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    Went for a drive without the stress of wondering if the car will spontaneously explode, first time in ~12 months, rather enjoyable.
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    Put 900km on her and realized two things. Wagons are rather practical, and this car is next level awesome! I mean I'm sorry but trashing up an Icy hill fully loaded with people and gear past all the muppets in their RWD ute's etc etc while looking like this, was just so bloody righteous. Love the Outback, could not be happier.
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    Just wondering if anyone enjoys a good old build thread. Tempted to start one for my project but want to know if people are interested in stuff like this. Will be asking questions and thoughts on certain aspects of the build. Suggestions on brands and other things. Let me know what you think and i might start one.
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    Basically every one of my customers drives utes. One has a fleet of 30 colorados all 2wd fully optioned on road only in auto and manual - been perfect no complaints. Had hilux's beforehand and prefer the Colorado. Another is all off road forestry. Fleets over 30 utes were with hilux since pre 2000 then bought 30 new 3.2 rangers when they came out. Went back to hilux's this year after various issues but generally with rangers its the gearboxes. Havent heard of issues with the auto boxes. All being run to 100000km on a buy back scheme. Another crew runs Colorado's all 4wd and say theyre mint. Prefer the older 2015ish interior over the new one bit more ergonomic and user friendly with compartments etc. D-max seem ok. Not many guys with them up here. Mate has one game had them lift it when he bought it. Keeps blowing cv's but since they lifted it its warranty. Does heaps of forestry work. New hilux's seem good so far but require C2 spec oil. Can be expensive depending on your flavour of choice. Few customers have the new Navara and love them no issues. Amarok are nice but expensive then its a small fortune to fix anything. Ssangyong seem to be good bang for buck but no ground clearance. We've started buying foton tunland's as it makes sense for the business. We switch em out every 3 years/150000km. Definitely notice theyre not as refined and you get what you pay for. Do have most of the options hill descent, cruise control, Bluetooth, aux, air on, vinyl floor, switchable traction control. Really want to chip or tune them but thats always the best idea with any ute. Great wall are pieces of S***. Colorado hands down best pick for bang for buck. Or bt-50 cheaper alternative to the ranger and dont require the fancy Ford spec 5w30 oil for warranty. Same bloody engine but yea.
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    Sold my Subaru good buy sweet legacy 3.0r prince, how i will miss your lovely engine note. Untill I replace it with a wago in a few months that is. I also replaced the suspension in my suby turbo'd mx5 with adjustable coilovers, sits much better now and should handle significantly better than the stock bilsteins. Keen to get it back on track Stock rear, new front
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    It was two big end bearings. The crank was not salvageable nor were the rods. Head was fine and block got a little machining. V7 Sti crank rods and pistons went in. The sump has also been extended and baffled. Back to to the shop in a week or two for new injectors and a link.
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    (OLD: Orakei Bay Village/Kings Plant Barn Orakei (this is the best I could get...It was so bloody busy!) NEW:
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    My mudflaps are not ornaments! Look at the lovely clean paint behind them, some people may hate but the rally armour flaps really do work well even if they are a tad overpriced. I spent like 20 minutes hosing mud off of my wheel wells, subframes, sills and control arms. Maybe they should make some mudflaps for those areas too
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    All of you make me sad... I like the way all your cars look and I kinda want an Outback now...hmm buy a blown one and transfer all my S*** over...
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    That damn CEL is gone! New O2 sensor arrived today, fitted it tonight and took it for a drive. Bye bye CEL.
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    Off to the snow this weekend, but dont let that hold you lads back. Sneak peak into my week. guards are alot different on this 04 model than what the INTERNET has told me. But so far its all good differences Cheers @ADIKT Guard roller works a treat and didn't even need to lengthen the strut
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    i like my cars like i like my women. nice fitting skirts, not too lippy, low maintenance.
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    Will post print outs later. It was running a bit lean but after the air flow censer was cleaned it was all good. Its knocking a bit on high rpms . Turbo comes on late and runs at 18psi which he said was a bit low and makes 179kw at hubs. Could be leak or turbo stuffed. Makes me want a tune even more... Got aem fuel pump coming. Might get 3port and downpipe/decat too. +1 for Chris at prestige tuning. He is a legend. Definitly gonna use them again.
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    It feels as though it has been a very very long time since Taupo... especially as I have been a pedestrian since then. I am pleased to say that my little car is finally back on the road with a freshly rebuilt engine... and it only took three months.
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    Old New Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My daily commute involves crawling along the NW motorway into the city, so is hella fuel inefficient due to it being constantly stop start. I feel like the 3.0R is particularly unsuited to this type of driving (great on the open road efficiency wise). So I've been tossing up selling the 3.0R (or giving it to the wife and selling her 2.0i) and getting an impreza s-GT or spec.B legacy wagon. I would probably leave the car fairly stock. Am I right that a 2.0L turbo would be more fuel efficient than the 3.0R for that type of stop-start driving? (i.e. not at boost). Or am I misunderstanding some engineering here? I got really good efficiency commuting in my NA 2.0 BH wagon, maybe I'm being unrealistic in expecting to get something similar with a more performance orientated car.... Part of what's driving this is that @Dairusire showed me what boost feels like, and I feel like I need to own a turbo car at some stage in my life, and as per the Levorg thread I feel like I need to do that before we are all being driven around in automated EVs, haha.
