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  1. its a gimmick, make people feel if they're helping. I know the 1st Gen weren't enviro-effective at all
  2. +1 the Prius appears eco friendly but really is very costly to the environment to make. You are correct sir
  3. FYI Prius = not eco friendly. The reason they have decent cars is so they can do what they do and do it well
  4. If you think about it, our cops drive high charged Holdens, its almost the same thing. What would you prefer sti8u, that they drove prius?
  5. Remove the hose from the tank and try give it a clean
  6. Can you hear the wiper motor making noise when you press to squirt?
  7. New pod filter in, end was wider than the preivous so had to remove the boost solonoid bracket and fir the solonoid without. My mate installed my GFB boost tap, no more low boost issue now back nicely to 14psi.
  8. You welly boys and girls must be trouble makers 2 of you had cops tail you and 1 joined in a boy racer cruise haha
  9. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That dude on Trademe has blacklisted me, i politely meantioned that it wasn't a prodrive (no scoop etc) and even said, "aside from that its a nice looking car good luck with the sale" (even though it lhas ghey wheels and an ugly front lip) Must not want the truth to come out
  10. Fiddled with stereo settings and switched the stereo unit and little cubby hole around. Wanted to put my heater controls at the bottom but they wouldnt fit
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