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    Have my BRZ and WRX currently... the V7 is not mine....unfortunately
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    A few weeks ago I picked up a BH5 Legacy (first Subaru) for $500 from Gisborne, drove it to Auckland and this last weekend I changed oil, transmission fluid, both filters. Reattched the bonnet rod (the bar that holds the bonnet) (couldn’t remember the actual word) and got some OEM 17s quite cheap. And a few minuted ago I bought from Subaru Speed a full set of Bilsteins with STI pinks, hoping to do fit it all this week. Many parts of small rust need to be addressed, will get into it eventually. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The initial post asked if he could fail a wof. The answer is yes. And there is misinformation being disseminated here. Likelihood of getting away with it is something else, and he has a good chance of getting away with it. Then again, with the tightening grip on wof inspections it may not last long. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Hi! Cool car, and welcome to ClubSub. To prevent people using this site as a kinda budget Trademe, we require that people have a few posts under their belt before the Classifieds section becomes available to them. Also please note that one of our rules is that we don't do "offers". Anything for sale needs to have a price on it. You obviously have a figure in mind, so let's get that out in the open, saves a lot of stuffing around for everyone.
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    I bought this. I don't regret it yet 1999 NZ New WRX
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    Sure will upload some pics after resize them to 2mb lol I have an instagram for my car thou!
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    Oops, I did a thing Dont know how to upload photos and this didnt work damnit.
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    More adjusting and tinkering. Extra heat shielding, securing things a bit better, re arranging and securing the manifold pressure lines, deleting my gfb ebc as it won't be used anymore. In the process of trying to track down a rattle, found a couple of things that might be the cause, moved those and mounted em a bit more securely, more testing tomorrow. Slow and steady gets the job done I guess.
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    Ha, you did it... good choice! But yeah, I wouldn't listen to me!!!!!!!!
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    Should really stop listening to @Tony and go back to the semi-budget build 🙄
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    (but please continue the discussion) this isnt the end! yep you'll get away with it we all know someone that does / is / has, so, whats the 'potential' fallout? think CSI / or crash scene investigations & insurance in the event of an "accident" (there is no such thing) and even you're not 'at fault', "insurance" may not cover you fir 'illegal mods' and such red tape
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    The thing is though, they're very much 'same same'. The difference is, one has a heavy as all heck pressure plate, and one doesn't and they may have different friction materials but I doubt they've got more. If anything you may find more wear from the heavy duty. Also, with heavy clutches like the aforementioned also introduce other wear on the vehicle a lot of people don't realise. For example more load and wear on the thrust bearings, potentially causing early failure. Flex in the firewall (metal fatigue), because you're fighting to push down a clutch. Also obviously more pressure on the clutch master and slave cylinders, obvious reasons 😛 Theres more to consider as you'll probably realise now than just what sort of power the clutch can hold. Well intended I have no doubt but a learning point no less. Someone on here schooled me about it a long time ago lol.
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    Mca "street performance" Coilovers installed, with custom spring rates and their "stealth" option colouring. brembos on, had to drill and helicoil one of the front caliper bolts as it was stripped. Bendix heat treated vented slotted front rotors with z series pads, Bendix slotted vented rears, again with z series pads. Also stuck in some endless handbrake shoes, should make a nice difference. Bled it all out, both sides of the calipers, pedal is still a bit squidgy in the first little bit of travel. Need to re bleed it, but gotta get more fluid first. Looking forward to getting this beast tuned. Been driving it around for a while on wastegate pressure and break in tune, and it absolutely hauls arse.
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    Yea my issues were avcs being intermittent and not respecting the target table. Which came down to the cam pulleys, apparently it is common practice to replace the cam pulleys when rebuilding a engine. I didn't change mine when my first engine ran BEB and I didn't have the screen filters, so def some metal would've gone through it. You can rebuild them however, but its a process. Here is a link on how to: https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2713834 Also the avcs doesn't work when the engine is cold. The coolant temp/oil temp will need to be > 70-80 degrees. So I would suggest warming up the vehicle and then taking it for a drive and log and see if the avcs behaves.
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    After noticing some dead spots in the low beam lights on Mum's Outback, I was pretty keen to figure out what the hell was causing it These are the bi-xenon HID projectors on a NZ New 08 Outback. Made a decent pattern on the beam-setter, but couldn't quite understand the patchy output. I pulled the bumper and grille off to remove the lights. Bulbs appeared fine if a little aged. Next, I pulled out the reflector bowl/bulb housing behind the projector lens, and found the reflective chrome had started to peel off the housing. Next step is finding someone who can re-paint these, or if they need vacuum metalizing or what...
