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    Hi Guys, as you are aware Subirex Automotive is one of the sponsors for the up coming Mega Meet in April. We will now be running a special promo exclusive only to ClubSub members for April only. We are offering a 50% discount from retail on labour for the Mega Meet. This will start from 1st April until the end of the month. I will personally be working on the members cars to make sure its up to standards Appointments necessary as we have to maintain the correct workflow in the shop. so flick me an email or call to make a booking.
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    Few suggestions for prepping a Subaru, some of you may see this as overkill, but I have probably killed more Subaru's than most... Oil – bring some spare, you must check it after every session on the track. If you don’t do this, you are asking to run a bearing… Seals – check your rocker cover gaskets are healthy. And if you are in any doubt about any other seal on your engine, check/replace it, as driving moderately fast around a track will stress it. Breather hoses, make sure they are all healthy and firmly clamped down, if they fail, hot oil = fire generally in a Subaru. Turbo oil feed, make sure it is well secured (with the factory mounts) as if it moves around the factory steel line will snap and leak oil = fire. Same goes for the mounts holding the turbo itself, again if the turbo moves, it will f*ck either the up pipe or the turbo oil feed. Check your vacuum hoses are well connected and clamped down, particularly wastegate hose, as if that comes off you won’t have fun, you could potentially have no boost, or all the boost in the world… Exhaust gaskets, make sure your exhaust manifold gaskets (particularly the one going from manifold to up pipe), are healthy, if they leak you lose power, and possibly can melt things. Same goes for your up pipe. Radiator/cooling system, fresh fluid and if you have any doubts about its ability to keep the car cool, get it pressure tested. Leaking cooling system = blown head gasket = S*** day at the track. Baffle the sump if you think you can drive fast. You may well not actually need it, but if you can afford it, it’s a good safety feature. However it won’t save you if you don’t keep an eye on the oil levels. Fit good tyres, Linglongs are fun if you are going to back it into corners, but if you aren’t a hero, then fit good tyres and enjoy going round the track sorta fast. Bear in mind with road tyres you need to monitor pressures/temp/wear during the day if possible. If you start wearing them, rotate them around. Semi’s, be even more careful, especially with pressure as they can overheat so damned easily! Check your brakes during the day, not a bad idea half way through the day (ie at lunch) to pull front wheels off and check that there is still plenty of meat left on the pads. If you have been hard on brakes, give them a bleed too. Playday will no doubt warn you, but if you feel your brakes go funny/off, stop using them, cruise back to the pits and work out what’s wrong. Generally it’s either the pads are cooked/melted, or you have boiled the fluid. Either one will end up with a Subaru shaped dent in a wall if you don’t do something about it… But my biggest tip, get in the passenger seat of someone who knows how to drive, it's an awesome way to see how other people do it differently, sometimes you will learn how they are fast, sometimes you will learn where you are better. But you are pretty much guaranteed to learn something regardless. Of course if you are in a road car, don't go trying to emulate them, you may find your car doesn't do things quite the same!
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    Painted part of the inner headlight. Before: after:
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    Thankyou for inviting us along. Apart from shredding both front tyres the car ran well. Glad we could excite a few people with hot laps. See you at the next one!!! If you do have any photos feel free to post them on our Facebook page - Shorttyracingteam or hashtag #Shorttyracingteam and I'll find them
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    Bought another one I promised me I wouldn't but... $1500 is a an argument I can't refuse for a manual 01 gtb This one gets single churbroed
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    So my last three weekends have been hectic to say the least but the weekend before Easter, Me and the missus drove down from Auckland to Christchurch in a recently purchased 2008 Forester 2.5T auto while towing a 6m fibreglass boat, on a boat trailer I prepared with new brakes and a wof two days before the journey (the boat and trailer were flawless...). I have done this drive a few times now and I quite like the drive (except for the additional 3 hours coming down the west coast of the south island after a long ferry ride!) but this trip had to be different. The Subaru Forester had run a big end previously and had a fresh rebuild put in approximately 6-12 months ago along with all the paper work from the garage, the car also had an AA check just prior to the sale provided by the previous owner. I thought I had done my due diligence on the car. I had driven the car around (without towing) for the previous couple of days without noticing any issues, but a couple of hours into the trip south while towing, when the hills approached, the cars overheat lamp started flashing (SH Foresters don't have temperature gauges). I cranked the heater up to try manage the temp and got to Waiouru before calling it and getting a tow. I had multiple deadlines I was trying to hit and hence why I pushed it this far and didn't stop earlier. We got into Wellington at 11pm on a Sunday night and got the car and boat parked up at our booked Hotel and got some sleep after a long crappy day. I rang Ray Hartley Motors at around 7am Monday and managed to get a hold of Ray who said I could bring the car by for him to have a look at after telling him my story and letting me know he was fully booked. He didn't have to see me and I much appreciated his time, as even on the phone he had already correctly diagnosed the problem. Turns out the radiator was 70% blocked and hence why I was having overheating problems. I'd like to publicly say a big thank you to Ray Hartley for squeezing me in and helping me get on my way again after a very stressful previous day. He has been recommended on here previously and I'd just like to give another recommendation for his work and professionalism.
