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    Umm, on a scale of one to really, really stolen, how stolen is the car you've bought?
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    Buy a standard v7 sti engine. Do fuel system, front mount and efr turbo with link. Will produce 300wkw and 500nm easy and should hit fill boost by 3800 ish
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    Used the CNC at uni to make fuel rail adaptors for putting phase 2 injectors on a phase 1 manifold. Installed some BP legacy 550cc sidefeeds & rails i got for $30 off trademe. Turned out pretty good.
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    Last Saturday lolgtr ran a 10sec pass at meremere. It’s a 95 Wrx sti running a built motor, 6 speed, r180 setup, gt3582, road tuned on pump gas. Finally a Subaru to compete with the fast evos and mitsi’s. https://www.facebook.com/LOLGTR/photos/a.1803500459769689/2028193253967074/?type=3
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    Those taillights are nice! Picked up a new car for my Dad on the weekend, 2011 STI. Drove it back to Dunedin from Christchurch via Mt Cook, so had to get some photos of what I could in the crummy weather! Such a nice car to drive, and totally different to the A-Line STI we used to have!
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    Hi everyone! I wanted to start this discussion as it seems like there are a few people out there that perhaps aren't getting the most out of buying parts. By all means buying parts from local suppliers is the way to go to for major components in the event of something going wrong and you need a warranty honored. You are also covered by consumer protections and get to support the local industry. Without them when S*** hits the fan and you need a part that day you are relying on them to be in business and wanting to hold stock! However, for small bits and pieces, like genuine gaskets or fasteners or seals, etc, things you simply cannot get here on short notice anyway there are a few options out there that I know myself and others use. I also know there are some services I haven't tried as well so I will start by giving a bit of a review of where I go to get things and hopefully you guys can post about your experiences too! __________________________________ #1 Partsouq.com Huge selection, fast shipping, genuine parts. I have used this multiple times and know others that have and haven't been let down. Awesome website even if you just need to find a part number. #2 jp-carparts.com Huge selection, fast shipping, genuine parts. These people are genuinely helpful, they will find parts for you that aren't even on the website. I have had multiple orders and never been disappointed. I have even got some parts for my Suzuki alto works which is a bit of a nugget and tricky to find new parts for. The website isn't as good as partsouq in my opinion for finding the part numbers - you kind of have to know what youre looking for. So I use partsouq to find the part number and then go here for another price and see which deal works out better. Both partsouq and jp-carparts have both used DHL for all shipments to me and have all been 3-4 days. Partsouq ships from the UAE and jp-carparts from Japan. It usually takes up to 3 days to process an order so I expect parts in 1 - 1.5 weeks. #3 amayama.com from @IZichard Similar to partsouq but has has an even larger selection of parts. So if you find something you really need on partsouq but they don't have it available paste the partnumber into amayama and they will almost always have it. It is a bit more expensive than partsouq so I tend to only use it as a backup for partsouq. It is usually still cheaper than Subaru NZ for odd ball stuff. #4 rockauto.com from @pedro Large range Be aware that US models are different in some ways so pays to cross reference.. Rockauto prices are very low but freight from US is expensive so shop carefully.. #4 Buyee.jp (freight forwarder for Yahoo Japan auctions and Rakuten) I have made quite a few orders through here. Be careful of shipping costs - read all the info! You pay for the item, it gets delivered to their warehouse, then you pay for shipping to NZ. You do not get a guaranteed shipping price until it arrives to them. You have 30 days on each order once it arrives at their warehouse to pay for shipping. If you buy multiple items you can wait for them all to arrive within this 30 days and consolidate them into one package to be sent. You have to judge if this will be worth it, i think there is a small fee. Some very cool stuff on here. If its small and light i use buyee.jp, if it is a larger item I ask @mlracing.co.nz how much to get it here. (Sorry Alex, sometimes I get excited and I can be flakey as!) Alex at moonlight imported made to order rear struts for the s203 from sti japan for me and i got them here for half the cost of what winger was offering. Food for thought... #5 Amazon.com Because why not? I have ordered some things like bulbs from here before that made sense to save a few dollars and get the