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    Thought I'd better post a pic of my latest family member, had it a wee while now to be honest but kept pretty quiet about it.. NZ new, second owner and only 77 thou k's now, rust proofed when new so very very tidy, everything works including air ride, digital dash and not a single squeak or rattle while driving. Got a few reliability plans for the EA82T to keep it alive forever (under bonnet air/water intercooler and stainless exhaust plus a few other tricks learnt over the years), but keeping it as standard as possible will be the mantra throughout. Bit of a dream car for me to be honest, i even had the Tamiya model of this exact car/colour/interior as a kid!. Joins my Brumby as a permanent member of the family along with the everyday drivers.
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    First wash of the new year! I'm surprised how good the carbon hood scoop looks considering it was a US$200 gamble on Amazon with free courier shipping from Taiwan. It's hard to see from the photos, but the depth of the carbon fibre in the sunlight looks amazing.
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    Apologies to everyone that didnt make it, it was pretty tough Overall i tried to keep a range of years and models and (as best i could) the seasonal scenery matching the months! not enough older legacies, cmon having watermarks in images makes it really difficult to crop to the right size as when i needed to crop some the watermarks became off center. having images 'too zoomed in'/the car is right at the edge of the image means it may not survive cropping you have a popular year/model in this round of submissions and just got beat everyone loves ass but sometimes a frontal is a good thing Next year we can get the real ratio for the image required - the vistaprint system is a bit of a C***, its a weird size.
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    The new stead Will post interior photos later 2007 3.0 Outback Push button start, some sort of nav/entertainment system I need to figure out or replace later. Loving the smoothness of the engine, si drive as well. Also has reversing camera. Will start a thread on it, but for the he next year she is going to stay stock. Make way for the 'Silver Surfer/shadow'
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    My car has this real cool feature, where I fill up the tank, and it makes the petrol disappear almost instantly. Quite remarkable actually
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    Well my nuked Mazda motor is certainly a lot more exciting than when I ran a bearing in my sti. Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
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    Gave it the full wash, claybar, wax and polish treatment to celebrate another flawless WoF.
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    Bought a 3inch stainless exhaust because quite cheap and shiney.. Looks loud sitting on the floor..
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    No worries man, if you have the time do come down and catch up though dude. Its a rolling road at PBMS so shouldn't take long for cars to swap out. I've cleared a slot for you mate so jump in there and fill in your details. ClubSUB Dyno Day Participation Form Yea absolutely man, its a family friendly event so come on down and enjoy the BBQ with us.
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    Retrofitted auto opening/closing door mirrors
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    Replaced the OEM silver hood scoop with a new black carbon fibre one tonight. The installation hardware that came with it was S*** and caused a blood sacrifice, but some decent Bunnings leftovers sorted it out. Looking forward to seeing it in the daylight tomorrow.
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    Ended up going this way with intercooling
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    Right who's keen to help / make something happen in 2019! I'm thinking Taupo Playday (need to check their calender) and a fun thing to do on the other day / pissup / social you've seen the fun we have in even the Cheapest Subaru's so no need for BIG brakes or flash setups, just COME Suggestions GO
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    Just spent waaaay to much on yummy JDM parts on japanparts.com lol
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    And they are away! Slight delay Soz so the 1st Batch all got an extra goodie need to reorder so anyone else thinking they need one of these?!?
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    Use a hose clip and get it on using a 1/4 ratchet and extensions, go in under the brake master cylinder near the chassis rail. It's a right PITA and not something that I enjoy having to do. I've never found the pliers method to be all that easy plus the clips are almost always old and crappy/don't seal that well. New rubber line is advisable if yours perished or brittle as they can leak .
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    Used the wagon to pick up this bad boy Unfortunately the play/race car fund has taken a financial hit.