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    Started my car and drove to work after a day on the track yesterday. She didnt miss a beat at all. Probably going to wash it when i get home. Not bad for a wrx thats done 280xxxkms
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    Well, it didn't end the way I would have liked but I'll be taking away some fond memories. It was nice to make some new friends and get to briefly hit the track. Major thanks to: Ray and Kristy for the ride down to Kapiti and getting us on the Wellington train with minutes to spare. Jason for the epic ride in his fearsome track machine. Bruce McLaren Motorsport park for letting me lock my broken car up in a pit garage until it can be put on a truck and sent back to the South Island.
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    Massive, massive shout out to @THUNDA for the wheel deals. @94 Leone From this: To this:
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    this weekend with @Dairusire and @Furze .. thats one hell of a driveway!
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    Nice to know you can still pull the birds in the Subbie
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    Got my muffler silencer jammed in and couldn't remove it. Made up this Ghetto set up to "gently tap" it out.
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    Thanks for a fab weekend. First time on the track and would definitely do it gain :-) Next time would get some expert training to get my game up. Managed 170 down the straight on my last run... only to be passed by wife! She saw the speedo at 210 at one stage. Enjoyed the rally on Saturday (even with a domestic in the car, glad we weren't on the only ones!). Shame we had to head home for work Monday... would have been great to get a couple more laps in and drive home today. Great to meet you all and a big thumbs up!
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    Got heaps of Go Pro footage aswell so i can hopefully put that together and post it up on the forum pretty soon
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    a massive effort team, and a great weekend had by all. thanks for thanking me, but in reality it was all of you fullers that made the weekend what ti was. great to meet so many people and put names to faces new pic thread is here -
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    Some old faces some new ones & even old friends I;ve never met before from on here! Ah-mazing weekend guys & big thanks to @RAYDEO who made it all happen Pictures threads to come!
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    stereotype of old legacy: labrador in boot (well, a lab sized collie / shepherd cross) gold wheels because subaru bonnet raised on Saturday morning 😂 Reason: Surges when cold for a minute and missfire on high boost, cleaning the afm improved it slightly but plugs were the next bet I wonder if this could be the reason... I mean I'm no expert but call it a hunch J Joys of buying a 15 year old car for $1500 On the plus side it was $1500 so I can't complain all that much
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    Tune dialled in at 220.7kw pretty happy tbh
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    wrong! You get wank factor with whiteline.
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    Restricted is ok.. Just make sure you are off the track by 10 pm..
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    Top drawer service again from H.A. Car went in today to replace the oil cooler and valve cover gaskets that were indicated as leaking on previous visit. Figured may as well replace the spark plugs at the same time. Was informed that upon inspection it was found that they still had plenty of life in them and that there was no need to change them. Great to see that honest mechanics still exist.
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    Old: Becroft Dr, Forrest Hill New: You own a Subaru, pic has to be taken on the grass! Ps. dont sit there too long, there may or maynot be a burnt patch
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    Currently working up in Whangarei at the moment. Had the sfternoon off so went for a spin out iinto the countryside some 30min north along a few perfect STi roads...
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    Bought a baffled sump, drove her a bit, damn i'm enjoying the drive now, all the work i've done is paying dividends in the handling.
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    A bit of a background.. This car was on trademe when I was 15 at a panel beaters for troubled kids off the street to give them a trade, I went to have a look at it and thought it was a bit much work, went and had a thought and decided I wanted it. Went back the following day and one of the kids had smashed it up.. The price was reduced to an offer I threw at him which he took. Long story short, I brought it home worked on it for a year then got it a WOF and reg.. drove it to school for a while then the gasket between the carburator and block wasted away running water from the water jacket into the block.. TIME FOR A REBUILD!! During the rebuild I replaced the carpet and tidied up the interior. Rebuilt the engine finding some very interesting things along the way. I then drove that for a while, got sick of being pulled over so pulled it off the road and with someone's great recommendation gave it to a "panel beater" to panel and paint.. this didn't work out as he stripped it down did f*** all and took my money. I got it back luckily as he went to jail so I went and took my car, I now have it with all the parts just stripped ready for panel and paint, I am currently doing minor rust work as the car is not bad at all for rust!! I am going to primer the car so the next owner can do the panel work properly and paint it. Once primered I will need to find a rear windscreen, done this twice now with a custom back window.. and get it a WOF.
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    Good luck with your search for an STI. Unmodified cars can be thrashed and suffer owner neglect. Modified cars can be very loved and cared for. People make up all sorts of S*** when they are trying to sell cars..
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    I think it would be helpful if non registered members could at least have read only access to for sale posts, a few times ive linked things to people but they cant see it.
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    Second session with a flyby by Jason/Morris at the start, then a ton of subys about halfway through the video.
