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    That we all have!! In other news. Slapped the new battery in because well its been 4 years minimum since the last one. It runs! It was a bit rough to start but once kicked over that was it. Took it for a quick little trip up the road to the petrol station to check the tyre pressures and all is well there. No longer is the RA unable to move under its own power! Finally she's alive Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    I would never have thought that a cambelt could taint someone's appreciation of their car. Finding badly repaired crash damage sure... finding rust, finding that the previous owner never changed to oil, finding a used condom down the back of a seat... but a cambelt that might or might not need changing???
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    Recents of my new BL5 Legacy sedan in Manual i absolutely love her!
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    Why sell it? Because the cambelt info you were given wasn't accurate and it isn't due for 60,0000km. IMO I think you just drop it and enjoy the car, you liked it enough to buy it and your'e letting a little thing tarnish your whole opinion of the car.
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    After 2 years without a subie finally back in a leggy. Love the rumble
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    Relaxing Sunday drive up a small hill.
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    Get it on a dyno with a wide band o2 hooked up and see what the tune is really like. Then make a plan when you know what’s happening. Could have been tuned when the exhaust was done.
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    well, after crashing my street triple in march 2018, and the subsequent rehab process, then 6 weeks around europe over christmas, returning to nz to then biff my daytona, and subsequent healing time, i've come to some decisions. a few people know about the build saga thats happening with my v7. please do watch this space.
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    Old: Mobil Panmure Roundabout New:
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    Update Today... talked to Kelford Sounds like the 220-B are the cams to go for if sub 600hp but bordering on the 220-c. Dual AVCS make them very street friendly. They have valve guides and seals along with spring option all available And Horsepower heads agreed with fully ported heads the 220-B cams will support huge power. The exhaust port will be exiting at 40mm so need to address the headers size as likely only 32 or 36mm this maybe within the ability to stretch the factory headers to smooth the exit. The dog leg port will flow close enough to the straight one to make no practical difference. No change to the intake port outer shape so the TVG and manifold won’t need any work above the deletes and tidy up. the factory valve guides aren’t exactly great. But the ones in the new engine are worn so need replacement anyway. Inconel valves for exhaust are a recommended option to handle the high heat. And an email from PBMS looks like valve springs and billet crank are the best option for striker and keeping the current 8500rpm redline. Need to go have a proper chat about the range of options.
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    Just be glad you didnt get an RX8.
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    Surprise 1 So the engine has been torn down. Results are good. Engine looks better than expected No evidence of cracked piston or low compression that resulted in the engine removal and sale. So a set of STi rods and pistons will be for sale soon. Now the hard question Should I sell the mint 2L crank and get a 2.5L crank or not? The idea of a 2.2L has its appeal for obvious reasons GR-22-B
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    Decided this has been stagnant far too long. So here's the next location. Old (Auckland Airport from Puhinui Rd): New:
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    What is this project? Its an engine build with a discussion and details about options and trade offs building an engine. Hopefully heaps of photos and video. Why? Because I couldn’t find the details I wanted online in one place and heaps of builds leave out the discussion on why they picked the parts and what flow on effects it makes. Plus after @Joker posted about Facebook YouTube take over I saw a motor and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Whats with the name? It came for a PM from @PBMS as the base engine for this is a EJ207 W block with a suspected cracked piston that on one has looked at yet. Until it’s opened there’s no idea on what’s inside. When does it start? It started on just now March 2019. Where is it? it will be in this topic mostly and across Possum Borne MS YouTube etc. How long? over the next few months since the engine is a donor the cars stays on the road. Whats the plan? So far it is mostly pending the inspection of the block. Initial thoughts are: - build it for around 600hp and then street it about 450whp. - Stay 2.0 as the cost of stroking it are a lot higher. As long as the crank is still good. - CNC the heads - Cams around 264 but has dual AVCS so maybe bigger - close deck maybe depends on block condition Since this is my first Subaru build this topic will be pretty open to ideas and the plan will form.