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    free monthly event at southward car museum. don't be bashful, all cars welcome. last time there was one sti 5 type r coupe. it was lonely. https://www.facebook.com/events/602247880193483/
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    "Competed" in round 2 of NZ superlap series this last weekend. Practice on Friday started ok checking tune in first session. Second session on my first hot lap, grenaded 4th gear shifting 3-4 on the hairpin. Got a new box dropped off form auckland that afternoon, with the help of a couple of the guy ripped the old one out that afternoon and put the new one in in the morning. Saturday: did a few sighting laps to test box is ok, was fine but had air line form BOV come off so no boost, did a 1:50 with a top speed of 172kph, instead of the normal high 190s. Second session was back to normal power and droppe dinto the 48s, but track conditions were pretty slippery. Ive done a 1:45.0 previously. Sunday, first session didnt get a tidy lap in, dropped into the 47s but missed a few gearchanges. Second session was on a decent flying lap, then vented the block at around 160kph on the main straight after shiting into 5th. RIP money after xmas.
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    NZ now has its own Body clip website! Check out; https://www.carclips.co.nz/collections/subaru-car-clips Much bigger range than wurth and a lot cheaper!
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    waste of time and money. Just get a second hand engine in it, sell it when you want a turbo and buy a turbo. That is the only correct answer. And refurbish... what exactly are you asking here? I feel like (no offense) but if you're wording things like that you are probably out of your depth. Start with picking a good quality engineering shop, get them to check the condition of engine parts and advise on what parts are due for replacing and go from there as anything due for replacement will have to be measured before purchasing... Once you know what you need you can call some shops and get prices on bearings/pistons/rings/rods/crank ect ect. From there you are going to need to check the valve clearances and replace as required. At the end of the day it's not a simple job, it's going to need a bunch of specialist tools, a machine shop and a whole bunch of money which in the long run WON'T BE GOOD FOR ANY TURBO APPLICATION. Turbo parts are very different to non turbo in terms of strength and also in the way the engine is designed. Then you have a whole mess of ecu and wiring issues that are simply not worth the time. You could just buy a turbo car and not waste your time or money and have a much better result. If you want to just service the engine by replacing some gaskets, partsouq is the website you are looking for. Genuine parts for less than dealer prices to your door.
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    They are only good for very hard driving. You could drive around with open diffs all round and not even notice on a daily.
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    not hating but does any good story start with "I bought a Turbo on Ebay"?
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    That's looking really good guys, chuffed my old wagon was good enough to be in it a few times too. It makes me sad to see, but it's a nice send off for my old Legacy, as my dad actually wrote the car off last week coming off SH1!
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    I went twice in my stock v6 sti, just adjust your line and run deep and sharp V on the final sweeper. Should have minimal lateral g's then. I did nuke my engine at taupo however Im tied up with superlap rounds till 4th of may but would probably tag along after then to another MM. Although i sold my suby support car, and have now changed from a suby turbo (td04) to a nissan one (r34 gtr) in my mazda...
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    April 2003 was the last month for Japanese manufacture of the 3rd Gen Legacy. If you enter your cars VIN # here (clicky clicky!) it tells you all sorts of interesting things! VIN # is on the manufacturer tag and looks like BE5-###### or BH5-###### For instance my RSK was made on 29-05-2002, not sometime in April 03 like I thought...
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    Happy new year! Car : 2008 Infiniti G37S (Nissan 'Skyline' 370gt) Tuned bone stock Fuel : Mobile 98 Fuel economy (from Fuelly) : 9.6L/100km Seems lot of the wagons are not so far off, in many cases better. Been on few big road trips lately and all i can see is it would be nice to have a more practical car than this coupe lol. Going away for long vacation soon but when I'm back in March i'll be seriously looking at a swap or just buy nice Legacy wagon and sell this Skyline. Lookin forward to being in a manual, turbo subi again soon haha
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    It will be a 240mm standard 6 speed single mass clutch. I wouldn't go too heavy duty as you don't need it with the power that they put out factory.
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    Hi guys long time fan of the GC8 STIs, selling a M3 and will be buying an STI soon. Looking for a low ks one as a sunday only car, I'm picking GC8s as the next jap car to go up! Any advice on which version is best? This probably has been discussed b4! Mark
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    I've had LEDs throughout both my BE and BM Legacy, not a single issue with WoF or Police. I find the LEDs are much brighter and have a nicer, modern colour. The indicators flash in sync with the stock LED side repeaters, the brake lights come on instantly, and your can leave your car parked with the parklights on for hours without worrying about battery drain. Oh and my reverse lights actually light up dark driveways In terms of exterior lights I have the following as LED: Brake/tail, indicators (all four corners), reverse, number plate and park lights. I will not be changing the main beam (HID), high beam (halogen) and fog lights (halogen) as using LEDs in those situations may dazzle other drivers and create an inefficient beam shape due to the way the lenses are designed.
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    recently serviced, new clutch. The next things on the list to blow are the big ones, engine and turbo. lets see what happens, should make it to dyno day as only have the trip to leadfoot before then.. haha
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    More than 10 less than 20.. Some people would say your crazy..New car and all.. Others would say go for it you crazy bastard..
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    Considering you reckon it isn't quite working as it should and you hardly know the car I'll go with 15.5 such a vague guess Joker
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    had a similar issue in a TT before where ti issue trned out to be a faulty primary turbo - have you had it checked for functioning turbos and leaks etc>?
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    replaced my fuel filter.... Can't believe i was quoted >$200 for this... got the part from partsouq for ~$55, and took less than 30mins to install.
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    Installed my Valenti Tail lights & Hi-Stop light.. quite an improvement in the looks department.. especially on a black car! Just need to do something about that Chrome strip now. Might just plastidip it like I did the badges. Before After
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    I picked the car up from Christchurch and drove it home. I would much rather travel a little further for the right car than settle for one closer to home... plus it makes for a good excuse to drive it. More than happy for you to arrange for someone to come look on your behalf, I'm sure another forum member would be happy to do it... plus I dont know anyone on here so itd be an independent opinion. I can (almost) guarantee you wont find a better, original RA in NZ. Never know what someone has tucked away in a garage somewhere. Have every single piece of paper since it was imported, including pre-import inspection and every service for the last 10+ years.
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    pick of the gc8's... a mint sti v6 smoother, more progressive motor better sorted suspension. best looks ! some of the limited editions have extras like helical/mechanical front lsds, faster steering racks etc.
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    manfield again! everyone downloand RaceChrono and have a prizes for fastest lap time/most improved etc get a bit of friendly competition going haha but Manfield is such a good track to learn on I feel
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    Should go genuine for cambelt parts. Could offer to make up the cost difference between the aftermarket and genuine parts.
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    This version maybe clearer https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/boost-control-systems-explained-part-1 https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/boost-control-systems-explained-part-2 https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/boost-control-systems-explained-part-3 Same deal more articles up one level https://www.perrin.com/blog (WARNING: contains evo, mini and other brands. Subaru owners may experience an adverse reaction)
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    Despite that, ultimately it's at the inspectors discretion... The practical concern I see is a flooded market of cheaper LED's that don't have a discernible brightness difference between tail light and brake light functions. Whilst OSRAM and Philips are quality brands and make these claims, it's all how the bulb performs in the lamp itself in the real word day and night Save yourself the hassle, if the bulbs are safe take it for an inspection an see if they fail before doing all that work One argument is no 'warm-up' time compared to traditional filament bulbs where LED are instant on. We're talking miliseconds here but... Re runflats; That's gotta be one of the best mods you'll make for handling and road noise! What tyres have you gone with as replacement?
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    Yeah shiting into your gearbox is never going to be good.
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    I've heard 70,000 - 100,000km depending on the person (lower due to the length of the belt). 5 years is generally the go-to years, as the hydraulic tensioner generally starts to fail after 5 years, resulting in improper tension on the belt. This video gave me the courage to do my cambelt! They don't go through how to do cam/crank-seals, but I'd imagine they'd be pretty easy. There is a process IIRC to removing AVCS cam pulleys - there will be a video out there.
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    @Pappu1 can sort you out with a road tune which is probably all you need for this car. Not familiar with Auckland ones myself. SubaruSpeed.co.nz has two sedan ones for $125 so imagine that's about the going rate for them. Partsworld.co.nz is a nationwide chain of wreckers which is probably a good place to start. Not sure on the antenna for 3rd gen wagons. 4th gens have then in the rear glass so would guess they’re there too.
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    Thanks guys, iZichard it ll definitely be a weekend car, currently trying to find a good RA - drove a normal version 3 at autospot yesterday, and it was pretty impressive for a 25 year old car! RAs seem pretty hard to find though, and japanese prices are climbing....
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