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    Bruh I don't think you fully understand how NZ's government works. But you're still pretty young (I think?) and I used to think pretty similarly to you so carry on, in a few years you'll start to look a bit more broadly and internets arguments aren't the place that will grow your political opinions in a good way IMO the only thing it has to do with the government is their inaction on regulating what is clearly a completely F***ed industry. I believe that the fuel companies know that the writing is on the wall, as part of Labour's ethos of "looking out for middle NZ" they are going to come down like a ton of bricks on the industry fairly soon and regulate the S*** out of them, so they are just making some extra money while they still can. If anyone believes the fuel companies aren't colluding on price, be it directly or through some wink-nudge-putthepriceup4c system, I have a bridge they may be interested in purchasing.
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    Teaser... @Andy_Mac
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    I had a wicked day yesterday, thanks to all those who made it, good yarns were had, good food d=from Tui HQ, and an awesome battle at the karting. Subaru Karts The winners podium Fastest Laps
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    Almost deserves a name and shame. Not because of $ but because of the principle.
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    Bought a house, too many toys, all my friends require a garage so not ideal to have flat mates. Plus it was ridiculously cheaper then shitholes next to mosques in cannons creek. And I'm half way closer to Manfield then you lot now
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    Unfortunately the cars covered in all the dirt driving from Auckland to Queenstown will bring, but I think they're good photos none the less
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    Got a new car - 1976 Mercedes 230-6 W115
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    As promised:
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    hah! truth is I met my wife through CS aprox just over 7 years ago.....
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    Would you flog it on the top, or front? NAIHOC forums (North American horse owner's club) hotly debate that at the moment.
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    Should grt back to doing this as have been busy. This may interest @Niran 2.1l stroker, id1000 98 fuel, EFR7670 20psi as ran out of map sensor. 272 cams. Hks single scroll headers and 0.84 housing. Makes more power and torque than last setup everywhere and that was a TD05-20g and 2l
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    I went out for a Saturday drive to somewhere I haven't been before and took this
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    If I put a Garrett on a Subaru I would be pretty disappointed if I didn't end up with around 250kw as well. You see lots of Silvias with that kind of power because it's simple to swap the turbos out on them for proper ones. In the Subaru world 99% of people are fart-arsing about with stock location barbie-doll hairdriers which will maybe get you to 240wkw downhill with a tail wind. Long story short they don't mysteriously make more power than Subarus, for the most part a 2 litre 4-cylinder engine with the same compression ratio doesn't care about the arrangement of the cylinders, it's some pretty basic chemistry that results in power and the Datsuns aren't breaking the laws of thermodynamics any time soon.
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    Now rocking DBA rotors and Bendix Ultimate pads all round cheers to @D1Style
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    Submissions are now open for the 2019 ClubSUB Calendar. If you would like to submit an image for the calendar please follow these steps. 1) Email a high quality image to clubsuborgnz@gmail.com If your image is not emailed through it may not be included int he calendar regardless of how many votes it gets 2) Post your image in this thread. You dont have to post it here, but its fun to show off. Ts & Cs If you image is not high enough quality it may not be used in the calendar, we are looking for images 210x297mm 300dpi minimum No your image taken off Facebook wont cut it. You MUST own the image, any images submitted may be used for promotional purposes on ClubSUB social media etc. If you wish to have number plates removed, do this before submitting your images, and further edits will be made at admin's discretion. Get posting team, and share this around, as every year we have peple saying "I didnt know" or "is it too late to submit my photo?" once we have already gone to print. Voting will be around late August to early September.
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    Dropped my WRX off to @SAS for some lovin' - VF30 upgrade - STi manifold + Pink Injectors - 3 Port MAC valve - Genome muffler fitment (Thanks @hunter951 ) - A retune!! - Some Dixcel ES pads all around
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    I figured I would start a thread on this since I am interested to hear what everyone's opinion on rising fuel price and disparity between regions. It seems to be a bit of a hot topic on all the 'news' websites at the moment as they love a bit of fearmongering. Also i'm sick of hearing people complain about this on facebook with wild claims and no supporting evidence for anything, I hold the members on here to a higher standard. Let's try not to play the political blame game in this thread "labour this, national that" the government as a whole plays a part in this but I can't be bothered reading why you think it is the fault of a specific party. For simplicity, everyone should use 91 as the baseline if mentioning fuel price as it gets confusing if some people are talking 95/98 and some 91. Also 98 isn't widely available in the South so it is harder to draw a direct comparison. As with many of you, i love driving my car and the rising cost of fuel just makes it a little harder to enjoy doing this. I'll be damned if ever let it stop me though! I'm sure everyone is aware that this also affects us on a much greater scale than just initial cost at the pump, fuel/transport cost is a component of everything we purchase on a daily basis. Rising fuel prices directly relates to rising 'cost of living,' which is another hot topic of the moment. To start here is the fuel price in my town (Wanaka) as of 22/05/18, the Caltex in town is priced identically. It is quite comical really. 244.9c Interestingly around a year ago there was an article in our local paper interviewing one of the smaller self service fuel stations in town, in which he stated that it cost him approximately 3c per litre of fuel to transport it to Wanaka from the North island. From what I can tell on Gaspy the approximate price in Wellington today is 226.9-229.9c; you don't need to be a maths wizz to realise that there is a whole lot more than 3c being added on to the fuel price after it leaves Wellington heading South. Food for thought. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/89383547/fuel-prices-what-costs-go-into-a-litre-of-petrol This is an interesting link from a while ago that lets you try and guess the distributing of cost in the price of fuel at the pump. I challenge you to try it before reading the next link. https://www.aa.co.nz/cars/owning-a-car/fuel-prices-and-types/petrol/ Here is a link that states that the fuel excise tax which is 66.484c then GST is taxed on top of this and the rest of the fuel price. Who doesn't love tax on tax. I'm not sure if this outdated or if things have changed if anyone has updated information I would love to see it. Another thing that i'm sure will annoy a few of you. I'm pretty tired of hearing Aucklanders complain about the new fuel tax being imposed on them. The money is to be put towards improving public transport in and around the city which is something that everyone living there has the chance to benefit from. If you have ever been overseas (especially to Europe) you will have probably had the privilege of using a well set up public transport system, they have the potential to be very convenient and save the passengers significant amounts of time and money! So sure it is a small extra cost on you now but it will (if spent well) lead to great improvements to your city's infrastructure. Also your roads may be congested but they are so good in comparison to the South island! I did a lot of driving around Auckland, the Coromandel and Tauranga earlier in the year and those roads are so smooth and well kept in comparison to what I am used to. To top that off, even with the extra fuel taxes, you will still be paying significantly less than those in the south. So quit grumbling about it. So post up your opinion/rant on the whole situation or tell me why i'm a d*ck for telling you to quit grumbling, i'm interested to hear anyone's thoughts. I didn't really proof read this... sorry if it doesn't make sense
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    It is indeed 195kW and 378N.m Wiki has never been a reliable source of information. Proof:
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    or go to Picka Part & 'practice'
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    Back in Auckland, this was a great weekend! Really enjoyed the karting (damn Yellow who beat us by 10s) and the trackday (the Outback was actually faster than I expected)! It's also nice to put faces to some names and to see some familiar faces again.
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    Seems like hard work... I'll stick to mail order.
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    I suspect that low power reading would have been done after back to back runs to show how much power it makes once the top mount intercooler is heat soaked already, so the 35kw increase possibly isn't as good as it sounds. More that with a FMIC it can actually maintain that power, not degrade pull after pull. The lag/response difference (or lack of) is some proof I hadn't seen before.
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    Hi Guys, So in a mission to find a STI style front lip for my 06 legacy wagon i ended up being forced to buy 5 (Minimum order qty) - the surplus 4 sold in 30 hours so i have decided to to a group buy as i have found a very good supplier who has well priced stuff for every car under the sun. The problem is there seems to be a lot of USDM specific parts around that wont fit us here in NZ but i have spend a lot of time and found some good NZ options. My Plan if anyone is keen is as below :- PM, email me (kenian.fatherley@gmail.com) or text me (021 1310363) a picture and details of your car or another car off trademe with your EXACT same bumper . I will send you the options for your car some will have 1 Poly urethane option some will have up to 3 PU and 1-2 Carbon Fibre options. You let me know which one you like. I will get pricing from supplier cost up the freight,Duty and GST and quote you a fair price. If we agree on a part you like and a fair price i will setup a trademe auction for $50 buy now so you have peace of mind that im not just going to keep you $50 and not deliver. I will use the $50 as a deposit and i will pay up front for all the parts with my own money.Ill then do all importing donkey work, shipping, customs clearance, duty and gst payment etc. We will have to wait 25-32 days for goods to get into NZ and get through customs. When all parts arrive here i will send pictures of your specific goods and myself to prove parts are physically here and are undamaged (if any goods are not supplied right or broken/damaged i will refund $50 deposit and take up the issue with supplier myself) Once balance of payment is received i will dispatch goods accordingly or you are welcome to come to my home (east auckland) and collect. I am prepared to take all the financial risk and will not be looking to make a huge profit here - enough to cover the cost and a small margin for my time and finance - any goods that are not good quality or turn up damaged i will take that exposure and return your $50/deposit. Please feel free to find picture of lips or parts you like and i will try an find them at a reasonable price - my day to day job is procurement and logistics so hunting Asia and Europe for clients is an 8-9 hour a day thing for me so please send through a pic of what you would ideally like. Hope we can get some stuff in at good prices and get some Clubsub members cars looking dope!! Cheers Kenian
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    since i got rekd in the great scientific debate of cow poops, i shall leave this here. feat my bus driver aka superman
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    Yeah that is why I suggested for this thread to stay away from politics haha. Oh well it was an entertaining read!
