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  1. Hey, Thanks so far for all the advice and comments. Mine does have yellow tops and I am the third owner of it. The forst one bought it off the lot with dealer ks on the clock running it till it did the BEB at 120k Has had a rebuild since then and is now up to 25k on the rebuild. And yes that is definatly in the scope of next years tasks is the bigger scoop definatly
  2. Hey All, Want to upgrade my turbo and would like some suggestions on what would be good to change to. Currently have a 99 wrx non sti (will have to check what turbo I am running) But i believe it is factory. Would like to keep the top mount setup for now but would just like a little bit more pull without spending big on a new front mount setup etc etc. Also getting a little bit of compressor surge I believe on my current one so hopefully this will change that a little. Have got access to a v7 top mount if needed if people think that the current intercooler is not up to the task as through searching through the forums I know they are not the best intercooler that subaru have but on thier fabulous machines. Thanks for having a look and your suggestions
  3. Hey, any idea how much for replace the rocker cover gasket pretty sure its the drver side 1999 wrx. cheers man and good luck
  4. Could the surge be caused by my gfb bov. Its adjustable and I have it mainly vent to air I
  5. Ill try and seea if it does it this weekend with the go pro hooked up
  6. passing lane and just cruising
  7. car was going normal and stuttered
  8. I got the car 6 - 7 months ago the enginge has just ticked over 23 thou so never been done I gues since the engine replacement
  9. Hi all, I have searched through and cannot seem to find an answer to my question so Ill ask it. The other week doing some open road travel in my 1999 wrx I was passing starting at around 95km 2500rpm 5gear and speeding up and the turbo seemed to stutter I watched the boost gauge when I went to pass again same circumstances and it did it again and the boost drooped and rose again when it stuttered ( I dont know whether its the right word but it seems to fit). It did smooth out but it was weird. I had to for the drive back run 95 when I usually run98 dont know if that has anything to do with it. I cant remember if it did it on the way down tho I dont think it did. Havnt tested it recently to see if it does it again now im back on 98.
  10. Hey. I have got a three gauge pod to go in this cubby hole too. I am struggling to pull the cubby hole and lid apart to put it in. I have undone all the screws I can find even the drink holder but it still wont come out. Am I missing something or am I not pulling hard enough.
  11. Name: Mike Gale Car: 1999 Wrx Car 2: 1988 Holden Gemini Fone: 02108118760 Email:
  12. Hey Names mike signed up originaly just before the original site went down so havent done much on it Name: Mike Gale Car: Subaru WRX 1996, Adjustable Suspension, Lightened rims, plastic bonnet, red and black, 3" exhaust Fone: 021 2530493