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    Did something to my car yesterday.... Thanks @JGM for the snaps and @A_J_T for the guidance on how much I should whack my guards with a hammer
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    Small portion of photos from last night, wicked turn out!
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    Without pics thats a wheely lame post dude.
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    Man, about 5 minutes after you start playing with it you're gonna be like "what the F*** was I doing with all this open source bollocks"
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    I'm now finally able to make a move on building my RAs new motor with the help of Ajay at SubiRex Automotive. New closed deck block on the way which is replacing the toasted old one. New head studs, have a set of bl/bp quad AVCS heads that I'm going to Jimmy in there. And of course will be running e85. I also created what is essentially an end to end engine bay fuel system spreadsheet. That includes all fittings you'll need, prices, places to buy from, part numbers and links. Hope you enjoy that as I'm 100% sure it'll help people who don't know where to go. Side note, there are -6 to -8 reducers in there. That's specific to my build. You'll need to change those for 5/16th hardline to -8 fittings. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vf0T1Z7zlKoGg6GaD-NYnLt0NXM0JGOZmLKc6zk9wgs/edit?usp=drivesdk Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    Had some bits show up this morning. Being woken at 9am while I'm doing nights, not so plesant. Being greeted at the door by a courier driver with several boxes of very expensive shiney bits made it a little less horrible.
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    They sound shithouse on a modern Subaru with a VF series turbo. Seriously, it just sounds like a continuous wet fart. And if your car is making that much noise and only making 220wkw you look really stupid to anyone that doesn't have a mullet and a monster energy tattoo. Considering it will cost you several hundred dollars at a minimum and achieve nothing except making your car obnoxious and illegal (screamer pipe will get you pink stickered if the Police find it) it goes firmly in the category of "S*** mods" All of this obviously changes the instant you get a big F***-off turbo that doesn't have an internal wastegate, but even then you should plumb it back unless you're a bit of a knob (Apologies to @THUNDA who I know enjoys a bit of the RAAAAAAAAAAAATCH But it sounds like even he is getting over it)
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    Came out of the warehouse to this.
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    Cert, gate and fab prob 1k or so. Just make fart noises with your mouth for the entertainment value. Your car will go just as fast and only you will know you sound like an idiot. 😜
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    I made an intercooler/radiator sprayer out of garden fittings and used the rear windscreen sprayer pump, we'll see how much it helps (it cost me nothing but the scrap pieces in my garage of vac line and an old irrigation system). I also wired in the factory OBD2 port to the Link canbus output, borrowed an elm327 bluetooth device and I now have a tablet dashboard working. All I need to do is mount the tablet.
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    Got the tune touched up on Friday, and then off to Whare Flat Hillclimb on Saturday. Had the alternator fail on the first run, but had it replaced for the 2nd. Times weren't amazing, but seat time is seat time! Will need to sort the alignment for the next one...
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    Bit the bullet, joined the dark side. As much as it pains me to do so, I bought a link. However, in terms of the upcoming build, I think it was the smartest option.
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    Got to the panel beaters just as they were closing up. Grabbed the car and headed home. Door not closed light on dash, interior light going. Hmmm ok. Got her home. List as follows: Bumper not blended into surrounding panels. Boot not blended Wings (both upper and lower) not painted or blended. One of my (nearly new) gas struts has been replaced with an old one that's covered in grease Mudflaps over tightened, forcing the spacer through the flap. Sti and impreza badges not reinstalled. I had to adjust Boot latch to hold the boot closed and the door open light off. This, on top of the unprofessional and rude attitude of the management staff and the fact that a 3 day repair took 7. Going to be ringing insurance company tomorrow.
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    Finally utilised the towbar for something other than destroying my shins...
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    I'm confused, what does this have to do with fixing your clutch?
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    Just keep it full... it doesn't cost anymore than running around nearly empty.
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    Flushed my brake fluid with TRD brake fluid (same as Motul RBF 600 but cheaper) :
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    There is literally no point in adding an ewg on a vf. I had 227wkw @ 22psi on 95 with a vf22 and full boost around 3.5k. 3 port with link and internal. Get a 3 port and 3" turbo back and tune it. Tell them to stuff whatever boost they can get into it before it falls over. Engine will take it providing its in good health.
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    interesting outbacks once upon a time ...
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    Thought why not give her a quick wash and wax. All ready for tomorrow.
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    I removed the tint. At night it probably is a bit too dark, can still see the lights but yeah... Im just gonna do later model conversion as they look way better.
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    got this old beast running again!
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    My understanding is that once it has learned knock correction, when you change fuels it will take ages to bring the timing back in, so the improvement in performance you've perceived between 2 tanks of gas is almost certainly placebo/butt-dyno results. I think the massive reduction in range and improvement in performance = you just gave it more jandal.
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    My track car is pretty sorted for heat, I can do 20 minute stints screwing it and temperatures remain very stable, oil temp dont go above 90 degrees, unless hood scoop blows off then it goes to 110, water temps stay around 85. I run oil cooler in the Tmic position, aftermarket radiator with oem fans and oem shrouds attached, hpc coated everything, that made a huge difference to track day temps and temp stability but yes it's not a cheap option but by god it works. IAT temps were pushing 50 degrees on track now stays in the 30's, this is doing 1 min 15 sec laps around Pukekohe constantly for 20 minutes, this is at mid boost (25 psi) on shitty zestino road tyres.
