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  1. Just got a new sti badge for the hilux so could be keen
  2. Bugger I'm in town now, can give ya a ride back if needed anyway
  3. I am actually looking at all of these at the moment, only 2wd as do round town driving. I found found price wise "brand new" you can get top of the line 2wd Colorado etc for the same price as a pov spec ranger/hilux. Also see the new Colorado isn't a 3.0L they have changed to a 2.8 "apparently better according to the salesman". They also basically all seem to only come in diesel now if your looking 2wd other than the Hilux sr5 version, which then bumps the price up huge anyway. So from what ive seen the Colorado seems best bang for buck if you like all the extras with reversing cameras, sports bar on the back etc. Haven't checked out the D-Max yet as haven't seen one on a yard i have driven passed, but seems like i might have to go have a look. Theres probably a whole lot of pointless information that you all already knew p.s if i decide to get a new Ute, i will have an 06 2wd Hilux done 165 if anyone's keen
  4. Hopefully be there, and actually get to have a feed this time
  5. nah not as such just need to get rid of some adjustable to get a.warren warrent
  6. Maybe we should change it to. Everyone bring a weird car and see what happens day
  7. Hey mate these were from 2010, just so you know
  8. Anyone got anything hit me up, cheers. 2000 gc8
  9. Well I won't pay 110 for it lol but if it's reasonable price then yea serious lol
  10. I'm keen, and just remembered I have basically private parking on Cuba, he'll yea.
  11. 2wds? I'm happy to chuck mine on and diesel fume out the whole place, will also make you guys feel better cause you won't be the worst
  12. I can't fit in most town parking buildings so not fair
  13. Yea on the main drag man can't miss it really. Just finished work in the Hutt so I'll be early
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