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Found 9 results

  1. Was downloading a XRT ROM to my 07 BP with the tatrix cable when something went wrong with connection or computer so only half flashed the file. Now the car won’t start and Japanese writing on dash info display. Can’t access the ECU now with freessm rom raider or ecu flash. Will have to tow it somewhere in Auckland if you know anyone who can fix this pls ?
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering where the ECU is on right hand drive 5th gen legacies? The service manuals show it as behind the passenger glove box in the USDM models, but I was wondering if it happened to stay in that same location which would be under the dash for us here in NZ, I found this under the steering wheel, is this the ECU by any chance? Will need to pull apart the passengers side later today to make sure. Thanks for any help
  3. Hey guys Been trying to figure out what ecu would suit my 99 forester sf5 with vf22 and yellow injectors. have heard that 6s would suit but have also been told it's from v3-4 and mines v5-6? if anyone can drop some knowledge on me that would be awesome. Also am I going to need a matching coloured afm?
  4. Can anybody tell me their experience with an ECU Reflash + Tune on a Turbo Subaru, or even just an ECU reflash? I've read and been told that a simple ECU reflash gives the car a few more horsies and makes it run more efficiently since Subaru factory tunes are quite meh.. Is this true? I drive an 07 Impreza S-GT and thought this could be a nice option for the car, the only issue is I have no idea where to get it done and how much it costs roughly (Invercargill) Sorry if i'm not using the right term by 'Reflash', just trying to fill my head with knowledge
  5. Hi team, Well, I finally picked myself up a super tidy V3 STi after driving a people mover for the best part of four years. It has an exhaust and intake but other than that she's fairly stock, and straight. I'm after recommendations from you guys and girls regarding (the next) performance upgrades I should be looking into and recommendations on who should do the work. One name I have seen around here a little bit is Possum Bourne Motorsport. I would be keen to hear of your experiences, good and bad, at tuning shops around Auckland and your best 'bang for buck' performance upgrades that you would recommend for my stock-ish WRX STi. Thanks in advance. Brett
  6. I installed an E4 ECU into the Legacy to run the VF8. I have had a good look around the internet but can't seem to find the exact info Im looking for. I am wanting to know the Max boost level, Boost cut and fuel cut limits. The only info I can find is on Dirty Ol BC, but it only list the ECU numbers not the specs. Can someone please let me know where the info is or what it is if you know yourself. I like to know whats happening with my car and also can tell somethings going wrong. From what Ive picked up max boost should be 10psi but Im sitting at about 12psi. Could the high boost level be because of the bigger free flowing exhaust? Any help would be awesome
  7. Quick question. I want to rewire some cables to my ecu as they've got quite a few joins etc. Where can I get the pins from for the yellow plugs? anyone got them before?
  8. Hi all Im doing a turbo engine swap into a currently non turbo tx-s legay. Im hoping some body here can give me some pointers on loom stuff and what route I could take to carry this out. The engine is a twin turbo ej 20 running a single turbo setup. The engine is complete and has the loom upto the plugs that go through the fire wall. I have a v3 sti Ecu which according to the seller was running the engine well. My question is though what would be my best option for the wiring harness through the fire wall? Could I get another harness from a turbo car and run that through the car or should I pull apart the harness from the non turbo I have and add in the missing wires for the ecu? Or am I completely off track? Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Im am trying to track down an ecu wiring diagram for a 2001 b4 be5 legacy. also an engine wiring diagram and pin layout for the OBD 2 port please. any help/assistance would be much appreciated
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