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    Off the top of my head... @JGM Lowered silver outback @ADIKT Lowered black outback @1randomkiwi silver BE 3.0 @A_J_T Silver BE sedan, think it's a GT and her name is ruby. @sobanoodle Black BL9, which at some stage will have every available after market exhaust and suspension/handling component fitted to it. @delta 3.0 Outback (can't remember colour), has/will soon have a @V7STI1992 white BP 3.0R wagon with some sweet recaro seats. @Chase Black (?) BP GT wagon with tein springs. @Andy_Mac Blue BP GTB wagon with a sweet N7 dash isntall. @Invisible everyone knows his car.... @thewabbit1 white BH GTB wagon @whitebait19 white (?) BH lancaster wagon. @Teufel a BP 3.0R of some description @killervq30de a BP GTB, I think? no idea whether wagon or sedan... And @Kiwi_Fozze and @McDoof owned 3.0R legacies, but that was before my time.... And @Subru will own a turbo legacy eventually, he just doesn't know it yet.... There will be plenty more...these are just people who post regularly or have/had a 3.0R...I will have missed quite a few recent additions I think. Fixed it for you
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    theres more where that came from... strong possibility of a working online store, with paypal integration and ability to take credit card payments... even stronger possibility of tapatalk integration.... anything else? oh yeah subscription renewals are due end of April, we may have a full automated system to sort these out once and for all... sound exciting?
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    Fill the gaps with some body filler and rock the new look if it doesn't leak
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    May as well cancel your insurance policy and just #YOLO it then, do you think if you stack it the insurance assessor isn't going to notice your adjusties and immediately void your insurance?
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    LOL that is something i would do if i had the money and personality to match (so its probably just as well i don't haha). i'm really impressed, i'm going kind of low key with my things but this guys totally in your face about it got those wheel caps, the big emblem, the seat covers, i wanna see more of the interior. what has he done about the dash panel for example??? and is that a batman mug on his center console front? . plate text is a bit cheesy though... *oh the irony* ps. these just arrived my sister gifted me this , i havent decided where its going yet and i have this on my ebay watchlist really half minded whether i should or not... not like my cars even black so my exterior build is bound to end up in the car crimes thread one of these days and probably on various fail blogs ! and then it dawned on batbaruman that despite having a cool boyracer car, he was always going to be a nerd
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    personally I think people over tyre their Subaru's for cosmetic reasons...
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    The diameter of your rim means precisely three fifths of nothing in terms of getting power down (ok it means a little bit around sidewall flex but that's more of a 1000hp problem) The width of your tyre does. With 268kw, if I apply the jandle at anything below about 80kph it will break all 4 tyres loose. That's with reasonable quality 235/45/R17 on a 17x8 rim.
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    Model: 2011 Subaru STi Sedan Displacement: 2.5L Mods: 3" Catless downpipe with stock catback, DW65c fuel pump, Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, Perrin Fuel Pressure regulator, Grimmspeed 3port boost solenoid, AEM cold air intake and AEM Methanol injection running 50% water/meth mixture. Engine rebuilt using Mahle 4032 pistons, Eagle rods, ACL bearings/Headstud kit etc. Stock turbo & intercooler. Fuel: 98 Tuner/dyno: Built and dyno'd by SAS, tuned by GK EuroTuning
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    You get the wank factor with the RA roof vent though
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    Spent the day putting 2 Pot brakes on the rear (why the hell did they not come with these from the factory for the turbo foresters) and new DBA T3 rotors on the front. Almost set for Wednesdays track day just got to get the rear adjustable camber arms fitted and a wheel alignment tomorrow!
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    Went and got the wife a new car to replace her 2005 forester. 2017 outback 2.5 premium
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    Their sg5 foz kit is the same as the v1-10 wrx and the v1-7 sti kit. Fitment is absolutely shyte. Give it a bash with a hammer till it fits
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    Perhaps moving to Wellington might be the solution to your problems. No need for open windows if it's raining, cos its cold. If it's not raining, its cold. If it's cold, you better believe its damn cold. If it's sunny, yup, you guessed it, it's still f'n cold. No need for anything other the heater set on feet all year round.