selection I wanted. Decent shipping times. I have heard of some success stories from rhdjapan.com but have not used these personally so cannot endorse as of yet.. __________________________________ When S*** hits the fan nothing beats going to repco/supercheap/bnt/whoever and getting what you need that day but if you have time to prepare for your servicing and upgrades - shop around and compare to local options, might save a few bucks or get what you wanted. Yahoo auctions has cool collectable stuff like original sti brochures - this is a scan of a brochure i bought to keep with the s203. Also got one for the alto and one for a friend with a ver3 sti. Surprisingly really cheap memorabilia! https://www.dropbox.com/s/x81az0ejteku0my/Subaru STi s203_reduced.pdf?dl=0 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ As a side note and a PSA - Something I have seen a lot of stuff popping up on trade me being sold as genuine parts when they look like they are from aliexpress. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Classic example is sti rad caps and steering wheels. People buy these from aliexpress and sell for 100% margin or more to put your safety and your cars safety at risk. This is how people get hurt, I cant even imagine who would do this with any brake, steering, or safety components. I don't know for sure but obviously very suspect.
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    What Kent did around ten years ago was pretty cool, 10sec 1/4 with a stockish turbo and plenty of nos is no easy feat. It’s also not everyday a Subaru runs a 10sec quarter or even an 11 with the amount of supposed 300+kw Subaru’s out there these days. There would be less than ten Subaru’s in nz to have gone 10sec or faster. We are pretty proud of what the car has achieved so far and look forward to going quicker. Cheers Matt.
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    Awesome writeup. The two gripes I have with partsouq are that shipping can quite often balloon out for seemingly no real reason. Such as adding one or two extra clips can often add an extra 10-20 dollars to the shipping cost. Just use caution with that and have a play around with numbers of each item you want. The big problem I have is the site isn't always up to date regarding availability so you will often get a notice when the items ship that some aren't coming. Which is especially annoying when that part not coming is the one you really want and the rest are just ordered to make the order worthwhile. Have been stung a few times but it's still considerably cheaper than sourcing locally so can't complain too much. Only addition i’d make is also hitting up @D1Style for suspension/brake parts. From memory he’s at a business that is a subsidiary of BNT? Could be wrong on that though... Don't hassle him for discounts on individual nuts and bolts obviously, but he can get good prices if buying a few larger ticket items such as rotors/pads and whatnot. Obviously he isn't international but has fair pricing that makes buying local more viable.
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    If this is still open my friend got this one of me yesterday - pretty stoked with it. Resized to A4 in this copy - can email through full res if you want it
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    I thought it was time for a change.... oh how wrong I was.... Lasted not even two days before changing back And because I'm a big fan of impracticality - I lowered the front a touch more Soz for the shitty phone pics
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    I think this is what the yanks call a "donk"?
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    Yes had a but to do with it as local npd which is 5 mins away has it and cheaper than 98. Definitely more knock resistance. Would highly recommend for anyone with a sgt, bp turbo or rev d legacy
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    Well, here's a shot of the outside and the interior. Very tidy to be honest. Boot and rear bumper need replacing as someone ruined that but for 3.8k I won't complain. Also on tein springs and bilstein shocks and three inch exhaust which is surprisingly nice and not too loud. I don't have any plans for it. It is getting a tune from@pappu next week for economy and for it to be healthy, however, it's my daily to replace my aging and shitty Nissan pulsar. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    good to know & thanks for the update! Might not seem like it now but your experience & writing it on our forums may help someone in the future!
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    Well, I went to all about the South Island and Mount Cook again....
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    So here we go, It's definitely stock, and peaking at 22 or so. Dropping down to 12PSI in the top end, oh and Faaaar from running lean We're thinking we'll throw the new exhaust on when it turns up this wee (Invidia R400), maybe throw a new air filter at it, and then give it a quick tune. Thoughts?
