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    I don't mean to be a cock but can't help it... Drifting in front of a cop is not what I'd call driving fairly responsibly Number of tickets incurred does not translate to skill level
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    While I disagree with the blanket - 25 yr - rule. It serves it's purpose because that's exactly it. Younger people do take more risks (see doing dumb stuff) than older people. Albeit I believe it should be down to accredited driving skills and certificates along with driving history, rather than blanket 25 yr rule. @Conducks Please don't take this as a telling off. It's from one clubsub enthusiast to another, trying to give you advice. Please heed it. While I can appreciate your enthusiasm for your car, and love the fact we've actually got someone in here who posts regularly that has one of the newer gen cars, you need to stop posting about doing dumb sh!t on the streets. That's coming from us as admin's of Clubsub. We understand that as a younger person (I'm 24), that sometimes you may see something as harmless, however it'll pull yourself and possibly the club into disrepute. I for example got absolutely thrashed and told off by @Fastfour rightfully so, for posting a video of a friend (actually wasn't myself) going rather fast and generally being a bit reckless on the road. Admitting that you've done something online in conjunction with a court order for details of said person can be used in court, your car can be taken and a conviction / fine / loss of license etc can occur (this is to the best of my knowledge) because of this. You seem a good kid at heart, done some silly things, just like I have, and a bit miss-guided. We're trying to guide you here to not make the mistakes we made.
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    Won't be doing anything like this myself to my car anytime soon. Guess that when you work hard for years for your own money and save for something big like a new car, you tend to appreciate it more and not want to wreck it......
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    Ya'll have had your say. ClubSUB does not condone illegal activities on our streets. Can I draw all members attention to the "Report post" button at the top of each post. Please dont hesitate to smash that should you come across any antisocial behavior on our site by any member. Also, can I remind ya'll that if your car has a ClubSUB sticker on it, and its impounded or involved in any illegal activities, that reflects badly on us ALL. Your car is also VERY traceable with a bloody great big CS banner on the window. Until now ClubSUB has had a very good relationship with NZ Police, and we want to keep it that way. We regularly have members of the force read our threads, and have and will continue to provide any information requested to the NZ authorities should the need arise. Shall we bring this thread back to the topic of "What have you done to your car today?"
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    I'm going to put up some of my subaru setups we have built/ worked on and the results we have got along with the issues/characteristics of setups to try and let people know what works and doesn't along with power results in the end. Note: all corrections factors are always 1.00 as my belief is anything else is just a ego booster. Some of these cars are flex fuel and you will get to see the advantage of ethanol over petrol. Will upload more when I have a spare min
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    Here was tonights mission. Its a bit of a surprise actually. its a 2.1l engine running factory EJ25D conrods and crank. Custom pistons and GTB heads (bg5). Got sard injectors and water injection. V7 top mount intercooler on 95 petrol. Also got vf36 and all the twin scroll setup but with a factory BG5 legacy exhaust muffler with valve inbuilt controlled now by the G4. Intake temps were 10-14 degrees max. got a great power band. only stopping at 6100 and 18PSI as not sure on rod strength. I like it as its super quite until G4 opens exhaust then it has a deep growl. For interest sake the 2 runs on graph are exhaust open and close.
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    Billet latch fitted to the recently acquired roof scoop for my v7 bugeye ra spec c batmobile prodrive limited xmas edition Subaru vehicle. Credits : Ajay @Subirex Automotive for fitting the roof hatch Julius @PBMS for supplying the roof hatch @Dairusire / Drew at Subaru Squad for making that pictured billet latch for me to replace the factory plastic one which is famous for cracking. Subaru - why didn't you fit this lovely invention on all your cars??
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    For me, at least, it's the way you come acrioss at times that lets you down. Making statements like "STi's are meant to be cheap toys" gives the impression that you have no idea of what it's like to graft hard for things and to make sacrifices and you obviously live in a different world where S65k is a small amount of money. I'm not jealous in the least. I have a good job/career and more than happy with my life. Money is not everything. You are obviously lucky that you have parents who have enough money that they can gift you things as a new car. Mine helped me out years ago to buy my first house - and I'm eternally grateful that I am lucky enough they could help me. Perhaps you need to realise that you are lucky and you will not engraciate yourself to others by flaunting what you have. Advice from an old git - show a little humility. Goes a long way.....
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    I think you miss the purpose of a WRC car, which is to go over any sort of roads at great speed, with unreal suspension travel to soak up virtually any surface and turn and stop better than anything else. And have massive grip. To get point to point you won't go quicker, as long as point to point involves some proper corners... All these things mean that it is utterly wasted on the road and as you say, in a straight line not that quick. Although I would say upto 200km/hr they would still eat your average road car due to the gearbox shift speed, lack of lag and ability to get off the line quickly... Ohh and don't believe the 300hp BS, even the modern 1.6L ones running a tiny 32mm restrictor made more than that (have now gone up to bigger restrictor and more power since). Either way, the guy driving one on the road has clearly got too much money or a really small willy that he needs to compensate for. It's a travesty that the car isn't being used properly... But I would say that, as I am a little biased and get frustrated about how many people pose in performance cars, when they should be out racing their cars and using that performance. Grumpy old man racer rant over.
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    I'll email these through at some point before the cut off date
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    You should also go for a massive fück off turbo and a billet block, and heavy fück off valvesprings, Some hearty head studs, Forged bottom end, Flex fuel E85; Big power. And then make everyone angry because that's what the internet does. Internet = 5% information, 5% advice, 90% Salt Oh; on another note: My gauges arrived today! FYI: Anyone on here with a business- It is my recommendation to not use Fastway; they're a pack of useless pricks, with poor procedures!! Anyone on here who works for fastway; Tighten up your procedures! /endrant
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    Niiice braces! I won a trademe Auction for the 3 defi gauges I needed to complete my life. Trademe user: Summergirl29, Kirsty, from Christchurch with the GRB; I don't know who you are, but you made me pay -not more money than I was willing to spend; but you extended the auction by easily 10 minutes from a comfortable $245 to $330; and then left. Not cool. Sometimes I feel like people get their friends to bid on things to increase the sale price. Now I'm waiting for them to arrive. *schoolgirl shrieks*
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    I dont know why anyone's bothering to have the warranty chat anymore. Its pretty much just an attention seeking hot button at this stage. Thrash it, dump the clutch, give it absolute arseholes and get bailed out. Job done.
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    Just think of how much mcdonalds you could buy with 269k if you bought a BG5 gtb with 250km...
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    Pro-tip: Stop playing with toy turbos and get a real one
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    Well. It's been a little while since the last meet! Where: Lower Hutt Burger Fuel When: Sunday July 2Nd 1pm This will be going ahead Rain or shine. There is no dedicated car park, so please Park where you think your car will be safe. Ice cream+cruise somewhere for photos afterwards Spam ya later. See y'all there!!
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    I hit this with a sledgehammer, not gently, I play a lot of softball so I can swing things pretty good. If you could move this spline with a rubber mallet I would declare you a wizard.
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    Seriously until you can tell us you are paying for your own car, parts and repairs please don't say they are cheap toys. To you a 2016 STi might be a cheap toy but a lot of people they are a quite significant expensive. Theres no way I can afford a 2016 STi and I get really annoyed when people like you come on here and say things like that. We work hard to earn our money to spend on our toys, we don't need some 18 year old bragging that daddy buys him car and will fix it if he breaks it. You are lucky enough to have parents that can do this for you. To me you sound like a spoilt little rich kid who laughs when other people have to work for stuff. Do want you want with your car but Im over this thread. Bye
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    Old: Hagley park, model yacht club New:
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    And there we have it folks money talks. Ive got customers who spend 7 mil on new heavy forestry equipment each year and they dictate the terms of the warranty or they take their business elsewhere. Sounded like thats why the exception was being made...
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    Couple more pieces to be installed after exams
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    Finished off the ducting to the intercooler and plasti dipped the hole..
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    Gave her a thorough exterior clean, did the old hogzaust (mainly as a test to see if I can stand a louder exhaust) and joined the forum! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Best time I had on a track was in a mates DC2... Thrashed the balls off it and felt like I was doing 6 billion miles an hour down the back straight (as he burned me in my WRX lol) but bugger me I had a smile on my face when I got out of the car.
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    Old, Westpac Lane carpark, off Hereford st. New!
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    Bought new cleaning products... Cleaned car with new cleaning products: Foam Post-Wash Post-Sealant... look at that beading Result
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    0-o get a longer dipstick?
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    Meh i have my dream 1989 Brumby, stock standard, fun to drive only owes me $1000 so I guess it all depends on what is your dream car
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    I will fly the flag for Clubsub! I can be that guy!
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    With a new heart , like a Phoenix from the ashes.....she lives !
