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  1. Did you have any luck getting this car running any better @BMCracer ?
  2. Yeah just 4 bolts but you'll lose a little coolant disconnecting those lines so may need to bleed air out again and it's recommended to use a new TB gasket. You can also hold the throttle open for cleaning with engine off/ignition on & a brick on the accelerator.
  3. if you post up examples of mismatches someone here maybe able to chime in with knowledge or experience
  4. try https://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Legacy_Outback/ On that site the PDF manuals tend to be US market , the web versions match JDM better. Check the identification section under general description against your chassis number, my imported 07 is an 08 JDM model year .
  5. IAM 0.0 is the ECU needing more data to make up it's mind but somethings definitely wrong here, as you know! FLKC protects the engine up to 7 or 8 degrees which did get touched on albeit spiked very briefly. Could be so many things but airflow is interesting. After you let off the pedal the throttle closes appropriately but it's taking three or four seconds for the mass airflow reading to reduce. - is that intake chamber crack fixed ? - the pipe between the the air filter and intake chamber has a tab that must line up on the chamber kinda underneath and towards the drive
  6. Just one more ; fbkc (feedback knock correction) I've thought of others that may help, not all available on all vehicles; gear (could be calculated gear) fuel tank pressure (if available) cpc (canister purge) egr steps (exhaust gas re circulation) You don't need these; Engine Load (Relative) (%) Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V) Main Accelerator Sensor (V) Sub Throttle Sensor (V) Sub Accelerator Sensor (V) Main Throttle Sensor (V)
  7. Might be worth a Romraider test run but prolly don't collect a heap of data until the intake is sealed as that's a vac leak. Please inc. both air fuel ratio sensors, both oxygen sensors and the others mentioned above.
  8. Feedback Knock Correction = FBKC (aka FKC) changes Fine Learning Knock Correction = FLKC changes Rough Correction = IAM changes If FBKC happens often it is stored to FLKC. To calc total timing base timing, (KCA*IAM), FBKC and FLKC are combined. The knock control strategy doc posted previously explains this properly but each of the three correction modes are applied within preset load/rpm ranges. A log file after the intake crack is fixed from normal driving, cruise and harder acceleration (joining the highway) might show us more around the conditions at accel/
  9. The 3.6 has a lower compression ratio (10.5) so can use regular fuel and would prolly ping less but not had any hands on time with the EZ36. If you can get btssm to log another CSV that would be interesting. So similar to your previous logs posted maybe drop the OCV, OSV stuff and add in Feedback Knock correction and Fine Knock correction. The computer only applies knock correction above certain thresholds of load & rpm because some is just noise but these parameters tell us when its detected and learnt.
  10. That timing is down eh, either BtSSM is reading IAM wrong or there's a fair bit of real or perceived knock which explains the lack of drive-ability. I see you've already checked for loose parts that could make a metallic ringing including the cat shields. Any corrosion or cracks on the knock sensors themselves? Does you car have an EGR valve under the intake passenger side ? Much residue/clag around the injectors (would have to remove the black fuel rail protectors ) ? Also the serpentine belt tensioner and idle pulley are a weak point on our engines and can chatter before failing.
  11. If you go with the strainer I don't think it's on partsouq because subaru don't list but uses Denso 952-0086. You got the factory service manual ay? The 2005-2007'ish docs didn't detail replacing the filter tho added notes in 2008,9 but the procedure is the same. It recommends changing heaps of parts and breaking the case open . It can be pried open with screwdrivers and re-used. The only parts I replaced were the pump as mentioned, filter & big seal around the top of the assembly and there's 4 o-rings should be replaced, note the slightly different diameters on partsouq IIRC 3 * 8mm,
  12. I looked at the before & after logs - after the fuel pump changed IAM increased and stayed higher. Strangely the fuel trims didn't change much but guess it would only need a brief lean moment to knock as you say. Chopped the old filter open with a saw - didn't seem too dirty inside but wouldn't really know. I changed the fuel filter once before last year but it didn't make much of a difference to the engine computer so I'm thinking it was the pump that helped here unless I did the filter wrong first time around.
  13. Mine did for ages. Like yourself and Caleb it bugged me because it didn't drive like an 3.0 but also that IAM would change weekly, even on the same fill of fuel (98 RON), weather so on. I had an e-tuner work on it before learning basic open source tuning but neither helped much aside from using heaps of fuel. Then had Tactrix log full time to SD card awhile and loaded it all into a database to analyse the parameters when the worst feedback or rough knock correction happened. Highway gradients in 5th would trigger changes which is lugging but other times it would jump around in
  14. Likely the ECU is still learning. Could've reset back or settled on 0.5 tho unusual. Mine needs 10 minutes gentle driving followed by some wide open throttle to add timing.
  15. Not sure , someone here may be able to help out or post those error messages to the RomRaider forums. Did you see where the IAM value is at with RR logger ?
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