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  1. Back after a while, can't see any forums. Thanks
  2. My thoughts are if there are any gains to be had on this motor it would probably come from tuning. Run a high octane fuel and bump up the timing as much as safely possible. However, in order for it to be cost effective, you would need to do the tuning yourself unless you know someone with a dyno and a charitable personality. I don\'t think an intake and exhaust would do much for this motor so save your cash for something else.
  3. I purchased a 2005 3.0R 6spd two months ago, it had done 151000kms at the time. NZ new with full service history, no major work had been done to it apart from scheduled servicing. At the last service they replaced the front control arm bushings, that was it. Have since put on another 6000kms with no issues at all, car is solid.
  4. I'm using their synthetic GL4 fluid in my Skyline's 6-speed box, definite improvement over whatever crap fluid was in the before. I had a hard shift from 1st to 2nd, not crunchy but had to use force, that is gone now. Done about 3000kms on the street and about 60 laps of Pukekohe with no issues.
  5. V7/8/9/10 i/c sprayer is run off the ECU so you will need something to control it, like the Jaycar kit mentioned above.
  6. 220kw is getting close to maxing out, it can do more. Like you said 240kw is possible but I have not seen a V7 put out this much on the stock turbo. Also, the stock MAF calibration is pretty rough, so you can pick up a little extra head room by getting the MAF calibrated properly.
  7. Log your MAF and see how close it's getting to the max value, 5 volts I think ?? A tuned stock turbo'd car gets pretty close to maxing out the MAF in the stock intake, and thats making about 220awkw.
  8. Version 9 has a different setup to the 7 and 8. I would say that you wait a while, save up and get something decent - either good coilovers or a matched shock and spring combo from someone that knows what they're doing. I my experince, fitting lowered springs to factory shocks just messes up the ride and handling. Your alignment will be off as well.
  9. I had an Apexi intake on the V9 and switched back to the factory airbox. I noticed no difference in performance apart from the reduced noise of the factory airbox. Even the Simota filter doesn't do much compared to the factory filter - this info was gained from logging the AFM voltage after switching filters and difference was negligable - again all I noticed was an increase in noise from the Simota filter. Instead of a BOV I would put the money towards a tune - you will see much more benefit from that.
  10. Could be the diff breather.
  11. I had Dunlop Direzza Z1's ( i think they're called Star Spec now) on my STi. Excellent grip in the wet and dry, handle track work easily too. Only downside is that they're noisy as hell and the harmonics from them will rattle all the interior panels loose.
  12. PM'd you. Its got launch control on it - I think thats my old car.
  13. My stock V9 did 21psi peak dropping off to 13psi at redline - 180kw at the wheels on the Torque Performance dyno. You can leave the peak at 21psi and flatten out the rest of the curve, it should be able to hold 17-18psi on the stock wastegate actuator. No need for a boost controller - with a little more cash you get the ECU flashed - all boost control can be done through the factory ECU. It will do about 210-220kw with the stock intake, exhaust and intercooler. Put up some pics of your car, I'm a big fan of the V9's.
  14. My Skyline (rwd) and STi both exhibit the same behaviour. In fact, a few other cars I have owned has done this as well. I think the combination of slow speed when parking coupled with the rubber tyres binding on the road surface that causes the problem. Turn the steering from lock to lock with wheels off the ground and see if it does the same thing.
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