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    300+ club stickers on the 3/4 window.
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    It will be a better sump/baffle design. Or the fact that the BRZ has no power and can't get up enough speed for high Gs
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    Finally finished getting the car in the state of maintenance and performance that I've wanted it for the past 5 months of ownership. Waiting on new rear shocks to come but other than that and some aesthetic stuff all done. Had it tuned by Dave @ TuneTechnic at the end of last week and couldn't recommend him more highly. Great guy, really knows what hes doing and spends the extra time to get the best and safest out of it. Quick little pic from yesterday after a drive out to anchor bay and across woodcocks, waiting for my friends proper photos!
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    Howdy team, Ever thought of a cool bumper sticker idea? something Subaru related? Now is your chance!!! We want your original one liners and slogans, things like: "Subarus, not just for Lesbians anymore." "Some hunt for diamonds (mitsi) the wise look to the stars (subi)" Post them up here, the best 5 will be made into stickers and available on our store, and the submitters of the top 5 will receive a full sticker pack (one of each) for free! Any if anyone feels like helping out with the design of these sing out! Its your club remember, we are just the "caretakers"
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    @killervq30de I got back from the tune last night. The guys at Rapid we’re really friendly and helpful when I dropped the car off and were happy to install the parts too. ...as @Andy_Mac had warned me about with the auto turbos, there was a lot of knock when they were trying to tune it down low, so there wasn’t huge gains there, but overall there was a nice smooth gain especially at the top end. My car had lost a few horses over the years too, it was only running about 155hp and was 200hp after the tune and installation of the downpipe/boost solenoid. I will admit though that the top end now is amazing, it holds the boost really well and thing really flies up to 230 kmph with ease. Whilst tuning they also noticed I had a slight leak on my radiator and so it limited the tune a little as they didn’t want to make it unsafe. I’ll swap it out this week and it will be fine though. If you are tuning these go for 98 if you can (I only did 95) they are tuned in Japan for 100 octane and so 95 isn’t ideal. I’ve also seen an 07 LGTB being tuned on 98 gaining 15/20 kw more than what mine did which is insane good! Overall, I’m happy with the tune/mod combination. I do think I’ll keep my Wagon until after winter/early 2019 and look at selling it and keeping an eye out for a well looked after 08-09 Impreza hatch, but I change my mind all of the time!
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    Maybe we should all just tow car trailers down and give the broken Impreza's a lift home
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    One of the nicer photos one of my friends got last week. Underbody needs a bit of a tidy up
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    You're not a real Subaru owner till you leave your lights on for days on end EDIT: or till you clean you car and accidentally turn the park lights on
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    Check out my post... Front strut brace, does sweet F all but is STi and looks cool (as mentioned previously, cheap as chips so why not). Ultra Racing 21mm solid rear sway bar, generic adjustable endlinks from BNT. MASSIVE improvement, highly recommend as up-rated RSB. Ultra Racing 2 point rear lower brace, unsure of the benefit alone as all these components were installed together... Probably does something. Ultra Racing 4 point front lower 'K' brace, won't fit my model - is sitting in my garage... D2 adjustable coilovers with 32 way damping and front camber plates, biggest benefit to handling by lowering centre of gravity and reducing body roll (along with RSB). Truhart (not the best brand but they work) adjustable rear camber arms as too low and need to correct rear camber... Bridgestone Potenza RE003. Harsher ride provided by the adjustable coilovers which is my preference, all other bracing etc wouldn't sacrifice comfort in my opinion. Still the VERY BEST handling modification you can make is to purchase a good set of tyres, no point having all these upgraded components with some cheap and nastys on all four corners (god forbid they're mismatched too). The RE003 I have currently are incredible and I doubt I'll ever buy another brand/model of tyre again. I love this set up, I throw this car into corners at speeds that others would only dream of! Always holds its line and has ZERO body roll. Peace ✌🏼
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    I am gonna do my best to get there! Any other Aucklanders heading down? @4G63B8 @BeastGRB
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    Ended up going this way with intercooling
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    I'll be keen to cruise down but I ain't chucking her on the track
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    I've committed to the Lunch and Karts I'll try push local people to sign up if they're keen, rather than leave it to last minute as is the typical Kiwi way.
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    Specifically, I think a wagon drag racing series is needed.
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    @ADIKT@JGM I'd consider going down and thrashing the auto Wago if I had some competition
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    Hi all, I think we are a bit overdue for a catch up! we do have 4 & Rotor Jamboree and Megameet also swiftly approaching but I thought why not something small in between. I have always seen on the gogglebox & the Internet people taking their flash cars out for 'cars and coffee' so since we all like cars and I assume some of us love Coffee why not put our own little spin on it. Along Petone esplanade is a awesome little Coffee container that has parks either side, One weekend early April would people be keen to pop down and have a yarn? if everyone is interested we can go for a cruise somewhere afterwards.
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    Did 750khs in it, went bloody well. Scraped on the exhaust somewhat on the way to chch. But on the way back was sweet. Used just under half tank to chch and a night/day of driving around town.
