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  1. Good to hear it’s sorted.
  2. If the 205 is in good nick then just a remap of the stock ecu for the setup should make it run nicer and safer and make better power.
  3. The boost and timing tables are set for the the bigger sti turbo so the boost curves are set to hit different zones. wat boost are you running
  4. Looking so good .. any performance upgrades planned?
  5. The abs is part of the CAN system and if there is an issue with that unit then it will affect the vdc and ecu - make sure all the wiring is intact and nothing has come loose - get a abs diagnostic done in case there is an issue with the system - these systems are fairly bulletproof normally ... - some codes can be removed but that would be a bandaid as not fixing the actual fault
  6. That fuel should be good. I have also seen the afm being the same in many threads. i have the map for that so can compare. i think the main difference might be the compression ration between the 207 and 205 engines and the sti being more aggressive in its setup. What turbo are u running?
  7. as a starting point: match the ecu and the afm and potentially the sti turbo be a good idea these ecu can be tuned so that allows a much better running car for NZ fuel What part of the country are you in?
  8. Can do a custom remap on that ecu if that’s something you wanted. Even in stock form they have a lot to gain but with a decat they really come alive https://www.facebook.com/CUSTOMCULTURETUNING/
  9. Best bang for buck on sgt : decat downpipe and catback exhaust remap fuel pump be a good option as well front mount if the budgets allow Have a look at CCT for Subaru specific tunes: https://www.facebook.com/CUSTOMCULTURETUNING/
  10. the stock solenoid can be replaced with a mac valve.. the downpipe is an excellent mod.. pm me
  11. if you are in Auckland, i can help out as done a fair few of these models the stock controller is good and so is a quality EBC. boost should not taper off that bad what mods have you got on it
  12. the factory fitted boost solenoids that come on the efr turbos - are they just a bleed valve or a proper interrupt style 3 port solenoid (mac valve styles)? the turbo booklet referred to them as bleeding some boost away.....
  13. @Loren what sort of exhaust housing do you have? is it a full TS housing (what specs?) or a TS inlet to a SS internal - the TS flange removed internally on the exhaust housing...
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