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    Installed Whiteline Anti Lift Kit, Sway bar Bushes, Group N Engine mounts, painted intercooler black (one side only), took off front bar that sits below the grill and got it primed and painted black. Group N mounts are pretty nice. Start up motor and give it a quick rev and engine barely moves. Only been up and down the road so far and it needs alignment so cant comment on much else atm. As long as the Black intercooler stays somewhat black I think it looks good. Big silver intercooler takes your eye off the car mainly because it doesn't work well with blue imo. Still definitely visible to anyone who cares . (yes bumper doesn't fit atm)
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    Just a moral support comment that I've used very frequently to keep me going in times like this. 'If it was easy, everyone would do it.' Very few people modify cars, so keep going and stick at it.
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    Na. Anything height adjustable needs a cert regardless of height. From the document: Not required for: after-market shock absorbers, including air-adjustable units but not including those with height adjustable platforms, fit unmodified OE mountings, or  after-market springs or shock absorbers, including those that raise or lower the vehicle, are direct replacements, and:
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    @Niran Too much turbine speed is my guess. We were running about 30psi and had full boost @ 3800rpm in 4th gear. Must've spun up too fast and let go.
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    I'd definitely be interested as this is what Bec and I like to do in the weekends anyway. We did find a nice little spot at Mangawhai heads in the summer, a little tavern on the main strip with nice food iirc. I'm sure I could drag @lowandy along for a cruise or two too.
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    I was chatting to @1randomkiwi a while ago, and we had a good idea for a Summer Meet and cruise, if anyone is keen. There's a few of us in Whangarei, and further north, that aren't able to regularly attend the meets due to distance, and time of day/week etc. I'm always one for being social, and enjoy meeting you guys! It's good to put (forum) names to faces! We were thinking of cruising up (or down) to Mangawhai, or somewhere out Matakana way, and then meeting up for food & drink, and chats & bants. I was thinking of a weekend during January of 2019. Just wanting to gauge peoples interest at the moment, so something can be organised closer to the time. Made 2 strawpolls, so we can see what everyone wants to do. - Destination... - Date(s)... As far as places to go, and eat & drink, I don't know those areas at all. So open to suggestions...
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    I could indeed be interested in this as well. You'd likely want a roll-on-roll-off dyno to save time between car changes, but provided the right kit, you can do it fairly quickly even with a hub dyno.
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    Id be keen to toss my BE5 on and see how the DIY tune is actually performing haha. If we get enough interest im happy to make some calls and get group prices etc.. generally speaking i think 10 is the lowest number of cars to make it cost effective
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    I bought a Rev. D BH5 Legacy She's noice Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
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    NPD are opening here in Dunedin soon too, confirmed to have 100RON there as well, so I'll be looking to retune the rally car on it, since that won't be leaving the island any time soon. Getting a fresh 98 tune this week, so once we have 100 here, I'll do a comparison
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    I don't usually share too much of my diagrams but I'm feeling generous.
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    Moved house! The wagon was infinitely useful so it deserved a wash and wax afterwards [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Idle is back to normal now. Thankfully. Just me assuming the worst straight away with my sub-par amateur mechanic skills 😂
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    Sunday sprint. 2nd in class and 4th overall. I felt slightly better about being beaten by an Evo when it crashed.
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    Unpopular opinion: Sell the gauge pods. Having 11 billion gauges is very 2002. I also question their worth, are you going to look at the oil pressure half way around a big sweeper and go "oops there goes my bottom end"? Especially if they're cheap-ass gauges, they probably won't even have peak hold so you can't go "oooh I seeeeeee I hit 26psi just before it went nugga nugga"
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    Did it come free with your $36 coolant hose kit?
