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  1. I would be keen on a meet up Thursday nights would be cool open to anything so i can get the car out for a blat
  2. Keen to meet up for the original plan in Upper Hutt 👍
  3. Keen to meet at Avalon park tomorrow morning how many of us now?
  4. yea catches the spokes they carve in a bit to much. And yes the mrs is very happy with them lol
  5. Update they don't clear the 4pot Subaru brakes:-( Mrs is wrapped as they fit her gf8 with standard 2 pot fronts lol
  6. IM in for Saturday queens birthday weekend arvo or mid morning is cool
  7. Cool yea the guy says there 5x100 came off a gen4 legacy I was just a bit unsure if they would clear the front callipers. I ended up buying them and pick them up on Wednesday night so fingers crossed. If they don't fit mine I will fit them to the mrs gf8 with factory 2 pot fronts :-(
  8. I am keen to do a sat meet up!!! maybe a drive to southwards and a look around there? then maybe raid wendys car park for a feed and park up?
  9. looking at fitting these http://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/378755353.jpg to my gf8 wagon with Subaru 4 pots up front. Will they clear the front rotors?
  10. Today I started the manual swap on my gf8 wagon just about ready to pull the auto out and rear diff want to pull off the rear cover of my diff to make sure its the correct ratio for my manual box. pedals all mounted along with clutch master. been a fun day so far.
  11. Looking forward to this one as the last one here was good!! count us in Clive and Lani.
  12. count us back out lol we working late!!! catch you all nxt time.
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