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    Decided to order a cabin filter while getting some other stuff during the supercheap auto sale, changed it last night... friendly reminder to go check yours now - it’s probably equally disgusting!!!
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    Here’s a few Imprezas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ticked off another item from the "must happen" list Few more things to do then off to a Dyno. Updates to come. And it'll likely be a big one.
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    Factory v8 STi scoop IIRC The driveway lineup
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    Just go and get a WOF check and see what happens. I am willing to bet nothing at all.
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    250kw ATW is not within the threshold. It is over a 50% increase on the original factory power output. I needed a certification for my BD5 Legacy TT when Mattchanics converted it to Single Turbo.
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    Is it a Bugeye, or maybe just after? Around 2001-2003 there were a few cars badged as a "WRX" that had the bucket seats, flared guards, but no turbo. I'm pretty sure it's factory badging...
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    This trooper... rocking no mufflers at all. Sounds like absolute farting crap.
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    Mate, it's a non-turbo forester. A heavy Duty clutch here is way over the top haha Just go get a standard clutch from Subaru or exedy. Which ever is cheaper.
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    Went to the Waikato Field Days over the weekend. Did the normal thing of drooling over tractors that you can't afford, and don't need. Will say that at the Toyota/Lexus booth, they had a rather nicely spec'ed out LC500. Blue/chesnut interior with cream leather. Such wicked cars! And that Yamaha V8 Also spent about $3000 on Milwaukee tools. Will post the haul once it all arrives.
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    My 04 XT WR-Limited. This pic was taken about a month before the motor lunched itself, its currently parked in my driveway in a puddle of its own disgrace
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    Whats your price expectations..
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    The map isn't 14 across the board. It should be lower down low so that the ECU doesn't try correct too far. If it is asking for 14 and you're making 10 it'll be making corrections with the wastegate to try get there. So as soon as there is enough exhaust gas to make 14 it'll overshoot for a second until it can open the wastegate enough to drop the boost back down. This is super common for cars with free flowing intakes/exhausts on the stock tune, sometimes even without those mods. How is you IAM and LV looking now?
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    Installed mudflaps / stone guards on the front of the WRX (who cares about stones being flung up behind me 😛 ), also retrofitted LED's in the interior fittings.
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    I have (had) the same issue with my lights, water was getting in some how and fogging. To the point where it failed a wof. I've taken them off, cleaned, checked for cracks ect, can't find anything. All i did was drill two small holes at the lowest two points for any water to drain out/get air circulation. Been that way for a few years now, no issues at all
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    Ordered Process West cold Air Intake kit from aussie. Not today but over the last few weeks finally started the assembly process of my V5 STI RA Ltd Restore project. After 2.5yrs the Suspension went in with complete new whiteline bushes through out and new top hats etc.... The Engine bay has been painted in colour and clear coat, and the underneath is completely sprayed in gravel gaurd.
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    Probably just a standard box with no oil.
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    Got my long block fully back together and timed last night. Need to merge the avcs wiring into my engine loom and run some wires to the link. FYI for anyone interested - BP/BL dual avcs and V11 dual avcs aren't exactly the same. Few differences I've noted where parts don't cross over: Driver side exhaust cam sensor bolt hole spacing (bit rough but can drill out the bp/bl sensor so it's slotted) bp/bl intake cam sensors are 3 wire (link wiring suggests you just join 2 of the wires into sensor ground, assume factory has a ground and a separate sensor ground?) Newer model heads have secondary air pump ports on the back. (Need to block them with the sensors, blanking plate or tap and put a blank bolt/plug in) Driver side oil feed lines are supplied from a different point (both heads have both gallery bungs so can just switch them around)
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    The best way to guarantee the right windscreen is to have one ordered through the dealer. Even then, calibrating the Eye-Sight comes down to the replacement method. They need to replace any gel pads or adhesives used between the cameras and any other sensors the system uses. Fingers crossed they don't hit or knock the cameras when removing & refitting. The number of cars we see for a windscreen recalibration with poor workmanship or cameras requiring re-aiming ($45k of equipment needs to be ordered in) is horrific unfortunately... Could an option be you add windscreen cover to your policy now and hold out on the claim until the next WOF? For my 2c, I had a rear windscreen replaced by Smith & Smith (forget the branch) they used second hand glass, snapped the aerial wires off left hanging and left a lot of glass in the car. They refused to ever use second hand glass, and said they were not qualified or equipped to remove all the glass from within the boot... Their tune changed I had my insurance company involved...