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    FIRST ^^ this sort of mentality I'll wait for the AWD Type R and about 20 years before I get one
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    Just a clean today, waiting on my shifter bushings to show up so I can fix the sloppy gearstick, also did an impromptu badge delete whilst cleaning, the letters started falling off so I just took the whole lot off. Looks tidy I think. Also looking at getting a new set of tyres, I want to go up one size. Recently put the front lip back on. Couple of iPhone pics
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    Yep it consists of many $$$ and a dodgy dyno if it doesnt get to where it needs to. Subarus do not make consistent power even on the same dyno with same tuner and spec build. Then what americans get out of their specific spec builds and turbos is a little fairytale like then the europe lads results differ again. The below rant isnt pointed at anyone its just that a general rant. I for the life of me cant understand why people expect xxxwkw and arent happy if they dont get there. If you dont trust your tuner dont use them. Im sure they would be happier about it than having a disgruntled customer who thinks because bobistheoilguy says a gtx1234 makes 1234wkw @1234psi and its on the internet his car should too. Its pretty basic you add more fuel and air you get an increase in power relative to how much more of each you poke into it depending on the tuner. Obviously you need to pick parts based on your goal. If you need a 48lb turbo a gt35 is a silly selection but thats common sense. A gtx3071 sized snail is excellent for a street driven 2l sub as is a td06sl2 20g. If you want to have a street driven car you can kill yourself twice as fast in do headwork and move up to an hrc35/2, 3076, 3582 type stuff. Subaru bolton housings dont work well. The idea of buying them is to do things cheaply which means you use something like blouch which you pay a premium for the bolt on but in honesty theyre not as great as a gtx30 with a t3 housing that gives much better results. The md3xx series and so forth out of the uk work a lot better but then you can twist and gtx30 for the same money. But hey this is the internet after all...
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    Today the STi got new wheels [emoji41] 18x9.5 +38 WORK Emotion Kiwami's Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's because it IS a rip-off.
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    Just use a JDM chassis number. Find a suitable Legacy on TM -> run the rego through Carjam -> get chassis number -> partsouq
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    I put it up on Jack stands, took the wheels off to rotate the tyres, started tittoing with the exhaust bracket I bent at Flatnats then forgot why the wheels were off and put them back on without rotating them and didnt realize until it was off the stands ... Probably the most love its going to see until December.
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    Least now the warranty is void you can do it up We have a drag times thread on here, times vary massively with driver technique more than anything I'd expect to nail a high 12 in yours if someone else was footing any potential repair bills
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    agree. the true ra was a homologation special for wrc and since subaru no longer do wrc... as for the nurburgring... it's just a big wank. andreas preuninger, head of porsche gt cars said... design a car to go fast on the ring will guarantee it will be rubbish on the road.
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    Unfoftunately, the stats show that younger drivers take more risks. Tbat's a fact of life for insurance - all about limiting risk. And whether we agree or not, a young driver and a high performance car isn't always a good mix. Personally, I think power/engine limits should be imposed under a certain age - a bit like bikes. This is not a reflection on you or anyone else, but when you get older you start to feel less bullet proof and take less risks. That said, tbere are still the complete knobs out there who continue to drink and drive and a greater percentage tend to be over 40. Nothing wrong with a cheaper run around until you get older. Pretty sure most on here started that way (me included). Didn't buy my first brand new car until last year and I'm 50.
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    When a plan doesn't turn out as expected... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-1337076997.htm The actual time attack car The legacy
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    My dream is to put a 2.5 Turbo wrx engine into the Outback, lift it a few inches, add a front and rear nudge bar type thing. Something along the lines of this:
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    Actually bought something for it, it's receiving a 5 puck h/d exedy clutch once I get the motivation to install it Taking a leaf from @boon's book and saying you know what F***it why not have something a little antisocial in what it realistically a toy car for me
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    A lot Ive done measuring of TMIC temps with and without the under try and it's a startling difference in how quick it cools from being heat soaked Speaking of which - best thing for keeping intake temps down is to lose that top mount you want to keep. The "lag" from a front mount is a load of bollocks and the temp differences are huge in the real world I have run fans under a top mount cooler which does work quite well too, in actual measured terms not guesswork terms The rubber seal at the back of the engine bay is a high pressure area at speed, it pushes air in if you remove it and makes it harder to push air through the bonnet scoop. Leave it in place unless you just want more noise
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    Well, more this weekend, but: Removed sump. Installed pbms baffled sump. Hooked up a smoke tester Removed, repaired and reinstalled up pipe (jeeeesus what a prick of a job) Drove it, it made a horrible whistle on boost Found leaky downpipe, fixed that too. Found icv gasket blown out, fixed that too. Tightened up all intake clamps, no leaks, mean. Got under the car, found leaking gasket between header and up pipe, fixed that, took it for a test drive Hoooooooly craaaaaap, what a different car. So much more responsive, it sounds better, drives better, very happy Fueling is up the creak because of the leaks in the up pipe, hope to get that sorted this week. Things left to sort.... Cambelt Brake caliper Brake pads Brake rotors Front sway bar Alignment Track time