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    12V Portable Home Car Cooler Cooling Fan Water Ice Evaporative Air Conditioner ? OR
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    good luck bro and support your choice to keep it hush hush for now. you want to give them a fair chance without any name calling / abuse to put it right. all my best relationships in business have come from when things have gone wrong, i've pointed them out calmly and given the guys a chance to put it right. it shows me their character and that they're worth investing back in the future when they do right. everyone stuffs up and if they worth my time & money in future they can consider this a chance to earn that. on the other hand, those who don't have as much integrity after a fair chance is given should be named so others can form their own opinions based on your experience. hope yours goes all good !
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    Hardrace adjustable camber arms installed and set for the track day tomorrow. set at -2 degrees as a starting point. Big change from the -.75 it was before
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    Goodridge braided hoses with Motul 660 fluid. Can't upload photos of rear as having some photobucket issues Huge thanks to AJ @Subirex Automotive for doing the work. Top bloke and it's no wonder he comes so highly recommended PB working again intermittently, but will start using IMGUR in th future now I've just created an account. Here ar the two pics from the rear...
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    obviously an aussie import
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    Hear hear awesome thread too man!! Welcome to the forums & you'll find many kinds of experts here
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    Spotted member thread. http://imgur.com/JowzEhg Nice wheels @RAYDEO?
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    323.5wkw 535.8Nm Model: V7 Sti Displacement: 2L Mods: From recent insurance list haha! -Tomei Arms M8625 turbo -Tomei silicone turbo intake -Tomei Extreme titanium 3” exhaust -Tomei extreme up-pipe -Tomei semi-tuned headers -Ktech manifold spacers for flipped manifold -70mm Alloy throttle body -Ktech carbon fiber hood vent -Tomei high flow fuel rails + Braided parallel line fuel setup -Tomei fuel pressure regulator -LDS cold air intake with K&N high flow pod filter -Misimoto cold air box -LDS catch can & water reservoir -LDS power steering tank -LDS header tank -LDS overflow tank -Wiscoe .5 oversized forged pistons & rings -Eagle forged con rods -New v4sti closed deck block -ACL Race bearings -Link ecu G4 + V7 sti plug in edition -Link Dashpro2 digital ecu display -Link ecu GPS antenna -Link MAP 4bar sensor -Link IAT sensor -Link ethanol sensor -Link boost solenoid -Shadow boost, Oil pressure & fuel pressure gauges -Rota P1 18 x9.5 wheels -HID Halo headlights -LED tail lights -Mishimoto front mount intercooler & piping -GFB Response blow off valve -Invida 3” catless downpipe -Bosch 1600cc High flow injectors -Roll cage -Hella series horns -6 point NZKW harnesses -Bride low max fixed back seats and adjustable rails -D2 Adjustable suspension -Dixel race slotted rotors -Dixel race brake pads -2l Swirl pot surge tank -DW 250L fuel pump inline -AEM 320L high flow in tank pump -Epman inline high flow fuel filter -AGM Dry cell battery (relocated to boot) Fuel: E85 Tuner/dyno Chris wall
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    I freakin love having Ac... I also wouldnt cut a hole in the roof of an sti for a sunroof. Ra scoop? Hells yes. Actually quietly hunting for one for my v7 sti wagon... I think a scoop and those rear window vents on a wagon would look freakin baws
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    That's an incorrect translation and not why they break actually. Basically the warning is to not OPEN them above 100kp/h, not use. They're more than happy to stay open above 100kph, it's just when muppets like my friend who decided it'd be a great idea to open the roof vent at 110, open it and the wind gets under it all of a sudden creating lots of shock load, which breaks the plastic or in some cases rips the entire thing off. Moral of the story, just don't open it over 100kp/h and if you do, just be very careful and hold onto it so it doesn't open with a shock.
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    Nice peice of equipment came in the mail today! Thanks to @sobanoodle Very well packaged too i must say!
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    Model: SF5 Forester ST/b Displacement: 2L Mods: Link G4, VF30, 550cc Injectors, 3 inch from after downpipe Fuel: 98 Tuner/dyno: NZEFI
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    $7.50 doesnt sound like much - however ive got a tune on the 13th which will hit my wallet at least 3000.00 (ecu + install + tune) so hopefullu PBMS give me some stickers as I dont think the mrs with allow any further spending on the RS lol
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    Sponsored by @THUNDA mint! deal
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    change the title in this one to 'club sub member spotted 2017' or something and lets do this
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    A while ago I replaced stock RSB (something like 15mm) with a 17mm STI GRB rear swaybar. Gained as much as I paid for it - i.e fark all Finally had a chance to upgrade to 21mm of Ultra Racing goodness - good lord she feels soooo much tighter now!