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    The point of the game is to go for a drive! I have got the Christchurch one twice and it is a five and a half hour drive from my house. You should try and take to photo at an interesting place or on a fun road to encourage people to go out and enjoy their Subaru. Since that is what it is all about.
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    I was going to do a thread for the new build.. But its easier to share photos so follow it here.
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    I wonder if anyone other than me comes in here to find info...
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    I'm just starting to get into this Instagram thing.
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    Got a couple of random snaps thisarvo while unloading goodies On another note, what do we rekon about a meet up of some sort? Maybe Mangawhai? Somewhere nice in the middle?
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    Took it for a thrash up the local ski hill.
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    Probably blowby, which is excess gas leakage past the rings into the crankcase, that then picks up a lot of oil mist and carries it out through the breather system back to the intake where it condenses and finds somewhere to leak out. Possible, but you'd be looking at an engine rebuild or replacement there, not turbo. If the turbo was leaking externally, I'd be looking at the oil drain hose (common), or the drain pipe gasket (not common). A leaky turbo normally leaks internally, ending up with an intercooler full of oil, or lots of smoke out the tailpipe. Noisy turbo, well have you noticed a noise? Some turbo will just be noisy in operation and happily keep boosting hard for years. Basically narrow down the exact cause of the oil leak first. None of this could be this, could be that S***. Do things properly and don't throw parts at it and hope.
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    Installed Subtech DP, it now rubs on gearbox crossmember but only in reverse? . Took out hogzaust because it's a bit crazy for daily duties. And gave it a super clean and wax Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Your kind of all over the show a bit but here goes... 1. Jokers spot on 2. ej20-25 will all bolt right in to the bay but having the right bolt ons is key. Hence short block (Block without bolt ons) vs. Long block (block with manifolds, Heads etc.) 3. When putting a bigger turbo in consider three things that need to work in unison ECU, Injectors and AFM(If your not deleting it). Bigger turbo means you will probably need bigger injectors to keep up, bigger injectors mean better (tunable or flashable) ecu to keep up. Remember X PSI on a VF28 is not necessarily equal to X PSI on a different turbo. A smaller turbo will flow less at X PSI a bigger one more at X PSI. The more air a turbo flows the more fuel the engine needs to keep its S*** in order. For example 18 PSI on a v5 with Yellow injectors and a VF22 = Fun times 18 PSI on a GTX3071 and yellow injectors on the same car will have issues pretty darn quick. As soon as you start getting into the realms of retunable ECUs on earlier models forged internals is recommended IMO. Bottom line, If its fast as it is and you dont have a big arse stack of cash burning a hole in your pocket just enjoy it and do something when it shits the bed. Not before. In the meantime stick about, ask questions and do some reading
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    I thought I'd update this thread to show progress of the car. Thought it would be helpful for other guys out there who's interested in getting these Blouch Turbos and the end result including power gained with modifications listed further on in the future. The turbo has landed in Auckland a couple hours ago and should get it within the next couple days. Trying to sort out tuning dates but looks like it won't be till end of August simply due to work :'(
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    Credit to Daniel Heaphy for this photo and a big thanks for the permission to submit it
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    Not here you won't. You may get hit by an up and coming topgun trying to buzz the tower.
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    Yeah, ring spanner and socket only. Preferably 6 point sockets. Because a stripped nut there will make you cry. A lot.
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    Welcome to the forum. Have to be honest here this is a really bad idea. Literally everything will need swapping over. If you absolutely must convert it a single turbo forested or wrx engine would be 10x easier. What are the needs you can't meet?
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    @A_J_T hell why not haha since it would be a big job anyway, might as well go hard or go home right?
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    Loving all the Gen 3 B4 BE content makes me miss mine.
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    I think it is each to their own when it comes to kits how ever I personally like standard bumpers with canards and a lip for example and diffusers on rear etc.
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    Guy I bought my bh5 rev d off had a receipt for 2k to decarbon the turbos...said his family had used the garage for years and they really looked after them. Looked like the turbos had never been off just the intercooler which had silicon in every hose join...recipe for disaster.
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    Our Mechanic can do it for around 1200 so that sounds fairly reasonable.
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    See what MCA across the ditch have to offer.
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    It's a diesel. It doesn't have a throttle plate. It has the same pressure everywhere from the outlet of the turbo. Also pics please because it sounds like this thing is hilariously installed.
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    Likely 1 problem with the brakes making the centre diff angry. A centre diff fault should throw a check light. A mechanical fault with the brakes won't though.
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    you called? WOT = wide open throttle CT = compression test, something you do immediately after OP ( @94 Leone ) touches your car
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    Change it to an led and it would prob be sweet
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    I like subtle kits. One of the main reasons I picked up my Legacy was due to the Zerosports kit. It's just different from every other Legacy out there without the average Joe noticing:
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    another nice day hiking out west auckland.