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    1. It's the clutch. 2. It's the clutch. 3. Pretending it's not the clutch will not make it not the clutch. 4. I bet you're going to pretend it's not the clutch and send it to get tuned and Chris will come back and say "I couldn't tune it because the clutch just slipped a whole bunch when I loaded it on the dyno" 5. It's the clutch. 6. My advice is to stop considering which wheels you want to put on it and instead replace the clutch.
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    Dropped off at Subirex over the weekend to do the whole exhaust system. Picked up the exhaust parts today from Redline, can't wait for it all to come together.
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    update for Furzes Model: 1996 Subaru WRX STi Displacement: 2L Mods: Custom exhaust, 4 Bar map sensor, Turbosmart 44mm wastegate, Flipped V8 STi Spec C manifold, FMIC, 1000cc Bosch injectors, Aeromotive FPR, Aeroflow Fuel rails, complete teflon braided fuel lines, stock Version 7 STi Longblock w/ Supertech Dual Springs Turbo/Boost: Steve Murch Motorsport Holset HRC35/2 22lb (ish, and for both 98 and e85) Fuel: Flex Fuel BP 98 (275kw), e85 w/ 3.5bar base pressure (302.08kw) ECU: Link G4+ Plug in Tuner/dyno: @gotasuby aka @SAS
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    Well a few of you were on the right track. But as ADIKT said the box was definitely too big. In the box was a used v7 STI long engine with the intercooler, airbox and a few other bits stacked in layers on top hence why the box was so tall. The plan is for it to eventually make it into the gc8 once I have done a little maintenance to it. @GC8E2DD @chulozumo @evowrx Since you three were the closest, do any of you not want the wheel nuts? Otherwise i'll use a random number generator to pick one of you at random.
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    Ordered new AFR sensors for the BPE from Rock Auto in the USA last Monday, just checked the tracking to see where they are...for some reason DHL think the most direct route to from Los Angles to Auckland is via Slough in Great Britain...
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    Haven't done anything yet but some goodies arrived from Japan today After I paid customs and duty
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    little bit of sealer / silicone can help. prime and paint the holes to avoid the boot rusting out. plugging = weld, grind, repaint if wanting to do it properly. but i cant see any reason why you'd want to pull it off again
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    Worst mod for stock turbo man, my old GC8 came with one venting and I actually had to change gear every 1.98753453 seconds or it'd start queefing. you cant overtake even in 5th without sounding like your foot is flat. Buy one keep it in its box and add it to your collection of parts that will build a kit to support a big turbo
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    Spotted Club Sub member Taylor while Stephan Shin & I were out for a cruise on Friday night 😁
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    Some of them did, but I think mine is not considered low enough to be part of the pre-meet and the pictures. I think that the criteria is that you should not be able to turn your steering wheel more than 90°
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    That fitment is just. so dang good @BeastGRB Nice to meet some new people today! Awesome meet
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    😩😢😔😭 have just sold the RS RA. #so sad. But it's going to a good home to finish the restoration. Now time to plan what I will do the next BC5 I get when I have the money.
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    true one of the things they do is google the heck out of you & your car & see what you've posted on the internet (I know : they found images of my Avenger when I made a valid claim) and most of ClubSUB IS Public so they would find this thread too Have been LOL'ing at a certain someones IG Stories of late of Helis & stuff, waiting for the "FS 2015 STI" thread to pop up
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    Ajay at @Subirex Automotive has a sneeky sti forester or two that may be coming up for sale soon... ;-)
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    Or if it's OBD2, buy yourself a cheap Bluetooth reader like a ELM327 from Trade Me, download a free smartphone app, and reset it properly yourself. If it has electronic throttle, remember that whenever the battery has been disconnected or a ECU reset done, always turn the key to ON for about 10 seconds before cranking. This allows the throttle to re-initialise.
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    I've never understood why people are so obsessed with tinting their lights. They are a safety feature, they other drivers know of your presence and of your intent/action. I follow a Commodore wagon home from work quite often. I now give him plenty of space as I can't tell when his brake lights come on... At the end of the day, you are making your vehicle unsafe and more likely to be pulled over or in an accident. Not worth the risk imo.
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    And don't lift up rear of bonnet as its a high pressure zone actually feeding air into the engine bay. Could turn scoop around?
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    @RaKid I reckon your mum would've told you to go make your room messy as a kid. Love how clean and fresh you get everything you work on.
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    Mail order bride. But you better open it quick as I don't see any air vents!
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    All your hopes and dreams are in the box. Either that or someone finally bought one of those TradeMe "this is for one wheel nut only" auctions.
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    Its the wifes bday on the 26th. Wonder if i can convince her to come to a car meet??
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    Ill be there ✌ will be a good meet. AklEvo always have a good turnout so be good to have lots of Subys and put on a show!!.. time to come out finally @4G63B8 ??