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    A bit late, but on Tuesday/Wednesday had my car in to Crowesport for its free service and install the replacement dash. Runs so much smoother and the dash looks sooo good. Can't fault their removal and installation, looks just like factory, no gaps or rattles.
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    did they run out of money to re-cover the seats ?
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    $1,895 for a redline exhaust holey hecka! haha get a custom turbo back built for three quarters the price.
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    yip : I've dragged the Gravel Express out of the shed & giving the tires a once over with the Lettering PEN I went to the Brexit VS Euro Car day last Month also the "Rally car day" August last year won a couple of Prizes for that (there were 3x of us LOL) most original & 1st to register
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    Picked up my refreshed v11 sti heads last night and started assembling the long block, got heads on and cams in but left cam shaft seals off the partsouq order list 😑 Hopefully some seals turn up tomorrow so I can put it together on the weekend. Also ordered a 0.82 single scroll turbine housing to test against my twin scroll set up and if my car is having similar issues to Lorens
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    So finally got most of the parts and have been putting them in slowly every other day after work, (green = completed) -Blitz Coil overs with front camber plates - Didn't fit (think they were actually off an STI) -Sti front and Cusco rear strut bar -Whiteline front and rear sway bar kit ( lateral locks, rear sway bar mount support bars, heavy duty end links) -Whiteline control arm brace -Cusco pitch stop arm -Whiteline Sub-frame bushes -Whiteline Power steering rack bushes Whiteline rear diff bushes -Kartboy shortshifter -Whiteline shifter bushes -Whiteline Raised front roll center ball joints with new tie rod ends Also ended up getting a few more bits and pieces below that weren't on my orginal list: - Whiteline Transmission mount insert - Whiteline Transmission cross-member pad (bushes?) - Torque Solutions Driveshaft Carrier mount solid bushes - Nolathane front lower control arm bushes At the moment the NVH isn't too bad, I would say the only noticeable increase was from the pitch stop mount and this allows a lot more noise to resonate off the transmission during low gear acceleration. The transmission cross member pads also seem to have allowed a very very subtle "jet plane" like noise to come through into the cabin too. Overall so far the short shifter and strut bar mounts have been my favorite, but that could change once I've had a chance to install the sway bar kit. Considering a few more parts once I'm done but I should probably save the money and put it towards an after market exhaust (turbo back with silicon turbo inlet + tune $$): Cusco Brake cylinder stopper brace Cusco Rear floor power brace Cusco Rear cross member brace Would't mind doing a comparison if someone has a stock 2011-2014 WRX just to see the difference after all the mods
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    (and if I am plainly wrong : CALL ME OUT : that's the point of a Forum nothing worse than Internet experts without any actual 1st hand knowledge : I'm just good at the search button half the time or like reading threads in odd places and filling my head with more often than not "useless facts" hah
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    from top gear s27e02
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    dont know how to feel about that.
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    Finally got around to wiring in a relay so my DRLs turn of when the park lights come on.
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    https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf It explicitly says (page 12): 11-1 "Note: LVV certification is always required for the fitting of a turbocharger as a modification, or the upgrading of a turbo or waste-gate." Interestingly it says you'll need one if the fuel type changes, which I would assume includes ethanol/flex-fuel (13-2, page 13).
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    Avoid the Cusco for your situaton where it is already cracked. It doesn't have the additional subframe mount so probably won't help much
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    That was a straight forward fix for the stutter problem. For those doing it in future: I used the following -3/16” Fuel/Vacuum hose (only need like 20cm). Supercheap auto - T connector (https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/champion-hose-connector-reducing-t-piece-8-6-8mm-polymide-6/p/226534) - 6mm Vacuum caps. Instead of using the Cylinder 4 source again, I capped it off using the vaccum caps and cable tied: Then from the BPV I cut into the line, inserted the T connector, joined the original lines to it (is a real squeeze but do-able with hot water and rubber grease), and then attached the new 3/16” hose to it: Then with the other end of the 3/16” hose, attach it to the FPR: All new connections I did were either cable tied or hose clamped. Will see if the mitre 10 mega T connector holds up to the job.
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    You got conned in the ol switch and bait tactic of bloody rental cars. They call it an upgrade but reality is it’s not and they likely charge less for that vehicle. Had it happen to me twice. Second time I wasn’t as forgiving and then I actually did get a free upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drove it after 5 days off overseas driving some mitsi asx over couple thousand kms... oh boy this thing feels zippy even in eco mode compared to that rubbish fake suv car [emoji2961] when I put it in sports # I got an amazing feeling that reminded me why I love the car so much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk