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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, Just looking for some recommendations for sizes and brands of injectors for my gf8 build. Really wanting them to fit stock location so I don't have to do a top feed conversion. Shooting for around 220kw atw and would love to hear from some of you with similar builds. Cheers
  2. Hey guys i have a WRX gf8 wagon with the ej20gdw1ne which is an early WRX engine. Long story short I removed my intake manifold one day to paint lol and ended up getting mixed up with the hoses. Ended up having issues such as uprpm not reading correctly and sluggishness. Anyway these are the hoses I'm wondering about: On the left side of engine bay, round thing (boost solenoid?) I have the top hose going to the turbo-intercooler pipe, middle hose to wastegate, but I'm not sure where the lower hose goes. Above that is a little red thing with a hose coming out of it. Where does that one go? Also there is a pipe coming out of my turbo down pipe that faces the engine block - I can't ever remember having anything connected to that. There's this hose which is teed off too - I think it comes from my boost gauge. Here's some engine bay pics. I'm not sure if I've got the Top three little hoses on the IM right but I've got the left one that goes to the bov blocked off. I'm putting bov back in so yeah. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6C2vjWcN5RMCQNmP9 Thank you all.
  3. Hey guys. anyone have any suggestions on more mods etc to make some more power from my v2 wrx wag?. Currently its running a freshly rebuilt closed deck block and v2 heads with permaseal mlsr headgaskets n new seals n gaksets everywhere.. Has a Td05h turbo, blitz bov, full 3" turbo back exhaust, u8 ecu and k&n air filter, also has a turbosmart boost controller set on 13psi. Just wana makes some more power.. anyone got any suggestions?
  4. I'm looking for the owner of a 1999 Gf8 Sti. The number plate is cju129. I know this might seem weird but a while back, around the start of this year I saw the car posted up on Trade Me. At that point in time I didn't have the funds to be able to purchase it, but now I have the right amount and was wondering if anyone could help me in tracking down the owner, in the hope that they might be willing to sell it. I know this seems like a long shot but I've been on the hunt for a nice Gf8 for a while now and this one is exactly what I'm looking for. I have a screenshot of it from nzbuysell.com where it was posted up months ago, but in all honesty have no clue how to add it to this post. (I'm new to the forum) From the information I've gathered it was sold from Manukau Park and Sell sometime this earlier this year and has around 120,000 kms on the clock. The paintjob is dark metallic grey. Cheers for any help in advance.
  5. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  6. Just a follow up to my previous post about the build I've got going. I ended up purchasing a cheap fmic kit and the fitment was so terrible I just took it back. I've decided it's not worth spending my money on cheap parts that I'm not going to be happy with. So basically I'm getting some custom IC piping fabricated and am looking for a good quality IC to bolt up front. What intercoolers/brands are you guys running and what do you recommend for sizing and all that. Any other constructive comments are welcome. TIA Ben
  7. Recently started a V5 GF8 project at the start of the year and I am looking for some advice for the direction in which my build should go. So far I have a set of 17x8 Rota Grids with Michelin Pilot Sport 4's, BC gold coilovers (yet to be installed), and a 3inch turbo-back exhaust. I am looking to make around 220-240kw at the wheels and any advice as to how I can achieve this would be great. I assume front mount intercooler, de-capped injectors, larger wastegate?, standalone ecu and a tune would do it, but I'd really appreciate hearing from someone with some experience on the specifics like brands, models of recommended parts. Cheers, Ben p.s. Engine is a stock v5 STI ej207 with a vf28? turbo.
  8. Hey guys When cold, sometimes my car will start to hesitate/lag/jitter back and forth in second gear/third gear. Usually the problems solved by either just driving at 40km/h (it comes on usually at 50km/h) or changing up a gear and revving. If it helps I think my AFM is clogged up with gunk from the oiled filter (will get new non-oiled filter installed into the fender soon, a long with cleaning the AFM and throttle body), and I need to get codes read from supercheap. I think it could be either AFM or spark plugs/coil packs? I have watched boost gauge stay on and it doesn't show any loss in boost. I've read online that it could be a BHG... but how could a blown headgasket cause a hesitation problem? I don't hear any backfiring or misses.
  9. Hey guys I was driving today in the Coromandel in 5th gear up a slight hill when the check engine light came on for 10-20 seconds. It's happened in the past - driving on a country road after an hour or so of continuous driving, slight up hill, nothing really worth shifting down for but light came on anyway. Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be? (A quick search tells me that it could be knock sensor or AFM) I don't have an OBD2 scanner.. should I get one, and could I even bring up the code if the check engine light has gone?
  10. Hey guys I must be the one of the few WRX owners still riding round on 15s (mine's a 1995 GF8) BUT I'm going for the rally look. Call me stupid but I've been watching Colin McRae tribute rally videos on YouTube and I've been inspired by the gazillions of Pirelli stickers on the 555 cars. As I grew up on WRC and am currently looking for a new set of tyres to replace my 3x windforce tyres and 1x yokohama a-drive that happened cos I needed a WOF, I've decided I need new tyres. I'm keen on 205/65 R15 Pirelli P1 Cinturato, will they fit?
  11. Hey Team, I'm in need of a windscreen replacement in my 1995 GF8? Anyone Install Windows on here? Or any gf8 windscreen around?
  12. Hey guys so recently my newly-bought WRX refused to start and the garage I got it towed back to who installed my alarm - have diagnosed it as a fuel pump issue. I'll need a new fuel pump put in. I just want to know if a quote of $550 is a fair price or am I getting ripped off? At the time of the fault I would have had the car for less than a month and I would have done less than 1000kms in it lol. So I'm preparing for a motor vehicle disputes tribunal case.. as a former employee of mvdt I think it could get to that stage.
  13. Hi Guys I have a few questions which I feel quite stupid abut asking but hey, what are forums for? I have a 1994 GF8 WRX Wagon and I had a few questions about engine bits and pieces. So living in Auckland and being a student means that I am strapped for cash. I was wondering what kind of mileage everyone was getting from a full tank of 95 as I'm not too sure if she's just a bit gas hungry or it might just be the way that I drive. I was also wondering what rpm everyone cruises at? in the city for example in a 50km/hr zone is it better to tick over in 4th at 2000rpm or is it better to chop into 3rd at about 2500 - 3000rpm? Another question I have is about idle speed, I've heard that my EJ20 should idle at about 800rpm but mine idles at 1000 - 1200 rpm even when warm. I have done the basics of cleaning the AFM, throttle body and I even went as far as cleaning 21 years of crud out of the IACV but still nothing, she still happily idles at 1000- 1200rpm. Sorry for the stupid questions
  14. Hi all, I'm thinking about chucking an exhaust system on the DeForester and seem to remember GC/GF8 aftermarket exhausts pretty much bolt straight up. Is that true? I've seen Redline performance advertising GC/GF8 turbo back exhausts for a reasonable amount of cash as well as SG5 versions. What's the go from your experience? If anyone has any recommendations for aftermarket exhausts for my SF5 turbo I'm all ears.
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