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  1. Not factory, sounds like launch control. If he has a boost gauge see if it is reading positive when hitting the cut.
  2. My V7 Sti had a 3 port boost solenoid, reflashed ecu and a 3" exhaust to a genome muffler and was making some serious power and getting 18psi in first gear and 20psi in upper gears and holding 19 at redline. Drove it hard for the 35,000kms I owned it and had no issues......I miss it terribly!
  3. It was, didn\'t take as long as i thought to sell either
  4. Have had a k&n panel filter on my V7 Sti for the past 60,000kms, I clean and re oil it every 10-15 and have had no issues with it. I have heard running a pod filter can damage afms due to the increase in vibrations which the afm has to deal with though.
  5. Spoilt the car this weekend, New warrant, 6 months rego, two new front tyres, cambelt, waterpump, idlers, tensioners, cam seals, thermostat all changed and new coolant
  6. After further research im beginning to look further into an R32 Golf. Look like it could be a hell of a fun car.
  7. The second one down looks like good buying, what sort of km\'s is considered \'high\' on these and any idea about fuel economy. If it makes any difference I consider 150km in a subaru high kms. The two door might drive me insane though!
  8. Will do some research around an xr5, sounds like it fits what im looking for. Only downside is they look rather pricey.
  9. hmm you all provide very good points, considered a GTI for a while but not a huge fan on the look of the car. Leaning slightly towards an s4. If only an rs4 wagon was so expensive!
  10. Hi Everyone, Finally think it might be time to change my car and looking for advice or opinions. I\'m currently driving a v7 sti prodrive putting out approx 210kw at the wheels, whiteline sway bars, downpipe, tuned etc. It has been a great car for the past 30,000kms but I am now after a slightly more comfortable car as a change in my work has lead to me having to drive a lot more which is making me not truly appreciate my car since all I seem to be doing is commuting from a to b. I want my next car to be of similar speed (0-100 in under 6), and with handling which is slightly sport inclined
  11. Purchased full Cambelt kit from Armstrongs; Belt, Idlers, Tensioner, Waterpump, Cam seals and Thermostat. Now just need to find the time to fit it all!
  12. Have been using Valvoline Synpower synthetic 5w-40 for the past 27,000kms in mine without issues and never burns a drop.
  13. Wof and 6 months rego, sadly nothing more exciting.
  14. Have personally done 27,000kms on mine and old owner has done another 25,000 on them with no troubles. Both front and rear have heavy duty links.
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