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    Awesome day, had heaps of fun and in car domestics during the amazing race then another great day at the trackday, Sorry to pollute the clubsub track group with a mazda, my legacy support car isnt much of a track weapon, it did manage to tow Morris's broken car to his mates place though but it meant i have a bunch of footage of you guys from incar that ill upload over the next couple of days. Thanks to Ray for organising it and to everyone else making everything to pleasant.
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    10/10 Subaru 12 hour le mans bender Squad. 3 hours sleep and a day of tracking. Would recommend. May or may not have got my brakes hot, but they were great by the time I got home. Cheers to everyone for making it such a great weekend, and everyone was smiling. Perfect track conditions. Unfortunate about the kill count of the weekend, Will have to wait until anzac day to get a final Tally I imagine.. oh special shoutout to @Kiwi_Fozze for getting me set up with launch control. It's too much fun, probably why there are laws that 'technically' prohibit its use on public roads. Hearts for all
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    Just got home and all ready checking when/where the next track day is lolol my tyres were terrible, I didn't even think to get good ones - I was under the impression new tyres were good (lots of tread blah blah) was boaty as around corners lost my ps fluid cap on first session in the slow category on Lo boost - got over taken by an rx8 second session also in slow category was loads more fun - hi boost, a lot of screeching tyres and understeer, only managed to pass one car, and to my delight it was an evo 5 had some bad sounding backfires with blue smoke cloud , tyres sucked big time , ps fluid made a smokey mess and the turbo was cooking so decided to end the day there, didn't want to keep pushing it and it going bang Great day all round , was good to meet a few of you guys!, my gps clocked me at 204km/h on the straight! ^_ ^
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    Unfortunately PBMS have some bad news! Due to a series of unfortunate events, we're going to be stuck in the workshop this weekend preparing Rally Cars for the Whangarei round of the NZ rally championship next week. With this said, we won't be able to attend the weekend's festivities, but vow to make it up to our friends at ClubSub org nz. We'll throw you guys one hell of a dyno day, with Subirex Automotive Limited there as well. Oh, and if you help our page to get 10K likes by the end of the weekend, all Megameet '17 attendees will get their dyno run free of charge! All details will be confirmed once we've caught up after the NZRC. Have a damn good weekend guys, and stay safe on the roads and track. Julius // Possum Bourne Motorsport
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    '08 Legacy 3.0R B Spec Subaru Legacy 3.0R by Matt John, on Flickr
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    So I fixed the electric aerial on the gc8 in the weekend, it was stuck half way out and all bent. After testing and getting no power at the plug on the motor I pulled the radio out and found that whoever put the radio in didn't bother hooking up the aerial signal wire. I connected that and fixed all the other connections for the radio which were joined with the old "twist and tape" but the muppet used packing tape instead of electric/insulator tape. Who does that?? Then straightened all the aerial segments, used crc and manually moved them all to clean the grit out from the joins. I then moved it up and down a whole lot to get the thing nice and lubed up. The aerial now stands very erect I never realised how tall these things were, seems every one I have seen is broken!
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    Old: 3 Bullock Track, Grey Lynn New:
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    Feeling super proud of my lil old Legacy! Even got a mention on PBMS facebook page - ^_ ^ !! mass image upload
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    S-edtion looking good after getting bumper fixed up! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    OLD: Corner Morningside Drive & New North Road, Morningside @ADIKT went down there after work sorry mate. NEW: Shall we continue with the mural theme? (Disappointed with the quality of this photo...)
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    Today I was driving and had a near miss with a bird... or so I thought. Got back home and opened the bonnet only to have a bird fly out and almost hit me. It got caught by the bonnet scoop and was just sitting on the intercooler for the rest of the drive. Not sure who was more shocked, the bird or me. Spent the next five minutes pulling feathers out of the intercooler fins. #SubaruProblems
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    The way the track is laid out you leave Put lane and go around the entire track before crossing the start finish lane. From there you do 3 fast laps. Then once you cross the finish line the 3rd time you cruise around the track, cooling down until you reach out entry again and head into the pits. So yes you're right. But there's not really any other way to do it. All this will be explained on the morning at briefing. Don't fret. You won't be the only virgin there.
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    Photoshoot with the mate's s14. Ignore the family there for a sitdown dinner @ 11pm....
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    Well, I didn't do anything to my RA, however I did buy a helmet for the ClubSub MegaMeet this coming weekend
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    New pump ready to go in along with a new, higher output power supply for the tablet that should keep the charge rate above the usage rate when everything's running. Plus made the final payment on it today
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    Anyone from here going? Might need a Tow home @Dairusire @Furze @Batbaruman @THUNDA Y'all didn't pay all that money for a tune to park it in the shed. Maybe i'll be the tow vehicle for you blokes and i'll just watch? http://www.framautolitedragway.co.nz/events/202-2016_2017-NIGHT-SPEED-DRAG-WARS-.html
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    Since we are doing pics of other peoples cars - here's @Johnnynz at the last dyno day
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    today i got the car back from the paint shop, got the oil and filter changed, and coolant flush and replace... failed experiment