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    Well, Exhaust done. Glorious she is! Sounds bloody good! Almost a straight pipe lol. I think there are 3 or four bends total, one resonator and a muffler at the end. I tells ya, brings out the proper goodness sound of twin scroll. Do approve of RAGE system if you have access to a welder and all that goodness They provided the parts but, this wee 340mm gap between midpipe and downpipe; They also provide a bullet resonator you could put in there if you want, they actually gave me enough pipe I could make both. But only flanges for one. Sounds glorious though. Edit: Also I needed to drill out the holes for the front and rear O2 sensor, not sure if they all come like that, but fitment is mint otherwise.
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    C'mon auckland. .. unless I'm missing something??
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    The size of wheels on average cars these days has a lot to do with the ballooning scale of vehicles in general due to safety regulations. If you put smaller wheels on modern cars they look weirdly proportioned.
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    Mega Meat you say? Is this some super sized cow or chicken?
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    Nah the dude was stumped. Had no idea why it wouldn't fit. I could have possibly looked for a different steering knuckle but thats more money and I'm not even sure what would fit. I wasn't happy to have to hammer it but I also wasn't going to call it quits after I was this deep in.
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    A whole bunch of UltraRacing bits finally arrived. Took 2 days to get from Asia to Auckland, than another two days and numerous phone calls to get from DHL depot to my address. You'd expect a better service from one of the priciest couriers. EMS is just so much better.
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    Holy S*** I am in the top 10!!! Can someone please knock me off that list ASAP, its a disgrace with the amount of power some gents (and ladies) around here have at here disposal
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    First up - the foot on the clutch all the way to the floor . . . . bugger me worked perfectly!!. Awesome thanks heaps. (see last para below) Secondly, I made the mistake of replying to you all individually via emails yesterday. . . . and then found out just now "Mail Delivery Failure". So it probably looks like I never responded to your tips and hints. My bad. So . . I had already replaced the battery and there was no whine from the fuel pump. Today with engine cranking , but not starting (on the key), there is still no power getting to the fuel pump, so no "whine". My next plan is to just follow the wire(s) from the fuel pump up to a relay to the ignition. Because the fuses/relays are in Japanese can someone tell me on this model where can I locate the fuel pump fuse and/or relay. (even tho I have checked all the fuses). I'm gonna recheck a relay which I thinks is the fuel pump relay, just cos it clicks, doesn't mean it's good. Note - my sister bought the Subaru at Turners, been stolen and de-registered. "We" had no idea about the foot on the clutch. Thanks again.
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    While I like the sunroof in my Premium model, I don't think I've ever get one retro fitted. I can't imagine it being cheap and then you'd need all the electrics to go with it along with a new headlining. And, as you say, a high risk of leaking. IMHO, best option would be to fit some monsoon strips to the windows and wind them down a little to keep the air flowing throgh the cabin. Much cheaper in the long run.
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    Can we still see pics?
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    Unless they verbally warned you there could be damage or you signed a disclaimer then they should liable to repair.. However they may see it differently..
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    I got the ebc properly wired and relocated to somewhere that makes sense. Whoever installed it the first time just taped crap together, I soldered and put heat shrink on all connections. It was also mounted to the side of the steering column so I relocated it while I was at it.
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    just wondering @Joker did you mean volunteers for tapatalk? I think the admin(s) should be able to sort it out through portal.the site as it is is fairly mobile friendly but tapatalk has obviously invested more in to the presentation layer there. they also offer native notifications etc. think the $10/month version gets the forum this functionality sign in as admin go to ips admin control panel install tapatalk plugin file https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php youll need api key from https://siteowners.tapatalk.com/landing/register there is some financial impact but doesn't look particularly heavy, more info on pricing structure here https://tapatalk.com/start-here.php edit : and just like @1randomkiwi said, google docs sheet for issue tracker is fairly easy. there are other options out there but would be overkill when google docs is free, offers long term stability , concurrency and version control.
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    part of me actually likes it haha
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    Must be @Batbaruman's brother
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    I will re-issue that; I am not a Fine-Artsy person. Photography and the like yeah. For all intents and purposes- I am a RAGE downpipe haha
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    There's CS cars everywhere. Just not many with stickers on them these days.
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    and move it out of the Wellington/Kapiti section:)
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    Prodrive 18s - soon to be painted black - man the RS is gonna go through some big changes when it gets back
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    Got some roof racks for the wagon. Will come in handy i reckon