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    that's disgusting bro just ride your motorbikes everywhere lol. does the fuel prices have anything to do with emissions targets and all that? zero emissiosn by 2050? http://www.climatechangenews.com/2017/10/20/jacinda-ardern-commits-new-zealand-zero-carbon-2050/ ie. we have about 32 years left to YOLO the crap out of our car enthusiast lifestyles before we settle down in to electric wheel chairs?
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    Lolwat? How do you figure the PM should be given all the criticism? It was equally stupid when people were blaming John Key for all of their misfortunes. In the sentence highlighted above it feels like you are definitely attributing the actions of the government directly to the PM. This could not be further from reality; the PM is basically the manager of the government/cabinet, at the end of the day she kinda carries the can for whatever the government does but to criticise her specifically for the actions of her cabinet/party is kinda stupid. Why should the PM be given the criticism? It's not like you can't work out who is directly responsible for these things... i.e. if you don't like transport decisions, there's a Minister of Transport (Phil Twyford) who is probably way more directly involved. EDIT: For transparency, I'm not a Labour supporter. I just think if you're going to criticise the government, do it intelligently, don't just generically hate on the PM. Double edit: If you swap the word "Jacinda" for "Labour+NZF+Green" then everything you have said is fine. But as I've said a whole lot of times already, if you think any of this is directly the PMs fault then you don't understand how the NZ government works.
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    I backed up your claims on trademe, i have no idea if they are true, but whenever I see a group of negative people try and form a negative alliance/group I try my best to ruin it for them with positivity & rainbows lol
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    Hi All. I the interest of being completely transparent, we want to open a discussion regrading the clubs website maintenance moving forward. We are looking for a web monkey, someone who knows their way around SSH, IPS, SSL, FTP, WWW, HTML, OMG, FML and any other 4 or 3 letter acronyms you can think of. We currently run an IPS system, and require periotic updates, however the way we are set up this needs to be adminstered via some sort of SSH setup. We require someone reliable and experenced. at present we are seeking quotes from web engineers, and below is the best we have recieved to date. We have a budget and will pay for the right sort of person, below is an indication fo the sorts of money we will be paying if we cant find someone from within the club. Option 1: Fully managed, fixed rate, rolling 1 month contract: Server and software management, updates, and configuration: $220/month SSL certificate: $120 setup, plus $10/month for maintenance, auditing and renewal Limits: 4 hours per calendar month and operations during the hours of 08:00 - 23:00 unless otherwise agreed. Option 2: Development of 'helper software' to allow you to perform semi-automated updates of the server and IPS board: Server update software**: $450 IPS update software**: $850 SSL certificate: $120 (setup only, will require self-renewal and maintenance or ad hoc support) **Conditional on Linux distribution and update delivery method. If we cannot complete a working script as described, there will be no charge. Limits: Any software update issues or upstream package faults are not covered. Option 3: Ad hoc support, any issue: $160/hour, weekdays (08:00 - 20:00) $220/hour, weekends or 20:00 - 08:00 Notes: The cost of any software or licences required (if any) is not covered - these will need to be purchased separately if applicable. The quote does not include hosting or backups as you have indicated that these are provided by your hosting provider. Likewise, no minimum service level is agreed due to infrastructure beyond our control. Some server and software changes or updates may require a temporary service outage (such as a reboot). We provide a 3 month warranty to fix for free any issues within any unmodified software that we write. All software written for you belongs to you entirely. Prices are excluding GST. This quote is valid until 18/06/2018.
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    Since it seems to be coming up a fair bit right now I figured i’d get the ball rolling with pics of the block i’ve got sitting at home. Anyone with different block castings chuck up some pics of your details so we can get a bit of a comparison going on. Pretty sure this is an older block, maybe v10 era since it has the nitrated crank. 704 casting with a ~8.2mm wall
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    Dude exactly, Also a slower car is often way more fun, it lets you get the lines completely wrong and still get out of it, and yeah lap times and from the outside its slow but lets be honest when you in the car it feels amazing!
