock o2 still in exhaust.
  10. The golden run of not having any issues has come to an end for my v7. There i was happy cruising along in a 50 zone when suddenly the car began hesitating, didn't want to rev at all, afr's dropped to 12.5/12.7 usually at 14.7/15.0.. Thank god i was just around the corner from my place so i managed to limp it home. Things ive done: 1. Can hear fuel pump priming prior to start up 2. Changed iridium plugs back to stock ones i had on previously 3. Tested coil packs, disconnected one by one and observed idle. Two of the coil packs i felt that weren't changing the idle at all were replaced and the end result ive noticed a slighty improved idle but still the hesitation to rev remains. afr sits at 15.7 at idle before was off the charts 19/20 4. No leaks coming from any of the injectors (id1k) 5. Zero air leaks. Seriously! ok maybe a very minor one from up-pipe to manifold joint. 6. No cels Its def idling on 4 cylinders, before it felt like 3 prior to me doing 3rd point above. Suggestions/opinions please
  11. Im guessing these cheaper rotors would be available at bnt, repco? Motul rbf600 already on list.
  12. I have standard brembos. Reason for replacement i don't think they will hold up at the track, after a some spirited driving they fade rather quickly and ugh the shudder is even worse. Keep in mind ill be running upwards of 280kw Ive read numerous reviews on the hawk+ which lead me to make them an option, the other one on the list was ferodo ds2500. DS3000 i feel would be overkill for my setup. Any other suggestions?
  13. Hey guys After doing a few drag events last year im hooked onto motorsport, im looking to participate in roughly 4-5 track days this year and the pads/rotors i've decided on are DBA4000 Hawk HPS Plus Stoptech Stainless Steel Brake lines Unless someone else can persuade me to go into another direction, feel free to comment below on your thoughts.
  14. Select few but who am i to judge, i might have tinted glasses as well
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