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    Come to the conclusion that my time has come with my S401. It'll be leaving my hands in the coming months, as I simply cannot afford to own and run it with my other half wanting to do lots of road trips, as she's seen a lot of the world, but barely any of NZ (I'm the opposite lol). I've already found its new owner, which is a good friend of mine. He'll be continuing what I set out to do with it, which is tastefully mod it, namely on the suspension side - he's not too keen to change the engine up. What will I be replacing it with? Well... a motorbike for starters - a 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT, and as for the car, a 2010-2013 Mazda 6 GSX wagon (the update one, as they get a lot of extras standard vs the release model). Having one of those will enable road trips for the both of us, and also her to drive it, as she's not a confident manual driver, and the Mazda will be auto. I do plan to own another Subaru in my future, but the time is not now. Probably when my grey hairs start to develop lol.
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    Cheers man, that’s so much! I’ll def look into the tune. The cars fully stock and only has 50,000k’s on the clock. I just put the second Set of tyres from the factory that’s how untouched it is 😂 I really want to make it quicker but at the same time I want to keep it fully stock because it’s such a good exemplar of s sti
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    Hi all, Here's the next monthly details - Wednesday 13th March - 7.30pm onward - Carpark next to Wendy's in Botany (see images below) - RAIN LOCATION: Across the road at Botany Xtreme bowling
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    Was a small turnout, but good to catch up with some old members, and meet some new faces @SaltAndPepper and the very tidy GC8 As I left a small group also turned up, but unfortunately I couldn't stay longer.
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    it's a reasonable price and the cambelt will be fine another 60000 km, so move on.
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    As long as you're running it on 98 it's not going to do anything bad. I have a V7 STI which only has arguably marginally stronger internals and I've run something like 26psi from a WAY bigger turbo through it and it didn't die. I ran it (untuned) for like 2 years with a downpipe and exhaust and it was hitting something around 21-22psi all the time and it didn't give a damn. Just run good fuel, don't thrash it when it's cold, and factor in getting a tune somewhere down the track - budget $1500 and get a high-flow panel filter, a 3-port boost solenoid and an aftermarket fuel pump just for good luck, car will probably make a safe-as-houses 215wkw and drive bloody nicely too.
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    I'm keen for something casual. Track day with beers/food whatever after would be my vote. Just tacking onto a playday is easy enough. Don't even really need a whole Subaru group on the track to have a good time.
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    SO I'm rather well known for "just making stuff happen" around here well ClubSUB have sponsored an Entry to Sunday's Superlap Event for this car That's about as official as it gets for a 'ClubSUB display' : the first one in about 10 years & my First entry to a 4&R event come say hi if you're there, first one to SAY CLUBSUB to me gets a tee-shirt from @mlracing.co.nz our Club Supporters! Or go and fill out the Indemnity form (link above) if you want to come for a ride (not at track speeds I reckon it'll be the Chrome Expression sessions) otherwise yeah It's not meant to be a serious car, not aiming for any awards or speed records & I am taking the Piss out of Boyracers, us and you, and I'm just there to HAVE FUN which I think people start to forget how to do around here sometimes <3 Joker also LOL Facebook is down : where will the internet mechanics and popup Subaru Groups go for "What oil do I use in my Subaru?" www.ClubSUB.org.nz would be a good resource to keep alive don't you think? I'm just doing what I can to support it and keep it alive & active http://www.4androtary.co.nz/jamboree/jamboree-event-info
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    Why not just do the smart thing and let the GF get the practical touring car then you can keep all the toys.... That's the kind of winning strategy I'm working with
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    it’s $10 and a 40 min train ride to get it from the city on Monday long lunch time and you’re done
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    I went for a ride in a mates creation today after delivering him a new Windscreen
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    yeh hes here as @Pappu1
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    I'll throw the cat in the bag I have heard of it yep! but that was about it : they (facebook) did not stick around to tell of reliability or suitability & not sure why you'd want to actually V3/4 STI / WRX Ecu plug in & as above has been documented rather well on these forums the steps & tricks to Single T life most usually got the extra step & get a Link, cos yeah... thats where your going anyway!
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    Ill be there both days for circuit car practice and superlap sunday. Will come say hello. First event on the new engine/turbo so a bit nervous haha.
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    Doesn't need to happen at the usual time of the year. Just higher chances of getting a bigger bunch if it isn't too close to flatnats. I have no idea how Taupo runs things but playday makes Manfield and Puke super easy.