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    The people have asked, and we've delivered. After some back and forth with COBB we're now authorised dealers for New Zealand. We have been been getting requests for the last couple of years about COBB parts and since we've become much more involved in the Subaru scene this has only increased! We have the full range available to us including their game changing Accessport systems as well as the extensive knowledge from COBB Tuning to back it all up. We can also supply their "stage" upgrade kits as package deals. Please visit the COBB website - https://www.cobbtuning.com/ and have a look at what's on offer. We are constantly updating our website (http://www.mlracing.co.nz) to include more items but if you don't see what you want on there just send a message over or email sales@mlracing.co.nz
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    That blue Suby look cool On the other hand I don't really like the white one, stance is not my thing. I totally agree with what the guy says at 7:00 BTW. You don't need mods to bring your car to a trackday, just learn how to drive it at the limit first, identify what is limiting you and upgrade it step by step.
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    Thanks to @RAYDEO and anyone else involved for organizing this
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    They should come with front mounts from new..
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    See Prestige Tuning & Motorsport's post on facebook today? Additional front mount lag looks like 100rpm or so. Factory location turbo and manifold, basically longest routing and large volume to fill. Given those results I'd be trying to get as little pressure drop and not really be concerned with volume to fill (with in reason), so 2.75" all round shouldn't hurt.
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    I've done a terrible thing, never have I taken a car on the beach, but we were out Karioitahi Beach yesterday and couldn't resist the urge to try the Wago out on the sand. Unreal combination, AWD 3L torque, so many helis, she romped through the soft stuff just fine if you kept the wheels spinning . I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did, and now want to left it and make a off road version even more.. But she shall stay low for now. Not a chance id take it on the sand with the new coilovers, so i'm glad i got to thrash it on rooted suspension, the sand gets everywhere and is a nightmare on exposed parts like suspension I've given it a good clean ready for the new coilovers to go in this week sometime.
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    I'd name it Pete the Power steering cooler
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    V4 Type RA Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk And a photo that I actually own... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    I say we all chip in a grand each and buy all the e85 we can get. I haven’t done the maths on what profits/when. but don’t worry about the maths the point is we will have a lot of e85 P.s if you wanna save $ on your daily just get a cheap diesel. I get nearly 800kms per tank for around $60 if it goes up to $80 per tank It still beats the petrol mileage by around double innit oh yeah someone’s probably gonna day “diesel kms cost blah blah” And you know what I’m going to say to that riiiight ?
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    @sobanoodle you style your cars with restraint, eager to see what you get next and your treatment of it! Hope it's a Subaru, but I guess you still have the BMW thing to get out of your system
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    @Saleti what area u in? if in auckland or can travel here, we just did a 260kw on a v7 with very minimal mods and still on 98 pump gas...
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    Pulled off all the doorcards on the wagon to measure up replacement speakers since the ones in there are damaged and sound terrible. Turns out the front left speaker has been replaced with a random pioneer and the rest are still the factory kenwood units. Not sure why someone replaces just one speaker haha. Ordered a new head unit, front tweeters plus front and rear speakers. Can't wait to have decent sound again.
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    with the e85 side of things you'll def want to get flex fuel sensor so that at any moment there can be different mixtures of e85 / unleaded 98 and it'll auto adjust to run fine. get this sorted before your tune so you only have to do it once. not sure what area you're in but make sure your local tuner is comfortable to perform this tune on carberry rom on your stock ecu otherwise you need to travel bit further to find someone who is comfortable with that, or get the tuners ecu of choice which means factoring in more $$ for that aimed power level you're definitely gonna need bigger injectors. id 1050x for 98 and potentially id1300s for e85 (check with your tuner what he recommends, i'm not sure the limit of id1050 but it seemed to run just fine for me at 240ish wkw on 98 with plenty duty cycle left) yes go top mount for sure. i got an hdi kit which fit in quite well, allowed me to keep the stock fog lights not that i really use them but i just like the way they look lol. more importantly it's of pretty high quality with super efficient core. you will have much less worries about heat soak when you start pushing high boost etc. with front mount also. td05 will acheive your power but you should really consider the more modern turbo ranges. i know theres a bit of a price difference but modern turbochargers with their advanced technology will deliver better power levels more efficiently and more importantly the boost curve will be more sexier (as in you won't have near as much lag during daily driving scenarios) you will need to change to an ethanol compatible fuel pump depending on how much boost you will run, you may need new map sensor but check with your tuner. shouldnt need new maf sensor since will probably run speed density but again best said by the person tuning it. recommend you to check some of the 'optional' mods also when you start pushing higher power levels, such as : oil cooler, oil catch can, split fuel rails shopping list : turbo injectors flex fuel sensor fuel pump ethanol compatible fuel lines to replace the factory rubber stuff. if you already have replaced with fuel lines make sure they are ethanol compatible front mount kit w/piping labour to install above maybe map & maf sensors