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    Had oil presure Gauge 96.7% installed, then needle fell of the gauge
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    For anyone tired of the poor choice of 5x100 wheels available. Llama Engineering 31 October at 20:18 · Brand new 1045 billet front hubs we have made up for a good customers rx3 made up so the stud pattern could be changed to 4x114 from the factory 4x110 while still using the factory discs and factory bearings. Being that wheel choice's limited them we developed a better option. For your very own set get in touch with contact us. 04 650 3772 www.llamaengineering.co.nz
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    That reminds me. @PBMS You lot promised us a Dyno Day from last years MegaMeet. Ahem.
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    Or use this as an opportune time to sneak in one last pricey item before the Mrs puts your cards on lockdown
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    Hmmm, why am I so afraid of my car blowing up giving it death around the track
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    To best to of my understanding it does offer on the fly tuning, it just utilises the factory sensors and loom.however the denso sounds like a pretty kick ass factory computer, how awesome of Subaru to allow us such control over our cars from factory. I got this car for a set of mags straight swap, with blown primary.smoking up a storm. And it just happens to be exactly what I want. I saw the car on Facebook and my mate who was down visiting picked me up with the mags and dropped me in West Auckland with the mags and my tools at this Tongan dudes house. I disconnected the primary oil feed an blocked it, and limped 2 hours home with no boost haha.good mission
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    Damn dude. That's like 19c/L dearer than Mobil You'd save around $9.25 per 50L if you went to Mobil, so if it does cost around $1.59 worth of fuel to get there from your work, you'd save around $7.66 each 50L (yes I did the math)
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    Please don't tell me you fill up at the gastly green petrol station up the road from your work...? Those thieving bandits, haven't been to a BP in over a year.
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    Yellow injectors,link ecu,maybe a new fuel pump and fuel filter depending on the condition of yours and a tune.
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    No... burn out up to start line. I've been doing them a lot, and was wondering how much more it could take before something broke.
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    whisper is it will be Closer to the Big A nek year
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    - Dropped car off to get my set of RE003's put back on Recently bought a set of STI alloy arms so I can get the wider front track - Bought new ball joints - Bought new sway bar links to suit the longer sway bar - Bought another coil as I'm going to replace all 4, but they not $$ Just need to get new tie rods, possibly an Anti-Lift Kit and either a STI front sway bar or a whiteline one ( haven't decided) So the wagon is still getting love aside from being driven hard-ish.
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    Posted from an IP in India. I have contacted the company, I wonder if they know that the people they're presumably paying for "SEO" or something are spamming forums.
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    Dont open it with any text editor of any kind, if you accidentally edit anything in there incorrectly its not ideal. even changing the formatting can cause issues. You need one of these Tactrix Openport 2.0 The application to open the file is ECUFlash which can be found here http://www.openecu.org/index.php?title=EcuFlash Romraider is another great tool for editing the ROM and Logging the car Given the level you are at, My suggestion would be get someone that knows more to flash the rom on for you. Then they can run some data-logging and ensure its doing the right things for your car. That being said if you want to learn more we all start somewhere so the other suggestion would be read a whole lot about tuning and logging before moving any further on making an actual change, then when you have a good understanding go buy a cable and start with just datalogging and understanding the current tune on the car...
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    Yeah that isn't a thing. https://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf End of page 9 and start of page 10.
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    Ok fill in a blank for me here, seems not that rapid for a built motor and Gt3582? Kent from Speedsource went 10.9 with the stock turbo in a GDB? Edit: ok it seems Subarus need heaps of beans to go down the strip in a fast time, good stuff. Speedsource must have been doing some magic sh!t...
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    G'day, welcome to the forum and welcome to the ever increasing ST conversion club With the Rev-D it is really simple, just follow the Single Turbo conversion thread for all the hardware changes, blocking oil lines etc but no need to make any ECU changes. It is tunable so you just flash the stock Denso ECU with a WRX STI ROM and tune it from there. Dont wast time with any piggyback ECU Have a read of the conversions done on here. there are a number of Rev-D conversions kicking around including a couple of my own.