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    I'll be heading down from Auckland too, so yes should organise something for all to cruise down together
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    I don't own one but its the aggressive styling, Like the flares and big spotlights I love about them
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    Yeah it's a pretty easy drive. I've done it in a single tank of gas in a WRX before. It's a wicked weekend too. You don't relise how much fun it is till you get there and experience a MegaMeet first hand
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    It's a bit of distance, but it's an awesome track and not too bad of a drive Imho. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    I'm tempted, especially by the track day. It has been almost 2 years since my last track day and I need my fix It's a little far from AKL though...
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    I'm considering coming up for the expression session on Saturday and putting the WRX around the track. This would be a good opportunity for anyone coming to the MegaMeet in May who has never driver Manfeild before to familiarise yourself with the track.
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    Intercooler sprayers yes, radiator sprayers no. If you can keep a car at 93 degrees while caning the crap out of it with a cheap radiator + ducting, no point in the added weight/complication of a radiator spray setup.
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    @JGM There you go ! And without cheating ! OLD (Puhi Huia Rd, Mt Eden) NEW
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    Just did something crazy only racers would do. Moved from 17" to 16"
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    agree above. i wouldn't overthink it. i've seen roadcars and racecars go nugganugga take some basic precautions as previously mentioned and go enjoy yourself.
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    It's not a circuit car or rally car in standard form... the sump is fine for road racing.
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    I blew my motor on Pepsi? (cant remember but its the last corner before the straight) because the breathers filled my catch can and starved the engine. I was on road tyres and not going hard. As Sam has said recirculating the oil back to the sump is a good way to combat the starve but it didn't fully work for me. My current setup (which took a lot of years to get right) includes full baffled sump, two catch cans piped from opposite ends the heads so the oil is fighting the wrong way to get to each can. Irrigation blocker as mentioned above and a pipe from one head to another. This is of course a little hardcore setup for the occasional track day, but be aware of the catch can is all I can say. I would also recommend a baffled sump (especially if you doing more than one event)... a relatively small cost compared to a new engine.
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    A service history doesn't tell you anything at all about how it has been driven unfortunately. Those 160kms could be the equivalent of 80 or 320 depending on treatment. They also don't all come out of the factory equal. The question of whether or not it will blow up is best answered by lots drawn from a hat =P
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    All is well now, it seems that one of the wheels wasn't quite sitting right when I bolted it up to the hub.. it looked fine and the wheel lug nuts were tight, but meh, its ok now and I don't have to worry
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    We have always said ClubSUB is your club. And now is your chance to join the team keeping the engine serviced and the blinker fluid topped up. Due to external influences... eg life - there are a number of ClubSUB Committee positions required to be filled. We require energetic, outside the box thinkers. You will be proactive and passionate about our Club and making it the best it can be. Interested in making your make on ClubSUB? Email raydeo@xtra.co.nz or PM RAYDEO Your club is calling, will you pick up?
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    I like this idea. I'm also going down from Auckland. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    Click on the time of the last post or the dot/star next to the title, rather than the thread title in the unread page Click either green option rather than red
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    pivot Speed meter or Apexi unit used to be the go for speed cut
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    Just dont go throwing it hard into right handers. That's about it really. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    Mine. my GP limits were the only reason my engine did not go nuclear (totally worth the investment). I got down as low as 25psi on a corner - was super frustrating at the time travelling two hours to track for a 1 lap limp. My issue was mainly that when the engine was rebuilt the mechanic didn't think it still needed the windage tray. But I log and review after each run... IMO 5 minutes of checking totally worth it. see my build thread I think there is a post with my revised oil pressure maps.
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    This thread has lost its way..
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    Eccentric bolts are usually thinned down for the shocks like factory without slots Most slotted ones you just use the normal straight bolts, the amount of contact area and clamping force holds them in place. some do have special washer that turn and adjust the camber or you get a set that you change out to adjust to preset angles. MCA do list camber washers as an option for lower models and supplied with higher models. email or call them they are friendly the wheel alignment tech will set them for you based on the actual degrees you ask for if you them the shocks have adjustment on that bolt. Before that I usually just force them to the inside so atleast both sides are even and maximum camber. Good way to wear out tires though if you wait too long. I have the Tony's tire alignment card thing. Pay extra $50 on first alignment and get 5 for next two years. Can be handy for swapping shocks or going to track setup and back. Plus they swap tires around etc. Yip I'm that lazy now, car on hoist and tires all rotated.
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    hahaha Actually lets be honest It prob is one of the most confused cars, Its an American Car... Designed in the UK, Built in Germany, Powered my Swedish engine, Sold in Japan and Owned by a South African Living in New Zeland.
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    Schick blinkenlichten tickentocken. Credit to @1randomkiwi for various edits and enhancements.
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    I figured the upgrade was weight saving and width, most people don't upgrade to stock wheels. Same reason I have BBS forged rims and not the ugly heavy 5 spoke. Still look at cheap factory rims as that tyre size is on big fords and Holden's, as well as loads of Audi's. maybe also the v8 Utes may run that as a race tyre and sell off the worn ones, usually pretty cheap and have a few trackdays left in them. same PCD as Peugeot too.
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    At first glance I thought the guy was caught in Jamaica... Must read properly.