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    https://www.dirtyolbc.co.nz/community/topic/9536-flat-nats-2019/ Thread to discuss here : JoKer
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    I understand your position, you feel like the car is now tainted in some way and it's taken away your general likeness for the car and feel like you won't enjoy it as much as you would have had you known the actual truth. Been there done that. But if it's a good car then drive it and enjoy it. Spend some $$ if you want getting the cambelt done, but I bet it doesn't need doing. Sure belts can perish with age but most of the time they are good for 10+ years Unless you can prove they knowingly misadvertised the car then you will be wasting time at the tribunal. Things like pre purchase inspection etc comes into this here. It's all about buyer doing their due diligence.
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    You can also try An Lal from custom culture and tuning he's done a few of my cars and he's very thorough, and results always good He has roadtune and dyno option. Roadtune much cheaper. Not sure if he is still active here but search it on facebook.
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    +1 for getting it tuned, My old version 8 when i bought it did exactly the same. Had an exhaust but no tune and it constantly overboosted. As @boon said, new panel filter, 3-port, fuel pump for good measure and proper dyno tune. Car will be a street animal. Sure @PBMS will be able to do something for you if you say you're from clubsub and do the lot with them
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    Even if the cambelt has an expiry date... which sounds like BS... it wouldn't apply to the idlers or water pump, so changing the belt would be cheap.
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    Someone who has a CNC copy this and no more worries about corners https://www.prospeedracing.com.au/products/killer-b-oil-control-valve-suit-subaru-wrx-sti-my08-14-gh8-grb.html
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    As you just said they're just going off the dealership told them, so they haven't intentionally lied to you about it. Also bought 'as is where is' and you haven't signed anything. Not much of a case unfortunately, just knowledge for the next time.
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    Doesn’t mean they own it.Unfortunatly when you purchase privately,if you have any concerns regarding the sale list it in the receipt of sale and make sure it is dated and signed by the seller.In court it will be your word against there’s.
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    Join HP Academy if you want to build your engine properly or get a better understanding of how a performance/race engine should be built.Excellent modules take you through preparation,measuring,machining,clearances,balancing,blueprinting and assembly.
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    Finished bolting the rebuilt 6-speed box back in the wagon and drove it for the first time since last year. It’s good to have it back!
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    Presented by Downtime Entertainment a HUGE Event (taking over 4 & R's?) Do you guys think ClubSUB can get some cars together rather than the zillion splinter Subaru Clubs? Doubt I'll make it & this 'isnt my club' Basically make it happen & we'll try & get our sponsors & Supporters behind you! (and Banners and flags etc) Jared links Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/400529760512100 FB Post :
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    Spent too much $$ on Motul oils to do the engine, gearbox and diff. Decided i'm gonna keep the RA and spend some money on it. What is a decent aftermarket exhaust that isn't obnoxiously loud, but sounds good? (97 STI RA).
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    Some angry mounts turned up today to go with the brackets from last week. Could be a terrible decision or a good one. I'm really not sure how they’re gonna go but figured it was worth a shot since something in the front end feels weird and they're the number one suspect. If they're too rough i’ll pull them out and grab some Group N mounts like most sane Subaru owners do. Plus the good chap chucked in a free pitchstop mount as the logo stamping was done wrong so all in all a good deal i’d say In other more annoying news, I'm still getting a large plume of smoke when back on throttle for 5ish seconds after super long descents with quite a bit of braking so it looks like the valve stem seals are leaking to some degree. Hoping they just stay as they are and don't get any worse but now wondering if replacing them in the spare heads is a good maintenance item to do before they eventually go in.
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    Bought two brackets that the wise internet assured me I could not buy on their own as just the brackets...
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    Just did a swap with Motul 300v 10w40, but thats in my 1997 STI RA. Hardly drive it so decided to fork out for the good stuff.
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    A customer of the shop I used to work at had a 10 3.6 Outback with the 5 speed auto. Towed her Horsefloat pretty well from what she said. Had it in the shop cos the electric brakes on the float were screwing up. I'd say you'd be ok with using it as a tow vehicle. But personally, something with a 3L diesel would better - say a Toyota ute/SUV with a 1KD-FTV diesel will be far better.
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    Or you could just keep it and buy a honeycomb grille. Get one for a few hundred and make most of that back selling the current one. If you don't think the wagon has enough space then going to the sedans seems like a backwards step to me.
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    I have been told bearings usually first, then rods.
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    Replaced the passenger side coils whilst trying to diagnose an awful cutting issue that happens after a few good pulls: Took it for a post test and so far so good! (I obeyed the speed limits incase you question )